Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sweets Kitty!

So I got a really sweet message from one of the my blogs readers the other day in world from Miss Melody. Thank you so much. ^^ Her adorable look inspired me to wear a combination of things that I thought would go for a cute look. Unfortunately I apologize for wearing the bullwinkle babydoll top because I don't know if the store is available right now? I think they're under maitenance or something, but you may be able to message the owner and inquire about it. I really like this top and they sold it at their store in multiple colors, and it's mod and just wears well.

Some of the other items are freebies from the KUE! Daily free gacha, which I've been checking everyday for a long long time. @ @; There's so much fun and cute items in there that it should really be checked out. I hope you all enjoyed this simple but cute post. Unfortunately since I will be travelling on vacation soon I won't be able to do any posts for the next 2 weeks about. Thank you all for reading and hope to see you when I get back!

Shirt - Babydoll Top - !bullwinkle. - N/A (Special color for GFW)
Skirt - Chibi Denim Skirt - BareRose - L$170
Mouse - Trapped mouse White - .{PSYCHO:Byts}. - L$180
Hat/Cake - Cake with Candle Platterhat - KUE! - L$0 (Daily Free Gacha)
Necklace - Charm Cord Necklace - Twin Apalca - KUE! - L$0 (Daily Free Gacha)
Balloons - Bunch of Sweet Balloons - KUE! - L$0 (Daily Free Gacha)
Hair - Trixie Hair White (Tinted & Modded) - Truth - L$250

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Roleplay Rant

So it's been awhile since I ranted and I think I'm due for one, in light of recent events. XD Now I know most people don't agree with me, and that's fine, this is my rant and I don't expect people to see the same way as I do. As many have seen around the feeds the new HP themed rp is started up and woo it's human only. Surprise Surprise. I remember when the interesting high school rp started up and it seemed really amazing, oh wait, human only too. Also if you look at most likely over half of the rps in SL (sorry I can't find them all to make an accurate comparison with real numbers here) completely rule you out if you're human only. I'm so fed up with this! > < This is Second Life where you can be or do anything you want and yet I can never find a nice roleplay area where furries are welcome. I wonder half the time if it has to do with the stupid sterotype of 'those sex-crazed furries' and all the nasty rumors and junk I hear. SL is dying, and forever I've been waiting for a really fun school type roleplay to open up. For example, ever play Grim Grimoire? Awesome game, pretty much based off the Harry Potter series but with a japanese twist. There's not just humans, there's furries, ghosts, devils, elves, etc. That's what made it more interesting, hell if you analyze it even Harry Potter had those elements. Guess I'll just keep waiting around for someone to make some form of 'magical' school type thing that you see in a lot of anime, where anything goes. You want to be a magical girl that transforms when she gets bonked in the head with a book? Fine. You want to be a furry who wants to try their best to show their as good as other species? Fine. You want to be a doorknob who talks and bothers people? Fine. Can someone out there please make an rp like that? XD I mean seriously, if people can roleplay it well and have fun, who cares what you are?! *Sigh* Okies end rant. Meh...

Furry Seren
Outfit - Kawaii Seifuku - BareRose - L$160
Hair - Trixie Hair White (Tinted & Modded) - Truth - L$250

Human Seren
Outfit - School Blazer Black - Edelweiss - L$600
Shoes - Marchen Shoes - Edelweiss - L$100 (comes with the outfit)
Hair - Trixie Hair Black - Truth - L$250

Monday, August 22, 2011

Yellow Sunshine in the Sugar Garden!

So Esuga has opened a new shop called The Sugar Garden recently with some really cute items. ^^ They're mostly known for their skin but I asked for a nice package to show off their not to well known items, like their furniture, accessories, and outfits. They just recently opened and you can also check out their new lucky boards if you want a taste of things for yourself before buying. This outfit may not be for everyone because the skirt is no mod and some of us out there are a lil well you know. XD I really like the concept and thought it was adorable. I also modded one of the corset ribbons to make a neckbow, I thought it was a nice touch. :3 I also really enjoy the head ribbon, you can get it in a variety of colors but it's just one of those adorable touches that I think can finish off an outfit.

I also really liked the flowers in here, I thought they were a cute addition to the picture. Their prices are very reasonable when it comes to furnishing pieces. Like you could get similar tulips from Feather for crazy prices but these are low cost and sometimes just nice to spruce up your house with. Yellow normally isn't something you'll see me in but I hope you'll like it. Also tried to go with a mash up of both blogging styles so you get feedback and the info.

Dress - Little Bo Peep Dress in Yello - TSG - L$350
Ribbon - Big Couture Floppy Bow in Satin - TSG - L$250
Flowers - Colorful Tulips with Peacock Accent (28 prims) - TSG - L$45
Socks - Marchen yellow socks - Edelweiss - L$100
Yellow Makeup - hoppe/cheeks/yellow/chin - BP* - N/A (Hunt Freebie)
Hair - Trixie Hair White (Tinted & Modded) - Truth - L$250

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Apricot Paws Salvatrix Releases

Today I'm sharing with you the new release at Apricot Paws, love love love this furry friendly clothing shop and can't wait for more releases. Todays set is called the Salvatrix Sets; the shirts and vest sets. Apparently these are remakes of two early releases but with improved shading and constructionl; also sized a little better to be more furry friendly.

These have really nice options as far as clothing goes. The shirt pack each comes with male and female shading with sculpted collar; as well as long sleeve/short sleeve option and sheer/opaque variants of the color. The vest sets have male and female version with unisex pants, laceup details on the back of the vest and sides, and sculpted cuffs with plain or pinstripe version for each color.

The Salvatrix Shirts are sold as single colours (of which there are 16) and in two fatpacks (a bright and a dark set, latter of which also includes a white shirt) - 175L per colour, and 700L per fatpack. The Salvatrix Vests and Pants are bundled together in 4 colour packs and 1 fatpack - 225L per colour and 400L for the fatpack.

In this pic I'm wearing the sheer purple shirt and grey pinstripe pants from the vest set. Sorry to disappoint you would normally see nipples but I try to keep the site nudity-free. XD The black vest set with no shirt, just the plain set. The white shirt with purple pinstripe vest set. Lastly the deep blue long sleeve version of the shirt with the brown vest set pants.

Apricot Paws can be found at their mainstore here

(Also trying a new layout, if it works better for people this way let me know!)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

BareRose Mini Treasure Hunt (Tropical)

Tomorrow a new BareRose mini treasure hunt begins for little gems. Stop by the store tomorrow and check the poster to find out more info. These are the two outfits you'll be winning when you find them all. ^^

Friday, August 5, 2011

Fairwell Little Heaven...

So with a heavy heart I say goodbye to Little Heaven shop. The store has been around for the longest time and has always provided me with the best blood stained and just amazing items. The store will be GONE on August 9th so make sure to check it out. The items are mostly around the L$650 price range but it's worth it. It really is, because otherwise you miss out on some great things. :( Please check out the store, the sim, and pay respects to one of my fave shops in all of SL before it's gone. RIP Little Heaven.

Outfit - LH_Housekeeper_Black - Little Heaven - L$650
Outfit - LH_Izel's Dress_FalastearGreen - Little Heaven - NFS (Different Styles are Still for Sale)
Outfit - LH_Gothic_Kyonshi_Black - Little Heaven - L$800

Outfit - LH_Chimera:02_Searcher type_Silver - Little Heaven - L$1000
Outfit - LH_infirmiere offensive_White - Little Heaven - L$650

Outfit - LH_Full_Plate_Armor_BloodSilver - Little Heaven - L$800
Outfit - LH_Armor shop girl_Dorothy_Blue - Little Heaven - L$650
Outfit - LH_Fallen angel_White - Little Heaven - L$650