Friday, December 31, 2010

Edelweiss Fukubukuro Event!

Happy New Year Everyone! Edelweiss has their Fukubukuro Bags available again. ^^ Think of them as japanese grab bags for the new year. It's L$1000 each but you get a random assortment of Edelweiss clothes (5 outfits inside), it's a surprise what you get! It's giftable so in case you don't like what you get, you can give it away because it is the gift version. There will only be 200 available so make sure to rush down and pick up at least one! ^^

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Nooooo Discord Kitty Whyyyy!?

Soooo epic sadface Discord is CLOSING. They will be gone on Jan. 5th so make sure to go before then if you wanted to get anything. Most of their stuff is very resonable price wise but it is kinda dated but good! I had to splurge so deal with me as I blog with many things I bought this time around. The references are posted in order. ^^

Outfit w/Staff - EKU Set Black - Discord - L$99
Huggable Worm - Daki-IMO - Discord - L$49
Floating Flower - Death Flower Blue Black Metal - Discord - L$60

Outfit - RIN-GI Blue Set - Discord - L$99
Outfit - JU-GYO Blue Set - Discord - L$99
Outfit - ESU Blue Set - Discord - L$99

Outfit - YUUBARU Blue Set - Discord - L$99
Outfit - SON-GA Blue Set - Discord - L$99
Outfit - SHIKKOKU Blue Set - Discord - L$99

Kinda Casual Kitty

Not really much today, saw a really cute skirt while at the Vive9 sale but unfortunately it's a November group only gift - which was L$150 to join. XD Soo I decided to go for it cause it was just really cute. Through working with it I found it somewhat difficult to fit because of the sculpted ripples but I think I managed to work it out okay. But then it didn't come with a top so it took a lot of browsing and trying to figure out what might work, unfortunately the best top I could come up with didn't match exactly with color so I needed to tint it - I totally love how it came out in the end though. ^^

Necklace & Shirt - Kasuri Patchwork - BareRose - L$140
Skirt - London Frill Skirt Nordic - Vive9 - L$0 (Costs L$150 to join the Group)
Bunny - Susu Kousagi White - BareRose - Not For Sale
(You can win the Pink version from the Raffle Ball at their store)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

ChocoNoms KittyFace!

So thanks to my friend Jenny (you can see her blog - What About Meh? on the side links), since she blogged about the lovely 3rd Anniversary at Grim Bros - which ish Luv! So I decided to pop out a nom related outfit, hope you all enjoy. I had a fun time working out her mod shoes (LOVE YOU MOD SHOES!) and my kitty feets. ^^

Outfit - Very Berry - BareRose - L$165
Hat - Choco Wearable Buffet Pink Logo - L$0 - Limited Freebie
(Free at their 3rd Year Anniversary in the Middle of the Display)
Shoes - AntiDepressant Heels Choco Brownie - L$0 - Lucky Present
(You can also buy them for L$250 in the store)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Gamer Kitty!

Sooo I felt like putting together a kinda dorky gamer type look today. It's a huge mashup of stuffs to get this together. XD I still kinda feel something is missing but ah well. Also a side note that to make the gameboy holdable in my paws I made a special wrist/paw combined attachment so it can look better with holding things.

Shirt - Tees 1up Shroom - ((:Bleh:)) - L$0
(Store is Closing and everything is free for today only)
Pants/Down Overalls - Take It Off - BareRose - L$100
Glasses - Toy Shop Girl Glasses - BareRose - L$160
Badges - Runaway Girl Ally - BareRose - L$160
Necklace - Necklace Tamagotchi - Rotten Toe - L$20
Gameboy - Pokemon LE Gameboy - Larnia Kids- L$25
(Gachapon Prize, so it's Random which you get)

Royal Kitty Bum!

So I went back and got a crown from AlienBear, darn you saleeeee and making me buy awesome things! XD This time is a little more princessy than queenish in the last post. I was kind of worried what to wear for a gown with this one since most of the princess outfits are darker colored at BareRose, but luckily Charade pretty much covered a cutesy kind of princess look I wanted. Plus I went with an updo, ker-gasp!

Outfit - Charade - BareRose - L$165
Necklace - Princess Carita Necklace White - Alienbear Design - L$250 (On 50% off sale)
Crown - Princess Carita Crown White - Alienbear Design - L$450 (On 50% off sale)

Monday, December 27, 2010

Neko Hime-Sama

Once I heard Alienbear was having a 50% off sale on certain items, I rushed down. I've always had a soft spot for really fine jewelry and it's hard to find any place better than AB; unfortunately it's a lil more expensive than I can afford. ^^;; So I doned my really special crown that Hina got me and picked up a necklace to match it. You can't just wear a crown with any outfit so I popped on my White Queen outfit from BareRose and BAM. Happiness! Though, I'll have to go back and try to pick up more items while the sale lasts. ^^

Outfit - White Queen - BareRose - L$160
Necklace - Princess Carita Necklace White - Alienbear Design - L$250 (On 50% off sale)
Crown - RFL 08 Prom Queen crown - Alienbear Design - Not For Sale

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Katamari Kitty!

Minna shiawase Katamari! So since Xmas I've been on a Katamari Damacy kick cause I finally got the PSP and PS3 versions of the game; in my home blaring the Katamari video game remixs have been almost a constant. So I think you get the point where my outfit is based from. XD

Outfit - Katamari set* katamari Flouncy Sweater Blouse & matching Pants - The Sea Hole - L$0
*Can be found at the Gnubie Shop*

Cold on Game on!

Soooo I'm up really late because of waking up due to a stuffy headcold. e.e Luckily niquil will help me go back to sleep. Till then! You can see my xmas gift to myself, meh it's a good reason to splurge a bit last night. I was eyeing this for awhile due to being a gamer and liking cute things. XD It's the Ragnarok Online Game Master based outfit. Very simple and easy to mod. I also think it works well with furry avs and there are shoes provided yet I think it's just as cute to only use the legwarmers - well when ya have paws. ^^

Outfit - <.:U & A:.> - Ragnarok GameMaster Outfit - U&A - L$600

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Wintery Kitty!

So awhile ago I left the Caverna Obscura group and just ran outta room and then it changed how you could join it - sooo eventually they came up with if you buy something within the past 30 days you get a group invite. Group invite is awesome because of the access to group gifts and group lucky boards. ^^ This outfit is the one I picked up recently from Caverna Obscura which makes a lovely kinda wintery fantasy (almost asian, to me) coat. Works really well with furry avs for the most part as well, I don't think I needed to mod a thing about it when it came out of the box!

Outfit - Winter Coat BLUE - Caverna Obscura - L$350

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Hope you have a good holiday whatever you are celebrating, hope it's a good one!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Riddle me this!

Soooo I think I squeeled a bit last night when I heard Riddle was having a 50% off sale. Been putting off getting this for awhile in hopes of teh sale, and thus I got it. Now I keep finding myself going back to see if I wanna get other colors. XD Hope you don't miss out on this great sale. ^^

Outfit - Winter Blues Coat + Dress - Blue & White - Riddle - L$150 (Sale Price)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

While you're dying, I'll still be alive...

So for some reason been on a Portal kinda kick lately, dunno why but it's pretty nice. XD Also if you missed it yesterday Miao has a free 'Cake is a Lie' shirt for their Catmousemas thingy; but they also sell it in the store. Also apparently buried in my inventory was a bunch of Portal so was playing with it, even though they're pretty much all free on the marketplace. Game On!

Shirt - Purple The Cake is a Lie Shirt - Miao - L$0 Today (But also for sale)
Pants - Colored Lowrise Blue - BareRose - L$135
Props - Portal Themed Stuff for free on Marketplace

Monday, December 20, 2010

BareRose Hunt - Snow White in Locket

For the BareRose VIP the new christmas hunt has started. ^^ If you're VIP just check past notices for the note and such, it should open up to the public in a couple days. If you follow the story it's pretty easy and you get the female/male outfit for completing it! Lots of pics from their skyboxs of the hunt and completed prize pic at the end. Best of luck!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday Special at TP!

So usually when it comes to Sunday Specials I try to hit up Gor Girls and Tailleurs Putain. Gor Girls item was pretty cute and christmassy but TP had a really nice kinda casually yet warm looking outfit. I got a lil nervous because of the prim top but they provide one that's mod and one with a resize script; also only alpha layer invisi provided on the boots but even luckily I got some invisi feet to wear which helps. ^^

Outfit - *TP* Dollaby's Snowing - Tailleurs Putain - L$99

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Succukitty not Kittybus!

So was struggling to find something to wear then BAM I remembered Sanu's latest limited edition release I picked up before the holiday madness began. This pack is filled with tons of options, it made my head spin for awhile trying to figure out what to wear. You got options for tail length (long or short), options for noms (fangs, candy canes, ornaments, etc.), most of the items have options for additional candy canes hanging from places. Plus the pack gives you eyes, ears, horns, fangs, noms, hooves/shoes (alpha or invisi), armwarmers, collar, scripted whip, outfit, and more. @ @;

It's also tough to wear this without the proper AO, because what Succubus isn't floating around sucking the holiday spirit from your body-myahaha. Luckily Endless Dreams teamed up with Sanu and has a vendor for an AO nearby. Kinda a pricey day but so worth it especially when the item is Limited Edition and you want something unique that will go away after the holidays.

Outfit & All Accessories - *Sanu Succubus Christmas 2010 - Sanu - L$825
AO & Poses - Succubus AO - Endless Dreams - L$300

Friday, December 17, 2010

Advent Bonanza!

So today was a very lucky day. ^^ Both the FallnAngel Advent Calender and Sweeter Than Candy Advent Calender were on S today! So joyous day! FallnAngel you can get this nice sleigh from.

Or you could swing by STC and get these cute boots. LOVE THE PENGUIN!!! DX

Sleigh - FallnSleigh - FallnAngel Creations - L$0 Advent Calender

Boots - Eska Boots - Sweeter Than Candy - L$0 Advent Calender
Outfit - XXL - BareRose - L$140

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Love Soul but Parallel Love!?

So apparently I found out Parrallel Love is closing up their shop in SL. T~T So that outfit I've been putting off getting, totally rushed out for it once I heard the news. This item isn't on sale because it's a collaberation between Parallel Love and Love Soul but it is an adorable uniform; and only for sale at the Love Soul food store.

I picked up the blue version, but there is a pink and green version (green version also has a guy one for sale as opposed to the other colors). The visor and wristband are sold seperate but still awesome along with the great food items for sale.

Make sure to check out Parallel Love before it's gone on the 20th!

Outfit - Parallel Love Store Uniform Blue - Parallel Love - L$175
Visor & Wristband - Store Uniform Sun Visor & Cap - L$120
Location - Love Soul Food Store -

Goddess at the Ruins

So I felt I needed to blog some limited time things today. First up is the hair which is from Discord Designs and part of a promo they're doing - it ends friday so make sure to look it up! Also kind of went with a goddessy type unique look today, I don't expect a lot of people to understand it. XDDD

Hair - EFB01 (Tinted to Lavender, Yay Mod Hair!) - Discord Designs - L$1 Special Promo
Outfit - White Christmas Princess - Angelwing - L$20 Special Price Today Only for Advent Calender

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tied up this Winter

Just a cute little outfit tossed together for this winter. XD Plus I needed an excuse to wear my old Holiday Bondage from GK, even though it's gone now. :c But still can get the other parts of the outfit which are really nice for a classy white color look.

Top - White Queen Shirt : BareRose : L$160
Skirt - Daydream Skirt : Sn@tch : L$35 (Sn@tch Snowball Hunt #7)
Lights - Holiday Bondage : Gritty Kitty : NFS

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Snow Kittay!

Had to take a pic of me in the snowman outfit in the lucky board from Ikebukuro. XD Just a funny thing to wear and for free, ya really can't beat teh lolz.

Ikebukuro LB
Original Post Here

Monday, December 13, 2010

Ballet and Pictures!

Wheee so thankies to my wonderful friends: Croon Balloon and Hinahoney and Cara Cake(though she didn't really help, she just kinda killed dead things). I've finally managed to make better pics. XD Soooo this totally renews my confidence to start posting more!

This is a preview of the Ballet Doll outfit BareRose will be putting out sometime next week. You can get a partial FREE version of this outfit if you attend the BareRose EGL event this Friday at 8pm SLT here! . Also I am wearing the old Ballet AO from Creative Insanity, but later this week they'll be releasing an updated version called the Wind Ballet AO. You can visit their store here

Thankies to everyone who's hanging in there. XD I will be trying to post more fashiony stuffs and random things. If you read this blog and link it on yours and I DO NOT have a link, PLEASE let me know and I will add you right away. ^^

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Kingyo! ^^

I love lil japanese things. ^^ Try it out for your own site if you want.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Survival Horror Kitty

So I was checking out the Siden sim since me and Caraway have been babbling about Silent Hill (the original PS game, not the new lame crap or movie). So thus I decided to put together a survival horror type outfit to wear while her, Hina, and myself explored Siden.

The pics will be dark due to setting the windlight/enviroment settings to Blizzard. I thought it gave it an interesting dark kinda feel to the sim.

So here's some random pics. I highly suggest if you're into dark themed places to check out Siden (link below). Also during the exploration you can find some really neat weapons for free hidden around the sim. ^^

Avatar -

Curious Inc. - Felis Avatar *Modded*

Outfit -

Shirt -

BareRose - Damaged Shirts Lady Bloody Shirt

Pants -

BareRose - Bloody Amaryllis Pants

Underwear -

BareRose - Damaged Low Rise Underwear

Socks -

BareRose Bloody Amaryllis Socks

Accessories -

Fairlight - First Aid Pack -

Knife -

BareRose - Bloody Amaryllis Outfit Accessory

Medical Patchs on Arms -

BareRose - Medical Patch Bloody

Medical Eyepatch -

BareRose - Medical Eyepatch SE

Necklace -

BareRose - Open my Black Heart

Hairstyle -

TRUTH - Michelle - White Tinted to Lavender

Poses/AO -

Endless Dreams - Neko Boy AO

Location -

Siden Dark RPG

Friday, May 7, 2010

Under da Sea!

So yesterday I was informed that there was a sale at Pacific Sunrise while I was watching the lucky chair. [ You can read more about it here ] And I saw this lovely Octo-Mer set and even though it was a little pricey, I splurged anyway. Hehe but the cool thing about it is the scripted version I'm wearing has 3 forms of tentacles. They go flexi when you move, when you spin they change, and when you're not moving they have a form too. ^^

I also like how I have a better excuse to wear these now too. ;9

And lastly since I get onto my friend, Alex, so much. I actually fashioned together an outfit I can wear with this! (SEE ALEX YOU CAN WEAR CLOTHES!) XDDDD Ah well fun times! ^^

Avatar -
Upper Half - Curious Inc. - Felis Avatar *Modded*

Lower Half - Pacific Sunrise - Cecaelia-Albino

Outfit -
BareRose - Mermaid Beach *Modded*

Hairstyle -
TRUTH - Michelle - White Tinted to Lavender

Condoms -
Little Glass Wish - Squid Condoms

AO -
Endless Dreams - Succubus AO (works really well with this Octo-Mer Set!)

Location -
Pacific Sunrise Store

Monday, May 3, 2010

Nurse Kitty is In.

Hello everyone. I was really on a wear something I don't normally wear look. So I decided to go nursey. Not much else to say. XD lolz

BareRose - House Call - Pink Version

BareRose - Toy Shop Girl

Truth - Abbey - White Tinted to Lavender

Curious Inc. - Felis *Modded*

Pictures take at Missing Mile Hospital

Friday, April 23, 2010

The World is Pretty Without Facelight!

Amazing post at Juicy Bomb for Gogo's awesome windlight settings. I really hope others read this and realize how pretty things can be and without that crappy facelight. ^^

Monday, April 19, 2010

How to Train Your Kitty

So I've been on a major How to Train Your Dragon movie kick. XD Because that movie is awesome btw, I highly reccomend checking it out. So overall the movie is vikings and dragons.

So I popped on my Viking out! Cha cha~! Ya ok, maybe the fur doesn't make me seem to touch but just wait till you try to mess with my noms!

But alas, off with the helmet and eeee! My own little Night Fury dragon friend is hidden under there. ^^ Shhhh it's a secret!

Outfit - Viking Lady - BareRose

Avatar - Curious Inc. - Felis *Modded*

Hair - Kin - Malcsi *Modded*

Dragon - Chibi Night Fury - Little Glass Wish (Not Out Yet)

Poses - Neko Boy AO - Endless Dreams

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easta!

So it's Easter and I hope everyone's having a good holiday. I know I did and the moment June released this adorable Bunny Girl Princess outfit, I couldn't wait to put it on. This outfit even comes with shoes and sells for L$160. They also have some freebs out for Easter. ^^

And I also set up my Ozimals bunnies, so here's a cute pic. XD

Outfit - BareRose - Bunny Girl Outfit -

Hair - Zero Style - Ryo (Not For Sale Yet)

Avatar - Curious Inc. - Felis Avatar (Free)
*with some modifications*

Monday, March 29, 2010

Limited Time Dollarbie Hunt

Little Glass Wish is having a dollarbie hunt going on, 5 eggs to find in total for lil gifts. ^^

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Little Glass Wish Shop

So I guess I probably should've blogged this sooner but I opened a shop recently of random little goodies I make. XD I called it Little Glass Wish based on a song I heard and it used that line and I was like wow, I can relate to that with small wishes being fragile - etc. etc.

Anyway! So I opened my shop and my new release are some more floaties in gachapon. This time for Easter I made Tamago!/Eggs to ride. Most of these are based off patterns from Shugo Chara and took me forever to try to get right. Hina helped me make the float animation but I was got a lil lesson on how to use poster myself. ^^ Hope you come visit.