Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pink Pon Harajuku

A couple things inspired this look today. One the new gacha for glasses, I got super lucky on winning the sweets the first time - may go back and try again for the ramen ones. So took me awhile to smoosh together a pinky cutesy look to go with them. Kinda reminded me of some of the fashion I saw in Harajuku so thus helping name it. XD Also recently in a lucky board there was the PonPonPon dance which I love so much! And that added to the name and helped me go with poses. Hope you enjoy the look. ^^

Jacket - MioPin Jacket Regular - BareRose - L$170
Shirt - Chibi Denim Pink Shirt - BareRose - L$170
Skirt - Moe Decora Skirt - BareRose - L$180
Glasses - Decorative Sunglasses*Sweets* - Love Soul - L$60 (Gacha)
Necklace - Necklace*Strawberry Pudding* - Love Soul - N/A (Can't Find)
Hair - Kyary Purple - Love Soul - Lucky Chair Prize
Poses/Dance - PonPonPon - Sushi Train - Lucky Board Prize

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Spacey Kitty!

So originally I wasen't going to blog anything after the thanksgiving, until the holiday was over. Buttttt Plastik is having a 50% off sale on pretty much everything. Originally this interested me because it's a sale, but then I found out it's a sale to raise money so the creator can repair her computer. It's a very long story about how everything she made from the start of SL to now would be lost if she can't get it repaired. Sooo I went back and probably will stop back again to check out more stuff, it's really easy to miss items because their store isn't completely connected and you need to teleport to different sections - but I highly reccomend checking it out. This dress really made me think space cutie, so I dug through inventory to try to put something cute together. ^^ Enjoy and have a good holiday.

Dress - Saturne Silver - Plastik - L$99 (50% off sale)
Tattoo - Energies for amors : Type-C - Paradisis - L$80
Antenne - Space Heart - BareRose - L$170
UFO - Space Heart - BareRose - L$170
Gun - Space Babe - BareRose - L$160
Hair - Trixie Cyber hair - A&Y - L$250

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thanksgiving Turkitty!

So I decided to go the thanksgiving route as an angry turkitty mama type thing. XD Took some cheapies and flung them together and was ok with the look. I dun think the beak thing is something I'll ever do often. Anyway hope everyone has a happy holiday and belated thanksgiving to those in Canada (You're not forgotten Saori!)

Outfit - Turkey Day Cabaret - By Snow - L$10 (Marketplace)
Angry Vein - Angry Vein Red - NoRe! - L$50
Beak - Chinchilla Beak v2 - Chimera - Free (Also in Group Notices)
Turkey - Chibi Turkey - Pink Fuel - NFS (Old Hunt Gift)
Hair - Trixie Hair White (Tinted & Modded) - Truth - L$250

Friday, November 18, 2011

Let It Rainbow on Me!

So this look was inspired by a present I got from my friend Gothique. ^^ I was all excited about the pastel colored rainbow socks that Schadenfreude put out and I got them as a gift. Was so happy. XD But then I realized I have almost nothing to really match it with. So I was digging and digging through inventory trying to piece together an outfit and this is what I came up with. A lot of it was stuff I was meaning to wear but never found a good theme or chance to. It can be really fun digging through inventory sometimes. Unfortunately it also made me realized how many stores just POOF and vanish. Also a reminder that later tonight is the EGL Party, you can find the info from my previous post. ^^

Socks - Opaque Pastel Rainbow Amortentia Stockings - Schadenfreude - L$60
Scarf - Kawaii Scarf - .{PSYCHO:Byts}. - L$50
Clouds - Mood Clouds - Pink Fuel - L$75
Hair - Kyary Purple - Love Soul - Lucky Chair Prize
Outfit - RainbowCat Bikini White - Kana-Na - Free (Can't find store anymore)
Hose - Garden Hose Aqua - N3F - Free (Can't find store anymore)
Rainbow Trail - I be poopin' rainbows fum mah butt - ni.ju - NFS (1st Anni Gift)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Nutcracker Armor Kitty

So this is an update to share the upcoming outfit gift at the BareRose EGL Event this Friday. A full version will be for sale later on after the event. It's themed for the fantasy party and I think it's just adorable. There's a poster at the BareRose store front if you need a LM and time. Hope to see you there. ^^

Outfit - Nutcracker Armor - BareRose - Free at the BareRose EGL Event
Crown - RFL Prom Queen Crown - Alienbear - N/A (Old Charity Auction)
Hair - Season 2 White (Tinted) - elikatira - N/A (One Eleven Event)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

She May Be Cake!

So I kinda rushed this post, sorry. > < But I just found out Rendervisions Island is closing down in a couple days! Unfortunately this is the home to Curio Obscura, one of the most creative stores in all of SL. Many stores are shutting down once this place goes and I don't know if this is one of them - so I splurged and went for the cake hair. Still kinda tempted to get some other goods just in case. But make sure to check out the sim because it is lovely. I really adore their beehive teleport system and wish more places in SL would be as unique as this sim is/was. While the hair is expensive and there's no demos, but there are tons of pics all over flickr and stuff which should help give you a good idea, it was really worth buying. People can click your cake and pieces come off and they can eat it, and you can change the cake to various flavors. ^^ Make sure to check out this place, you never know how long it may be around for. :c

Hair - Let them eat cake off your head - Curio Obscura - L$450
Outfit - Be With You - BareRose - L$170
Mouth Donut - CFH Hunt Donut - N/A
(Had to ask for it from the Cream Filled Hunt Owner, it's so cute XD)
Tail - White Donut Kitty :3 - NoRei! - L$250

Monday, November 7, 2011

Kawaii Simple School

So recently I've made a new shape, kinda inspired by this shop called Puppy Pawz on marketplace. They have some really cute anime/ecchi inspired female shapes up there and I just thought they were adorable so I changed mine and now I'm a lil more chubby but I like it. XD To go along with the inspiration I went a school uniform route with one of the many outfits at BareRose, but since there was a lack of school bags I looked for something from Edelweiss. The classic bag was perfect and it comes with 9 different poses so I had some choices, which is grand when your shape/size is a lil different from the norm. Finally to top it all off I went with these shoes/socks I've been struggling to find something to wear with from BunnyStar. Also sooooo happy that NoRe! released a non-donut version of the tail because it's just so fitting to a kitty anime-ish look. Tada, happy look and hopefully happy kitty. Still just getting used to a new shape and style. XD

Outfit & Ribbon - White and Striped (Blue Version) - BareRose - L$170
Socks & Shoes - Crazy Bunny Loose Socks & Shoes - BunnyStar - L$225
Bag - School Bag Classic Black - Edelweiss - L$300
Tail - White Kitty - NoRe! - L$100
Hair - Season 2 White (Tinted) - elikatira - N/A (One Eleven Event)