Saturday, May 16, 2009

Graduation Day!

Who says I'm not really a furry? XP Pah on them! I graduated today so here's some RL pics~!

Nommin da diploma will give me smurtz! :B Teehee

Nya! It's over!!! *Happy Dance*

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Overall Matter On The Farm Is...

So, as promised - an update! And what better to post about than the new release of the Off Right Overall from BareRose and the upcoming farm hunt/quest at Sanu's than a post about some Overalls! The ones in this post are all from BareRose but may not nessarily be remembered so well.

First stop during the day is always taking care of the cows! What better set up than at the Scribble sim to be! First milking the cows at Sanu's in my Take It Off outfit from BareRose. But after the milking my job ain't done yet!

I need to head over to Scribble's shop and drop it off at their local cafe!

Now the really cool thing that I LOVE about about this cafe is that, while the menu really helps the ambiance of the area. You can really purchase goodies from it! The range is from about L$1-L$5 or so depending what you go after. And there's no better wear than black and white near Scribble's shop - thus why I chose to wear the Paw Overall from BareRose when dropping off my delivery.

Oh DARN MOLES! DX And me without a mallet with what to whackerize them! As I mentioned before this is the Off Right Overall from BareRose. It comes with a variety of colors with or without decorations.

Sorry about the zoom in on my butt and crotch but I couldn't help but show off the detail that goes into the decorated version of this outfit! I really love the paw on the butt. :B

But when all is said and done over at Sanu's, it's time to take a break and go chill with one of my best friend - Bewkz! hope she doesn't plan to start her own farm with that lil Ox....