Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Thanksgiving 2021

 So a fun group pic with us all! Make sure to check out the fun releases for thanksgiving that Junk Food has been putting out. Wishing you all a lovely holiday, hopefully your friends don't try to cook you!

Turkey - Junk Food - Cool Turkey Head

Junk Food Main Store -

Pose - gilded: Zombie victim fallen prey

Dress - *katat0nik* (honey) Bee Fitmesh Dress RARE

Socks - [CoD!] "Cupcake Magi Magi" Socks - (Lara)

Oven - .ETHEREAL. Delicate Kitchen - OVEN WHITE

If you have other questions about what the others wear, feel free to ask!

Saturday, November 20, 2021

Otaku Cafe

 I dunno where I was really going with this post besides, look cute and do stuffs I like. XD; All the releases from both TKC and Junk Food are older and are available either in their mainstores or marketplace (links below). Hope you like the look!

Outfit - [TKC]Purrfffeectt day outfit~Legacy

Marketplace -

TKC Main Store Location -

Drink - Junk Food - Drink Chalace (Pink Straw)

Junk Food Main Store -

Hair - [e] Thrive

Location - Neon Sky Anime Hangout

Sunday, November 14, 2021

Creature Intersection

 So to start off a big THANK YOU! to The Kitty Corner who has accepted me as a blogger; and I am super excited! Been a fan of the store for a long time! So I decided to tackle one of the more popular games (since the latest release) was their Animal Crossing inspiration Island Takeover set. It was released before and should be coming to the shop soon but I figured I'd cover it now and make an adorbs pic out of it. Hope you like the look!

The Kitty Corner Island Takeover Set

Outfit - [TKC] Island take over ~secretory ~ Blue  ~  top ~

Outfit - [TKC] Island take over ~secretory   ~ Skirt  ~ Blue

TKC Main Store Location -

Balloon Present - [TKC] Island take over ~ SOI ~ Baloon gifter

Hair - nani - cozy camp - hair RARE

Choker - nani - cozy camp - choker [unrig]

Bag of Bells - parfait. Whole Lotta Bells v1 .held.

Location - Retroville

Saturday, November 6, 2021

Old Fashion Love

 Sometimes it's just great to revisit the classics with Cookies and Milk! This was a release Junk Food had at last month's level up but it should be available at their main store for normal purchase now. Not too much to say about this post, just a lil quickie. Hope you like the look!

Cookie Set - 

Junk Food - Lookie Cookies Open Package 2li

Junk Food - Lookie Cookie Bit 1li

Junk Food - Lookie Cookie Milk

Junk Food - Lookie Cookie 1li

Junk Food Main Store -

Head Hearts - Just Yaska // Blow Up Animate Hearts

Beanie - MOoH! Beanie White

Top - MOoH! Cropped sweater Maitreya White

Choker - [DH] - Candy choker - rainbow heart (unrigged)

Pose - [LAP] - Hold Sign (Store Closed)

Hair - [e] Season 2 - White 05 (Discontinued)

Location - My House