Thursday, December 15, 2011

Little Glass Wish New Sheep Release

Just a heads up I put out a new item for sale in my store. It's sheep accessories. XD You can check out my store in world or on marketplace. Also I'm still in the kawaii toast hunt so make sure to pick up the prize while it's still out. ^^

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Winter Sweetheart

Soooo now that Phoenix has mesh enabled, I can happily use mesh. ^^ Could use it before on cool viewer but I really missed the My Outfits folder. But now no more worries hopefully! So therefore this lead me to splurge on that soooooo pretty hair from Wasabi Pills and I'll be lucky if I can ever take it off again. BTW for those that use anime or furry heads - remember mesh is fitted to your basic human avatar so it's not easy to just plop on and adjust. What you need to do is almost (depending on your head) maximize the avatars head size and then wear some alpha to hide that and bam you should be able, with some tweaking, to wear the hair. Other than that, this upcoming Friday is the Xmas EGL BareRose event that I will be DJing at. This is most of the outfit; it also comes with a cape but I didn't feel like wearing it teehee. Hope you enjoy the look. ^^

Outfit - Simofurie Blue - BareRose - Free (BareRose EGL Party Gift)
Necklace - King heart necklace(Peacock) - Ginza Jewelry Kohime - Free(Lucky Board)
Winter Breath - Cold Breath - Endless Dreams - Free (Gift from Hina)
Hair - Sachiko Mesh White (Modded) - Wasabi Pills - L$250

Monday, December 12, 2011

Koi-Mono Mermaid

So a couple days ago I found out about a sale on mermaid tales at this place called Mer-Chandise, cute name. XD It's pretty nice when you can buy a nice mer look and the sale has things marked down to L$50-L$100 and there are even freebs and other goodies there at a cheaper price. This time instead of basic mer, I decided to try to wear a kimono top with it. Ugh took me forever to find something that worked. x_x; Hope you enjoy it. ^^

Kimono Top - Nocturne No. 1 - BareRose - L$180
Mermaid Tail - Koi Tail (Kohaku) - Mer-Chandise - L$100 (On Sale)
Hair - Season 2 White (Tinted) - elikatira - N/A (One Eleven Event)
Animations - Mermaid AO2 - Kami Hitoe - L$500

Friday, December 9, 2011

Meeping Meeroos!

So, no I'm not into the breedables (yet). But I took up an interest in these mods a long time ago and just couldn't bring myself to get one. Probably because this is my first time working with a mod kit and I was pretty nervous to just dive in head first. Luckily Spare Parts Meeroo mod maker set up a lucky chair at her shop, I rushed down and was so happy to finally get to try one out. ^^ Once I get enough funds I plan to pick up a couple more cause these are just amazingly well textured and cute as heck. Also remember this is a mod kit, you're not getting a full av but you do get the full tail and ears so you could go half-breed which is pretty cool in itself. This also gave me the chance to dig up an old hunt prize from Evie's Closet, the berry outfit and match it well (since it's Meeroo related) to this modded look. You can also buy this outfit at Evie's Closet but I'm not sure if this same color is still available. Hope you enjoy the look and also remember to check out my freebie/lucky chair blog for additional information. ^^

Avatar - Meeroo Inspired Snowpaw Mod - Spare Parts - L$450 or Lucky Chair Prize
Avatar2 - Chinchilla (Modded) - Curious - L$800
Outfit - Bug a Boo Berry Outfit - Evie's Closet - N/A (Past Hunt Item)
Hair - Mary - Zero Style - L$300

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Torn Up Over Ballet

So lucky me I get to blog some stuff for Gothica, like their recent release! Also make sure to check out some of their nice prizes for the 2 hunts they're doing; they're really worth it. ^^ So this release tossed me for a bit of a twist, cause I looked at it for awhile and tried to think of what it really inspired for me to theme it with. So I went with a kinda gothic ballet thingy, which I found to be pretty fun. Also a heads up that the main skirt is mod but the wireframe one, not so much - still pretty easy to work with. So even though I usually do a lot of cute but I thought this was just great for a change. Hope you like it. ^^

Outfit - Bella Black Outfit - Gothica - L$125
Hair - Vivi Hair White (Modded) - esk-imo - N/A (Old Freebie)
Tear - Banshee Tear - BareRose - L$160
Tattoo - Redemption - Wicked Tattoo - N/A (DDCF Hunt Prize)
Stockings - TLS Fishnet Black/White Set - BareRose - L$10

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pink Pon Harajuku

A couple things inspired this look today. One the new gacha for glasses, I got super lucky on winning the sweets the first time - may go back and try again for the ramen ones. So took me awhile to smoosh together a pinky cutesy look to go with them. Kinda reminded me of some of the fashion I saw in Harajuku so thus helping name it. XD Also recently in a lucky board there was the PonPonPon dance which I love so much! And that added to the name and helped me go with poses. Hope you enjoy the look. ^^

Jacket - MioPin Jacket Regular - BareRose - L$170
Shirt - Chibi Denim Pink Shirt - BareRose - L$170
Skirt - Moe Decora Skirt - BareRose - L$180
Glasses - Decorative Sunglasses*Sweets* - Love Soul - L$60 (Gacha)
Necklace - Necklace*Strawberry Pudding* - Love Soul - N/A (Can't Find)
Hair - Kyary Purple - Love Soul - Lucky Chair Prize
Poses/Dance - PonPonPon - Sushi Train - Lucky Board Prize

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Spacey Kitty!

So originally I wasen't going to blog anything after the thanksgiving, until the holiday was over. Buttttt Plastik is having a 50% off sale on pretty much everything. Originally this interested me because it's a sale, but then I found out it's a sale to raise money so the creator can repair her computer. It's a very long story about how everything she made from the start of SL to now would be lost if she can't get it repaired. Sooo I went back and probably will stop back again to check out more stuff, it's really easy to miss items because their store isn't completely connected and you need to teleport to different sections - but I highly reccomend checking it out. This dress really made me think space cutie, so I dug through inventory to try to put something cute together. ^^ Enjoy and have a good holiday.

Dress - Saturne Silver - Plastik - L$99 (50% off sale)
Tattoo - Energies for amors : Type-C - Paradisis - L$80
Antenne - Space Heart - BareRose - L$170
UFO - Space Heart - BareRose - L$170
Gun - Space Babe - BareRose - L$160
Hair - Trixie Cyber hair - A&Y - L$250

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thanksgiving Turkitty!

So I decided to go the thanksgiving route as an angry turkitty mama type thing. XD Took some cheapies and flung them together and was ok with the look. I dun think the beak thing is something I'll ever do often. Anyway hope everyone has a happy holiday and belated thanksgiving to those in Canada (You're not forgotten Saori!)

Outfit - Turkey Day Cabaret - By Snow - L$10 (Marketplace)
Angry Vein - Angry Vein Red - NoRe! - L$50
Beak - Chinchilla Beak v2 - Chimera - Free (Also in Group Notices)
Turkey - Chibi Turkey - Pink Fuel - NFS (Old Hunt Gift)
Hair - Trixie Hair White (Tinted & Modded) - Truth - L$250

Friday, November 18, 2011

Let It Rainbow on Me!

So this look was inspired by a present I got from my friend Gothique. ^^ I was all excited about the pastel colored rainbow socks that Schadenfreude put out and I got them as a gift. Was so happy. XD But then I realized I have almost nothing to really match it with. So I was digging and digging through inventory trying to piece together an outfit and this is what I came up with. A lot of it was stuff I was meaning to wear but never found a good theme or chance to. It can be really fun digging through inventory sometimes. Unfortunately it also made me realized how many stores just POOF and vanish. Also a reminder that later tonight is the EGL Party, you can find the info from my previous post. ^^

Socks - Opaque Pastel Rainbow Amortentia Stockings - Schadenfreude - L$60
Scarf - Kawaii Scarf - .{PSYCHO:Byts}. - L$50
Clouds - Mood Clouds - Pink Fuel - L$75
Hair - Kyary Purple - Love Soul - Lucky Chair Prize
Outfit - RainbowCat Bikini White - Kana-Na - Free (Can't find store anymore)
Hose - Garden Hose Aqua - N3F - Free (Can't find store anymore)
Rainbow Trail - I be poopin' rainbows fum mah butt - ni.ju - NFS (1st Anni Gift)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Nutcracker Armor Kitty

So this is an update to share the upcoming outfit gift at the BareRose EGL Event this Friday. A full version will be for sale later on after the event. It's themed for the fantasy party and I think it's just adorable. There's a poster at the BareRose store front if you need a LM and time. Hope to see you there. ^^

Outfit - Nutcracker Armor - BareRose - Free at the BareRose EGL Event
Crown - RFL Prom Queen Crown - Alienbear - N/A (Old Charity Auction)
Hair - Season 2 White (Tinted) - elikatira - N/A (One Eleven Event)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

She May Be Cake!

So I kinda rushed this post, sorry. > < But I just found out Rendervisions Island is closing down in a couple days! Unfortunately this is the home to Curio Obscura, one of the most creative stores in all of SL. Many stores are shutting down once this place goes and I don't know if this is one of them - so I splurged and went for the cake hair. Still kinda tempted to get some other goods just in case. But make sure to check out the sim because it is lovely. I really adore their beehive teleport system and wish more places in SL would be as unique as this sim is/was. While the hair is expensive and there's no demos, but there are tons of pics all over flickr and stuff which should help give you a good idea, it was really worth buying. People can click your cake and pieces come off and they can eat it, and you can change the cake to various flavors. ^^ Make sure to check out this place, you never know how long it may be around for. :c

Hair - Let them eat cake off your head - Curio Obscura - L$450
Outfit - Be With You - BareRose - L$170
Mouth Donut - CFH Hunt Donut - N/A
(Had to ask for it from the Cream Filled Hunt Owner, it's so cute XD)
Tail - White Donut Kitty :3 - NoRei! - L$250

Monday, November 7, 2011

Kawaii Simple School

So recently I've made a new shape, kinda inspired by this shop called Puppy Pawz on marketplace. They have some really cute anime/ecchi inspired female shapes up there and I just thought they were adorable so I changed mine and now I'm a lil more chubby but I like it. XD To go along with the inspiration I went a school uniform route with one of the many outfits at BareRose, but since there was a lack of school bags I looked for something from Edelweiss. The classic bag was perfect and it comes with 9 different poses so I had some choices, which is grand when your shape/size is a lil different from the norm. Finally to top it all off I went with these shoes/socks I've been struggling to find something to wear with from BunnyStar. Also sooooo happy that NoRe! released a non-donut version of the tail because it's just so fitting to a kitty anime-ish look. Tada, happy look and hopefully happy kitty. Still just getting used to a new shape and style. XD

Outfit & Ribbon - White and Striped (Blue Version) - BareRose - L$170
Socks & Shoes - Crazy Bunny Loose Socks & Shoes - BunnyStar - L$225
Bag - School Bag Classic Black - Edelweiss - L$300
Tail - White Kitty - NoRe! - L$100
Hair - Season 2 White (Tinted) - elikatira - N/A (One Eleven Event)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hallowitchy Kitty

I really wanted to show off some of the cute poses from the new Magic Broom AO from Endless Dreams so here it is. XD This is definitely not all of them but it's pretty fun and cute. It's even scripted so when you sit down with it, it does a magic animation and the broom vanishs! They were nice enough to include the script with the AO so you can put it in your own brooms too. ^^ Also if you haven't heard Frick is kinda back and having a dollarbie witch hat hunt, also some other cute goodies I included in this look to complete it. I feel kinda bad blogging things that aren't available but usually KUE! puts their halloween stuff back up. Just hope they have the time to this year. :c

AO & Broom - Magic Broom AO - Endless Dreams - L$300
Ghost Pet - a little Ghost Booh - KUE! - N/A (Halloween Gachapon)
Bat Swarm - Bat Swarm - Carol - N/A (Old UNICEF Hunt)
Lollipop - Halloween Sucker RAWR - KUE! - N/A (Cauldron Treat Freeb)
Outfit & Hat - Alice in Pumpkin - Frick - L$1 (Witch Hat Hunt)
Tail - White Donut Kitty :3 - NoRei! - L$250
Hair - Season 2 White (Tinted) - elikatira - N/A (One Eleven Event)

Friday, September 30, 2011

Little Glass Wish Store New Releases

Just a heads up I released some new stuff for my shop. ^^

Little Glass Wish Location

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Haunted Halloween Maid

So already some really awesome halloween items are coming out. ^^ I'm getting into the swing of things as much as I can, while trying to figure out what to make next for my own shop. @ @; I also got a new tail! This one is a prim one and not animated but honestly kinda nice; you get tired of overly-movementastic things after awhile. Also got sent a preview of something new from .{PSYCHO:Byts}.; who I totally love! Just gotta hunt out a mask and bam! Awesome adorable animated ghost kitty. They're going to be in an upcoming Feast of the Dead Hunt starting in October. Do not miss out because this is just too awesome for words. Hopefully can share more goodies as I find um. ^^

Kitty Ghost - My Dead Kitten - .{PSYCHO:Byts}. - L$0 (Upcoming Hunt Prize)
Tail - White Donut Kitty :3 - NoRei! - L$250
Maid Headdress - Maid Head Dress(petit devil)OR - Level K - L$0 (Current Group Gift
Outfit - Choice! Staff Uniform - Edelweiss - N/A
*You can find some similar outfits for sale if you like this one!*
Hair - Trixie Hair White (Tinted & Modded) - Truth - L$250

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Support Choice!

So it's that time again when the Choice! event has begun. 20 shops to get cards at and 20 prizes to choose from! Make sure to check out the website or stop by the Choice! Event Hall to see what they are and then have a fun time shopping to get some stamp cards. ^^ I've you've never done it before, you do not want to miss out - this time a lot of creators really made some amazing things and they do not go for sale after the event. It ends in October but always good to start planning now since the event is already happening. Hope to see you there!

Choice! Website

Choice! Event Hall

Outfit - Choice! Staff Uniform - Edelweiss - N/A
*You can find some similar outfits for sale if you like this one!*
Hair - Trixie Hair White (Tinted & Modded) - Truth - L$250
Choice Accessories - Choice! Souvenirs - Choice! - L$0 Only at Choice Event Hall

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sweets Kitty!

So I got a really sweet message from one of the my blogs readers the other day in world from Miss Melody. Thank you so much. ^^ Her adorable look inspired me to wear a combination of things that I thought would go for a cute look. Unfortunately I apologize for wearing the bullwinkle babydoll top because I don't know if the store is available right now? I think they're under maitenance or something, but you may be able to message the owner and inquire about it. I really like this top and they sold it at their store in multiple colors, and it's mod and just wears well.

Some of the other items are freebies from the KUE! Daily free gacha, which I've been checking everyday for a long long time. @ @; There's so much fun and cute items in there that it should really be checked out. I hope you all enjoyed this simple but cute post. Unfortunately since I will be travelling on vacation soon I won't be able to do any posts for the next 2 weeks about. Thank you all for reading and hope to see you when I get back!

Shirt - Babydoll Top - !bullwinkle. - N/A (Special color for GFW)
Skirt - Chibi Denim Skirt - BareRose - L$170
Mouse - Trapped mouse White - .{PSYCHO:Byts}. - L$180
Hat/Cake - Cake with Candle Platterhat - KUE! - L$0 (Daily Free Gacha)
Necklace - Charm Cord Necklace - Twin Apalca - KUE! - L$0 (Daily Free Gacha)
Balloons - Bunch of Sweet Balloons - KUE! - L$0 (Daily Free Gacha)
Hair - Trixie Hair White (Tinted & Modded) - Truth - L$250

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Roleplay Rant

So it's been awhile since I ranted and I think I'm due for one, in light of recent events. XD Now I know most people don't agree with me, and that's fine, this is my rant and I don't expect people to see the same way as I do. As many have seen around the feeds the new HP themed rp is started up and woo it's human only. Surprise Surprise. I remember when the interesting high school rp started up and it seemed really amazing, oh wait, human only too. Also if you look at most likely over half of the rps in SL (sorry I can't find them all to make an accurate comparison with real numbers here) completely rule you out if you're human only. I'm so fed up with this! > < This is Second Life where you can be or do anything you want and yet I can never find a nice roleplay area where furries are welcome. I wonder half the time if it has to do with the stupid sterotype of 'those sex-crazed furries' and all the nasty rumors and junk I hear. SL is dying, and forever I've been waiting for a really fun school type roleplay to open up. For example, ever play Grim Grimoire? Awesome game, pretty much based off the Harry Potter series but with a japanese twist. There's not just humans, there's furries, ghosts, devils, elves, etc. That's what made it more interesting, hell if you analyze it even Harry Potter had those elements. Guess I'll just keep waiting around for someone to make some form of 'magical' school type thing that you see in a lot of anime, where anything goes. You want to be a magical girl that transforms when she gets bonked in the head with a book? Fine. You want to be a furry who wants to try their best to show their as good as other species? Fine. You want to be a doorknob who talks and bothers people? Fine. Can someone out there please make an rp like that? XD I mean seriously, if people can roleplay it well and have fun, who cares what you are?! *Sigh* Okies end rant. Meh...

Furry Seren
Outfit - Kawaii Seifuku - BareRose - L$160
Hair - Trixie Hair White (Tinted & Modded) - Truth - L$250

Human Seren
Outfit - School Blazer Black - Edelweiss - L$600
Shoes - Marchen Shoes - Edelweiss - L$100 (comes with the outfit)
Hair - Trixie Hair Black - Truth - L$250

Monday, August 22, 2011

Yellow Sunshine in the Sugar Garden!

So Esuga has opened a new shop called The Sugar Garden recently with some really cute items. ^^ They're mostly known for their skin but I asked for a nice package to show off their not to well known items, like their furniture, accessories, and outfits. They just recently opened and you can also check out their new lucky boards if you want a taste of things for yourself before buying. This outfit may not be for everyone because the skirt is no mod and some of us out there are a lil well you know. XD I really like the concept and thought it was adorable. I also modded one of the corset ribbons to make a neckbow, I thought it was a nice touch. :3 I also really enjoy the head ribbon, you can get it in a variety of colors but it's just one of those adorable touches that I think can finish off an outfit.

I also really liked the flowers in here, I thought they were a cute addition to the picture. Their prices are very reasonable when it comes to furnishing pieces. Like you could get similar tulips from Feather for crazy prices but these are low cost and sometimes just nice to spruce up your house with. Yellow normally isn't something you'll see me in but I hope you'll like it. Also tried to go with a mash up of both blogging styles so you get feedback and the info.

Dress - Little Bo Peep Dress in Yello - TSG - L$350
Ribbon - Big Couture Floppy Bow in Satin - TSG - L$250
Flowers - Colorful Tulips with Peacock Accent (28 prims) - TSG - L$45
Socks - Marchen yellow socks - Edelweiss - L$100
Yellow Makeup - hoppe/cheeks/yellow/chin - BP* - N/A (Hunt Freebie)
Hair - Trixie Hair White (Tinted & Modded) - Truth - L$250

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Apricot Paws Salvatrix Releases

Today I'm sharing with you the new release at Apricot Paws, love love love this furry friendly clothing shop and can't wait for more releases. Todays set is called the Salvatrix Sets; the shirts and vest sets. Apparently these are remakes of two early releases but with improved shading and constructionl; also sized a little better to be more furry friendly.

These have really nice options as far as clothing goes. The shirt pack each comes with male and female shading with sculpted collar; as well as long sleeve/short sleeve option and sheer/opaque variants of the color. The vest sets have male and female version with unisex pants, laceup details on the back of the vest and sides, and sculpted cuffs with plain or pinstripe version for each color.

The Salvatrix Shirts are sold as single colours (of which there are 16) and in two fatpacks (a bright and a dark set, latter of which also includes a white shirt) - 175L per colour, and 700L per fatpack. The Salvatrix Vests and Pants are bundled together in 4 colour packs and 1 fatpack - 225L per colour and 400L for the fatpack.

In this pic I'm wearing the sheer purple shirt and grey pinstripe pants from the vest set. Sorry to disappoint you would normally see nipples but I try to keep the site nudity-free. XD The black vest set with no shirt, just the plain set. The white shirt with purple pinstripe vest set. Lastly the deep blue long sleeve version of the shirt with the brown vest set pants.

Apricot Paws can be found at their mainstore here

(Also trying a new layout, if it works better for people this way let me know!)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

BareRose Mini Treasure Hunt (Tropical)

Tomorrow a new BareRose mini treasure hunt begins for little gems. Stop by the store tomorrow and check the poster to find out more info. These are the two outfits you'll be winning when you find them all. ^^

Friday, August 5, 2011

Fairwell Little Heaven...

So with a heavy heart I say goodbye to Little Heaven shop. The store has been around for the longest time and has always provided me with the best blood stained and just amazing items. The store will be GONE on August 9th so make sure to check it out. The items are mostly around the L$650 price range but it's worth it. It really is, because otherwise you miss out on some great things. :( Please check out the store, the sim, and pay respects to one of my fave shops in all of SL before it's gone. RIP Little Heaven.

Outfit - LH_Housekeeper_Black - Little Heaven - L$650
Outfit - LH_Izel's Dress_FalastearGreen - Little Heaven - NFS (Different Styles are Still for Sale)
Outfit - LH_Gothic_Kyonshi_Black - Little Heaven - L$800

Outfit - LH_Chimera:02_Searcher type_Silver - Little Heaven - L$1000
Outfit - LH_infirmiere offensive_White - Little Heaven - L$650

Outfit - LH_Full_Plate_Armor_BloodSilver - Little Heaven - L$800
Outfit - LH_Armor shop girl_Dorothy_Blue - Little Heaven - L$650
Outfit - LH_Fallen angel_White - Little Heaven - L$650

Sunday, July 31, 2011


Sooooo today I decided to try a human look. XD And since most of you know my love of horror themed things I of course took it in that direction. I really love this look and it was really helped inspired by some of the great items I had hidden in inventory and available at the Miniascape Horror Night (make sure to check it out!). This will probably rarely ever happen, me being human, but it's fun to dress up once in awhile. ;3

Skin - ONRYOU skin Female - Dimbula Rose - L$77 (Miniscape Horror Night Exclusive)
Eyes - Horror Night Eyes1 - Dimbula Rose - L$1 (Miniscape Horror Night Exclusive)
Hair - Freebie Hair Black - Kin - L$0
Outfit - Yuki Onna - BareRose - L$120
Jaw - Gore Missing Jaw - FallnAngel - L$425 (Old Hunt Prize)
Sleeves - Sleeves Shadow - BareRose - L$0
Animations - Custom Oichi Animations - Endless Dreams - NFS

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Check out my Honeycomb!

So I found out that Saturnine Dreams had a really cool special going on for Taste of SL. It was this awesome looking hive house which works great with my Queen Bee look (I'll blog it soon, promise XD). Also the wallpaper on the inside has multiple choices, but I liked the honeycomb the best. It's 50% off this weekend only so make sure you're not too much of a busy bee to miss out on this!

Hive House - The Hive - Saturnine Dreams - L$100 (This weekend only)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Demon Kitty!

So today I thought I'd try something pretty reverse of my usual self. Plus I really like the latest things that Pixels has been putting out. So I combined it with some other stuff to make a really neat outfit. Hope you enjoy a darker kitty look. XD

Jacket Set/Mask - GhostKat Jacket v2 - Pixels - L$115
Gloves/Claws - DemonBaby Gloves - Pixels - L$100 (or LuckyBoard)
Pants - Lowrise Heavy Cargo (Tinted) - BareRose - L$150
Typing Overide - Cursin' Typer - Grendel's Children - L$1
Wings - GL Peti Devil Maid - BareRose - L$135
Animations/Poses - Kakkoii AO - Endless Dreams - L$300

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Beachy Keen Kitty

So recently Flapper had some new releases that I just loved to pieces for a kinda simple yet casual beachwear look. What was great was the prices were very reasonable and also just made a really complete look. Hope you enjoy and check out this cute shop. ^^

Swimsuit - *FLP* Suimsuit "Flow" -Blue set- - Flapper - L$55
Parka - *FLP* Fluffy Parka -Blue- - Flapper - L$75
Sandals - *FLP* Beach Sandal -Blue- (Modded) - Flapper - L$10
Necklace - Silver Necklace - BareRose - L$0 (Freebie Section)
Poses - Cosmopolitan Glass Prize - Reel Expression by Luth - L$0 (Old Hunt Prize)
Hair - Rena I (tinted) ~ PCF - kik - L$300/NFS

Friday, July 15, 2011

Fashionable Pony!

So I saw this for sale awhile ago and wanted to pick it up cause I was all like EEEEEE PONY FASHION. XD So I finally got it fitted to my av and wanted to share it with everyone. :3

Dress/Outfit - Twilight's Gala Dress - Ponywerks & Filly Fashion - L$100
Pony Avatar - Pony Avatar Beta 4 - Galactic Toast - L$0
Mane - Old Freebie from Bronies Group, Modded - N/A
Tail - Fluttershy Mane/Tail - Kimai's Shop - L$150
Horn - Old Freebie from Bronies Group, Modded - N/A
Wings - Pony Wings - Freebie at Bronyville Sim - L$0

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hidden Forest Kitty

So I got a really cool sneak preview of an upcoming hunt prize from Gilded, it was a really unique hat. :O I was pretty amazed by the design because it was just so different. So took some thought in what would match it, decided to go an almost elven woodish look and paired it up with something from BareRose. I really liked the look, kinda a hidden foresty theme. :3 Hope you enjoy it and make sure to check out this awesome hat that's coming up.

Hat - Rustic Fair One's Hat - Gilded - L$0 (FTLO Hunt Item, Hunt Starts 25th)
Outfit - Wood Elf Archer Lady - BareRose - L$170
Hair - Mary - Zero Style - L$300

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tanabata Cheshire

So I splurged some more and got another Derp LE av for myself. >.>; Got the purple cheshire and this limited edition (I think) kimono from Rokumeikan for Tanabata, this is the female one though there is a male one which looks pretty cool too. Put them together and it made a really cute look. ^^

Av - LE Cheshire Purple - Derp - L$900
Kimono - LE Koi-Suru-Kingyo - Rokumeikan - L$300
Hair - Liv (Tinted & Modded) - Kin - L$100

Monday, July 4, 2011


So Derp has their limited edition avatars back out again for a limited time. So this time around I could actually get one. XDDDD I picked up the Cheshire in Cyan first but might go back and get some others since they look so good. My friends decided to pick up some too so I snagged them to do some quick shots. Make sure to check these out before they're gone!!

On Sereni -
Avatar - LE Cheshire Cyan - Derp - L$900

On Saori -
Avatar - LE Cheshire Pink - Derp - L$900

On Hinamori -
Avatar - LE Unihusky Blue - Derp - L$900
Outfit - Kirin Outfit - Jana's Shop - L$250

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Well an early post and normally I don't do holidays but I had a goofy party of awesomesauce the night before and put together a cute outfit to celebrate. Hope you all have a good and safe holiday. ^^

Bathing Suit - J4 Free Swimwear - BareRose - L$0 (Party Giveaway)
Necklace - Moon and Star - BareRose - L$95
Glasses - Patriotic II - Role Optic - L$0 (Marketplace)
Sand Bucket - BeachBuket Scrab Solid Blue - Cute Bytes - L$40 (Gacha)
Hair - Fiona (Modified & Tinted) - Friday - L$250
Poses - Bishoujo AO - Endless Dreams - L$300
Tattoo - Falling Stars Hip Tattoo - EmJay - L$0(Old Holiday Hunt)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Monster Hunter Kitty

Soooo I got lucky the other day and found a really awesome Kirin themed outfit from the Monster Hunter game (if you play it, heart you!). Anyway I feel this post is pretty important since in September I will be heading off RL to Japan to go see the Monster Hunter event in Universal Studios Japan. :D Soooo excited. Anyway enjoy the outfit! And any cosplay shops to check out are always appreciated, love to dress up in anime or gaming cosplay.

Outfit - Kirin Outfit - Jana's Shop - L$250
Hair - Rena I (tinted) ~ PCF - kik - L$300/NFS
Meat - Unknown, something I dug up in inventory XD

Friday, June 24, 2011

My Little Pony!

Myahaha. XD It was envitable that this post would occur. So I've been on a MLP kick for awhile now for most that know me. I've even made stuff to sell in my store, you can check it out on marketplace or my picks. But this is a free av, really easy to mod and just so fun to play with. Watch the MLP:FIM series if you haven't yet, it's a blast. XD

Pony Avatar - Pony Avatar Beta 4 - Galactic Toast - L$0
Mane - Old Freebie from Bronies Group, Modded - N/A
Tail - Fluttershy Mane/Tail - Kimai's Shop - L$150
Collar - Old Freebie from Bronies Group, Modded - N/A
Ribbons - Simple Pony Mane/Tail Ribbons - Little Glass Wish - L$10
Floaty Cloud - Cloudy Rainbow Pony Float - Little Glass Wish - L$20
Horn - Old Freebie from Bronies Group, Modded - N/A
Wings - Pony Wings - Freebie at Bronyville Sim - L$0

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

KuroMio Kitty

I noticed I haven't been blogging enough BareRose stuff so I thought today would be a quick lil coverage on the new release KuroMio. ^^

Outfit - KuroMio - BareRose - L$170
Hair - Aisha 4-Hair Type-B (Tinted) - Uncle Web - L$190
Poses - High Fashion Set - HelaMiyo - N/A (CAH Hunt is Over)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Battle Japan Alice Kitty

So I've been playing Alice: Madness Returns which is the awesome sequel to American's McGee's Alice. It's been tons of fun and one of the levels involves Alice in a japanese twisted place in a kimono type garb. So I thought; wow I really should get that one from Sleeping Girl. XD But the original LM I had, the store was gone! Luckily I found it at a new location but it's not able to be searched. :s None the less got the pretty kimono and combined it up in a look. Cooler thing about the outfit is that it's a collaberation between the stores Occello and Sleeping Girl, which you don't see too often in SL. Also make sure to check out the store for other neat goods. ^^v

Outfit - *OS*ALICE IN KIMONO - OCELLO & SleepingGirl - L$180
Bloody Knife - Bloody Knife - Marketplace - L$50
Hair - Fiona (Modified & Tinted) - Friday - L$250
Knife Pose - Knife Stand - Endless Dreams - L$50
Other Poses - 16 Poses - E.Ink - L$0

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Origami Kimono Kitty

So lots of things are going on in the grid right now! Sales! Hunts! All that sorta good stuffs. :3 So I thought I'd share a combined outfit of some of the things going on right now. One thing I rushed to is the 3rd Anniversary sale of Yumeji kimonos, some of the prettiest yet simple designs out there. Also there's a neat hunt going on at Sn@tch's Prom location where I got this really pretty hair on discount, cause of the hunt, from Gauze. So many others goods to check out there too. Also to top it off, I snagged the cute origami crane from the Origami outfit from BareRose. :3 Hope you enjoy!

Outfit - yukata orizuru blue - Yumeji - L$150 (50% off normal price)
Head Origami - Origami - BareRose - L$100
Hair - Komelia (White but Tinted) - Gauze - L$100 (From the Sn@tch Prom Hunt)
Poses - Endless Dreams - Bishoujo AO - L$300

Friday, June 10, 2011

Shinning Kitty Knight

So, big apology on being so slow with blogging and stuff. Things keep coming up and also recently went on a vacation the past week. ^^ So this week is a pricey item but a lot of the times I'll splurge on a piece especially if I'm warey of the store's exsistance in SL. Alot of japanese stores go under the radar normally and usually when they close, you don't find out about it until it's too late!

For awhile I've eyed stuff from Silhouette Warfare but this Queen's Knight armor was really tugging at my tail. While some of the shops items are available on marketplace, this one is not. It has a lifetime of updates but updates are not common to happen and this store is ghost like. One minute it's there, next it's gone and you're left wondering if it'll show back up or not. The quality and sculpt work on this is amazing - completely custom and just perfect. The fabrics with this outfit come in either Blue, Black, Gold, or Red - but I like the blue best. Also all the poses from the Sword AO from ED work really well with this and make a great match. ^^ Hope you enjoy it and hope I can share more with you soon!

Outfit/Armor - Queen's Knight - Silhouette Warfare - L$2500
AO/Poses - Endless Dreams - Sword AO - L$300
Hair - Mary - Zero Style - L$300

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Happy Blue Whale

Sorry for the really long hiatus. x.x RL work and just other things have kept me kinda tired up. So today I just decided to go with a really cute gift my honey got me. ^^ It's a little blue whale by Dugong; who also has the only marine mammal museum in SL! It's pretty simple but just sooo adorable. ^^ Hope to be writing more soon.

Avatar - Tiny Humpback Whale Blue - Dugong - L$500

Friday, April 15, 2011

Sakura Kitty Kitty!

So been saving up slowly to get a couple things and one of them was the new Manna released sakura dress. It's pretty nice and very clean prim work, I really enjoy the stuff she's been putting out even though it takes me a bit to get them. ^^ Also a couple new items have been released at PFJ and I couldn't resist the white kitty from FA. :3

Dress - Fleur de Sakura Dress - Manna - L$325 Necklace - Passion Necklace - Manna - L$225 Kitty - White Cat ~ Project FUR Japan - FallnAngel - L$50 Hair - Fiona (Modified & Tinted) - Friday - L$250

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Masked Kitty!

So I got some really nice shoes from The Pony Store for furries, which most may not know about. ^^ I have their link on the side of the blog and they occationally put out cute furry gear. The nice thing about these shoes are that they can be modded through a HUD to change the color on any piece so you could wear them with any fur color (solid colors) and change the shoe colors to match whatever outfit. Naturally I decided to go with a dark look for these with a kinda masquerade type thing. XD Enjoy.

Mask - Malevola Mask - Illusions - NFS (Old Dollarbie at Fantasy Faire)
Shoes - Paw Boots (Four Toe) - The Pony Store - L$199
Outfit - Behind the Mask - BareRose - L$145
Hair - Waverly - KA - NFS

Monday, April 11, 2011

Posin' No Threat Kitties!

So really cute coupley poses new release at HelaMiyo. ^^ I got to nab Hina to model this one out with me and probably should do more stuff like this since it's so fun. XD Also I have to apologize since the really cute hair I'm wearing here isn't available since PCF is over; hopefully kik will have them for sale later at their store. ^^ Also a heads up that HelpJapan is having a second round of charity items released. So make sure to check out all these great finds when ya can.

Poses Poses - Poses Against a Wall - HelaMiyo - L$400 On Serenity Outfit - Kawaii Seifuku - BareRose - L$160 Hair - Rena I (tinted) ~ PCF - kik - L$300/NFS On Hinamori Outfit - Kakkoii Seifuku - BareRose - L$150 Hair - Calm Gangster[Neo Black] - Find Ash - L$260

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Kawaii Pinku Kitty!

So was trying to figure out what to wear to compliment the cuteness and pink themed items from Sanu's RFL Fantasy Faire charity items; and it just struck me like lightning. Next thing I knew I was all over this theme. XD I also picked up a new hair I saw at Cute Bytes which is addictively cute; yet no mod but I made it work regardless (so happy they carry some hair in purple). Also I cannot stress how happy I am that Sanu makes mod earrings so I can attach them to my ears; yay! Make sure to check out Sanu's stop at RFL Fantasy Faire; she also has a dollarbie there and tons of neat stuffs. ^^

Heart Pet - Chibi Heart Faire ~ RFL - Sanu - L$100 Earrings - Silly Star Earrings ~ RFL - Sanu - L$25 Outfit - Nekomata Musume - BareRose - L$140 Hair - Juky Hairs Purple - Cute Bytes - L$150

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Project Fur Japan Multi Post Kitty

So this wraps up most of the items I picked up from PFJ with these final three. There's always more stuff being added to make sure to check it out because you never know what's being added. I check the flickr often and usually you get the best update info there. Today is a very casual look and just a content like look. I think I may need to play around with these more later with other looks because they're pretty fun to wear. ^^

Shirt - Project FUR Japan T-Shirt - Lauria - L$99 Goldfish Bowl - Take Me Home Goldfish - A.D.D Andel - L$75 Necklace - :: LING LING :: Black/White - LOULOU&CO - L$100 Jeans - Jeans for Save Japan - Grace Azure - L$0 Hair - Season 2 - White (Tinted) - elikatira - NFS One Eleven Event

Monday, April 4, 2011

Purple Warrior Kitty!

So I figured this would be a good tie in of the two charities going on right now. There's the obvious Project Fur Japan and also the RFL Fantasy Faire has started up as well. I only have a couple items from each left to cover so hopefully this has been helpful to those reading. ^^ These two are for each charity event and both from BareRose. You can find them both at their respective events.

Outfit - Ruby Bikini Armor RFL SE - BareRose - L$140 Animal Mount - Night Wolf SE Project FUR Japan - BareRose - L$130 Hair - Mary Silver (Tinted) - Zero Style - L$300

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Project Fur Japan Fur the Animals!

So Project Fur Japan is officially open! You can find the link in my last post or on their website which is in the sidelinks. There are some adorable animal related goods for sale at this event. One of these is from Paris Rain who made some cute KittyCat's themed items ment for the breedables to lay on but I find it works fine with tiny kitty avs if you have 'um! ^^ I'm the lil siamese nekogarumi in here and Hina is the scottish fold one; who is a very very lazy kitty. Also decided to include the adorable Shiba Inu from Hazard Kitty and some cute sushi. ^^ Make sure to check out the event for these and more great finds.

Avatar1 - Nekogarumi slamsese kitty kanban - Elan - L$100 Avatar2 - Nekogarumi taremimi san . - Elan - L$100 Cat Beds - Paris' Coastal Bay Kitty Beds ~ PFJ - Paris - L$75 Cat Tree - Paris' Island Punch Cat Tree ~ PFJ - Paris - L$75 Shiba Inu - Shiba Inu Dog ~ PFJ - Hazard Kitty - L$150 Sushi Dish - Walking Sushi - Inaka - L$0 Single Sushi Pieces - Sea Bream Nigiri - Satu's Sushi - L$80

Friday, April 1, 2011

ScatterBrain Customs ~ Project Fur Japan

So WOW Project Fur Japan starts up tomorrow, April 2nd at 9pm SLT! This event takes place over a whole sim and has a lot of different items to offer. Once again I will be trying to keep up with blogging but may be a little slow.

Bike - The Raptor Euro Bopper Hot Rod & Vanilla Ice 2 Pack ~ PFJ - L$1000 On Serenity Shorts - Hot Nora - BareRose - L$120 Top - TLS Denim Bikini - BareRose - L$10 Hair - Kase 2 White (tinted) - Truth - L$250 This time I got some amazing help from my friends with these photos for Scatterbrain Customs. For this charity they have dropped the price of their bikes by L$500; so it's only L$1k a bike. They are only available at this price for the event on the sim. Make sure to check out their great deal.

Bike - The Scrambler Springer ~ PFJ - L$1000 On Croon Hair - Vive9 Skin - My UglyDorothy Bodysuit - SLink Just to cover a little more they come with custom seating that you can move yourself to fit the position perfect; also it comes with an unlocking feature so you can let your friends ride with you. ^^ As well as a Sit Delete option which is a helpful lag reducing feature that sim owners may enjoy.

Bike - The Odin Custom Cruiser Highroller Edition ~ PFJ - L$1000 On Caraway Hair - Maitreya - Lotte Vest - Argrace - Leather Vest (Sepia) Horns - [][]Trap[][] Magma Crown (Limited Stamp Hunt) Accessories - < Yabusaka > Winged Crystal Earring Pants - A:S:S - Starstruck jeans (Past hunt item) Boots - [e] Secret Boots - Molasses Skin - League - Taylor (Pale) ScatterBrain Customs also takes custom bike orders so if you have a urge to get something special make sure to check out their store; they come up in search as well. So get a nice deal for a great charity while you can. ^^

Bike - The Norfield Trooper Civic Edition ~ PFJ - L$1000 On Hina (Hair) Kin-Aideen-[black] - Kin (Scarf) Musashi Black Silk Scarf - Musashi Blades (Shoes) Slowrez Sneakz - Slowrez (Shirt) Waistland Pirate Jacket - Nein (Shirt) Waistland Pirate Shirt - Nein (Pants) rockerwear street baggy pants - rockerwear (Gloves) [Shadown] Steel Godfist - [GearShift] (Tattoo) ::: B@R ::: Bonji -Amida Nyorai - BareRose (Glasses) primOptic Donna glasses - PrimOptic (Skin) *Mcskin Skin*(Mc0017)g-o - Mcskin (Pose) AlleyLean - Endless Dreams NFS

Bike - The Bopper Bobber ~ PFJ - L$1000 Bike - The Phoenix Custom ~ PFJ - L$1000 Project Fur Japan Location