Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Magical Girl Fanatic

So it's a day away from The Crystal Heart event, so excited! Been lucky enough to get a chance to cover some of the items from my sponsors, so I hope you love them as much as I do~ To start, since we're talking about the event, Cubic Cherry Kre-ations has a GigaBow available in multiple colors and a CardCaptor Sakura Clow inspired gacha with wands, halos, and cards! My head accessory is at the same event from Tic Tot Toe, it's in a gacha and prim so any heads can wear it with ease! Going with the clow theme I wore the choker I got from LoveFox back at the ponpon event, there are similar types at their main store. The hair is available from Ayashi at The Fantasy Collective, and my outfit is at the main store of Shiro Tsuki. Hope you like the look! ^ ^

Dress - .ShiroTsuki. - Magical
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Vivien hair (The Fantasy Collective)
Forehead Symbol - Tic Tot Toe - Mini Moon Symbol (The Crystal Heart Gacha)
Hairbow - .::Cubic Cherry::. - {Giga Bow} pink (The Crystal Heart)
BackStar - .::Cubic Cherry::. - 05 {Cubic Captor Cherry} halo silver (TCH Gacha)
Staff - .::Cubic Cherry::. - 02 {Cubic Captor Cherry} scepter silver RARE (TCH Gacha)
Cards - .::Cubic Cherry::.
07 {Cubic Captor Cherry} card~ The Arrow (The Crystal Heart Gacha)
08 {Cubic Captor Cherry} card~ The Chang'e (The Crystal Heart Gacha)
09 {Cubic Captor Cherry} card~ The Dark (The Crystal Heart Gacha)
10 {Cubic Captor Cherry} card~ The Jump (The Crystal Heart Gacha)
11 {Cubic Captor Cherry} card~ The Light (The Crystal Heart Gacha)
12 {Cubic Captor Cherry} card~ The Shield (The Crystal Heart Gacha)
13 {Cubic Captor Cherry} card~ The Sleep (The Crystal Heart Gacha)
14 {Cubic Captor Cherry} card~ The Sweet (The Crystal Heart Gacha)
Choker - LoveFox - Clow Choker; White (PonPon)
Shoes - krankhaus - Avatar 2.0 Cute Hikers
Shoe Mod - Kitten - Pastel Heart Hiker Boot Texture

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Zelda & Hilda Bedroom

So I got to do another fun cosplay picture with my friends - wheee! I'm a big fan of Hilda from Link Between Worlds and obviously Saori is a huge Zelda fan, and Hina is our lovely peeking in Link. XDDDD With the latest release from AsteroidBox for the Geektopia event, I finally got a chance to do this piece. One of the best places for Zelda cosplay hair is the Ayashi's Taura hair, I've yet to find any better on the grid either. Me and Saori were also super hyped for the Zelda dresses put out by ShiroTsuki that you can find in multiple colors at their main store, which comes with so much for a relatively low price - also the most updated zelda outfit on the grid too! Now for the decor, I covered the pastel/ethereal gacha set that they will have available at The Crystal Heart; combining the Zelda/Hilda theme I went with the lilac and pink laterns from Cubic Cherry that are available at SaNaRae. Some of the other things were just filler but I love doing pics like this, always makes me so happy to cosplay - even if it's just my av wearing it and not trying to be exact. Hope you like the look!

Gloves/Shoes/Dress - .ShiroTsuki. - Twilight Princess of Legend Gown
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Taura hair-Cupcakes Anonymous (Old Hunt Prize)
Candle - TicTacTot - RFL Candle Adult (Free)
Choker - AsteroidBox. - Princess Collection Z // Collar (Geektopia)
Necklace - AsteroidBox. - Princess Collection Z // Necklace (Geektopia)
Crown - AsteroidBox. - Princess Collection Z // Crown (Geektopia)

Dress/Gloves/Shoes - .ShiroTsuki. - Time Princess of Legend
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Taura hair-Blond set
Tiara - AsteroidBox. - Princess Collection Z // Crown (Geektopia)

Outfit - Bare@Rose - Link Raffle Trade(Unavailable)
Hair - Kin - Ren (Modded)
Ears - Bare@Rose - Elf Ears

Purple Lanterns - .::Cubic Cherry::. - {Paper lanterns} Cloud lilac (SaNaRae)
Pink Lanterns - .::Cubic Cherry::. - {Paper lanterns} Cloud pink (SaNaRae)
Bed - [Toiz] - 1. lavender shiny bed (The Crystal Heart Gacha)
Table - [Toiz] - 2. lavender shiny table (The Crystal Heart Gacha)
Rug - [Toiz] - 3. star rug (The Crystal Heart Gacha)
Light Orbs - [Toiz] - 4. lavender shiny light (The Crystal Heart Gacha)
Music Box - [Toiz] - 5. moon music box (The Crystal Heart Gacha)
Heart Mobile - [Toiz] - 6. heart mobile (The Crystal Heart Gacha)
Windows - [Toiz] - 7. shiny window deco (The Crystal Heart Gacha)
House/Building - [Toiz] - 8. Moon cube house rare (The Crystal Heart Gacha)
Triforce - Unknown - Triforce No WindLight Glow (Unavailable)

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Peachy Point!

So recently I fangirled over AstroidBox's jewelry sets they have available at Geektopia (don't worry the zelda one is coming later), and I was like... meh I could do a traditional cosplay with this but let's give some Tennis Peach some love! The upcoming Toiz parasol and lounge chair, coming at Project Se7en fit well here too. To fit it all in, I revisited my fave ponytail from Ayashi and the Tennis Outfit set from BareRose. Hope you like the look!

Outfit/Racket/Ball/Shoes/Wristlets/Visor - BareRose - Tennis Girl
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Chizu hair
Hairpin - AsteroidBox. - Princess Collection P // Crown (Geektopia)
Necklace - AsteroidBox. - Princess Collection P // Necklace (Geektopia)
Choker - AsteroidBox. - Princess Collection P // Collar (Geektopia)
Chairs - [Toiz] - Stripe Lounge chair Pink (Project Se7en)
Parasol - [Toiz] - parasol pink (Project Se7en)
Location - Winterfell Skyhold

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Summer Sailing

Apologies if my posts seem a little out of whack this week - been having awful net disconnects and issues that have been messing up my blogging. @ @ But there are still some events going on like TLC, you can see Cubic Cherry Kre-ation's latest paper boats. The outfit I'm wearing will also be the free gift for the attendees at the next BareRose EGL event, the theme is summer and you can find all the rest of the information at the front of the BareRose store at the poster. Hope to see you there and that you like the look!

Outfit - BareRose - Kimono Metal (EGL Attendee Gift/Free)
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Tomoe hair female
Boats - .::Cubic Cherry::.
{Paperboat} toy ~ red .::Cubic Cherry::. (TLC)
{Paperboat} toy ~ sky .::Cubic Cherry::. (TLC)
{Paperboat} toy ~ lilac .::Cubic Cherry::. (TLC)
{Paperboat} toy ~ black .::Cubic Cherry::. (TLC)
{Paperboat} big ~ black .::Cubic Cherry::. (TLC)
Tori - aii - + Tori Gate v1 (4Li)  (Gami Gacha)

Friday, June 17, 2016

Butterfly Breeze

So this was an accessory bonanza for me, with the cute little kitty accessories that Asteroid Box has been putting out. You can find their bag at the Black Dot Project and the phone at their main store, with other color options~! The daisy geta are from Cubic Cherry Kre-ations at this round of Kawaii Project, and my little butterfly buddies are a gacha at the Color Me Cute event. Other bits and bobs and the Sallie top are just available at their normal stores. Hope you like the look! ^ ^

Top - {sallie} - Off Shoulder Tee Mait Beta white
Undertop - Utilizator - Bikini Top
Shorts/Panties - Utilizator - Open Shorts Blue
Hair - *Alice Project* - Thanako Basics
Phone - AsteroidBox. - Three Eyed Neko Phone // Pink
Bag - AsteroidBox. - Happy Neko Bag // White (Black Dot Project)
Sandals - .::Cubic Cherry::. - {Daisy} geta white wood snow (Kawaii Project)
Collar - ALTAIR* - nyan choker .blue.
Butterfly Typers/Wears -
TicTacTot - Butterfly Typer Midnight RARE (Color Me Cute Gacha)
TicTacTot - Butterfly Typer Twilight RARE (Color Me Cute Gacha)
TicTacTot - Butterfly Typer Pastel (Color Me Cute Gacha)
TicTacTot - Butterfly Typer Moon RARE (Color Me Cute Gacha)

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Shork Attack!

So this one turned out a lot more fun than I planned it to be. XD Sometimes I feel like Hina is more inventive than I am! The main items covered in this are the newest set from Toiz, beach side furniture, available at TLC. A lot of other things we just tossed on from things in our inventory. Much thanks to Hina and Saori for helping out with this. Hope you like the look!

Outfit - Morph Studios - Costum Party Shark
Hair - Ayashi - Nekoto

Hair - eep . - hair 012 . whites (Tinted)
Clothes - GFD* - My Pink Donuts Dungaree Shorts (Old hunt)
Bikini Top - _CD_  - Tania Swim Top Maitreya White (Arcade June 2016 Gacha)
Ice Cream - [LOVE SOUL] - Ice Cream*Flog (Gacha)

Outfit/Shoes/Necklace - BareRose - Striped Parka
Hair - Rosy mood - MESH hair / Daylily  (Modded)
Drink - [Love Soul] - Soda float*Mix Soda-B* (Gacha)

Table Set1 - [Toiz] - white rusty table set (TLC)
Table Set2 - [Toiz] - dark rusty table set (TLC)
Boxes - [Toiz] - fragile box (TLC)
Buoy - [Toiz] - vintage buoy (TLC)
Ice Cream Bar - -RC- - Ice Cream Social Ice Cream Freezer & Ice Cream
House - -SE- - Little Beach House
Trees - DaD DESIGN - "Mediterranean Palm Tree" small - c/m
Dock - L2 - S austin house extra DOCK 4 prims

Monday, June 13, 2016

Ancient Rivals Ancient Trials

Unique kinda picture, and I had some help from Croon for this one. ^ ^ Most of this was utilizing a combination of Chinese zombie with Japanese Youkai to make for a crossbreed battling against a Kistune, or they could be a weird duo - take it as you will. XD Outfit is from BareRose and the accessories are from Cubic Cherry's release at Gami Gacha. You can find the location listed on the side links. Please make sure to check out https://www.flickr.com/photos/hugmonsterpics/ for more of her pictures and such too! (Her info not listed, can ask her if you have any specific questions about her avatar). Hope you like the look!

Outfit/Katanas/Shoes - BareRose - Kunoichi Homura
Hair/Rose - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Jessica hair (Vintage Fair)
Halo - .::Cubic Cherry::. - 01{Youkai} halo gold RARE (Gami Gacha)
Seal - .::Cubic Cherry::. - 07{Youkai} seal red (Gami Gacha)
Horns - .::Cubic Cherry::. - 05{Youkai} horns red (Gami Gacha)
Hat - .::Cubic Cherry::. - 10{Youkai} hat red (Gami Gacha)
Beads - .::Cubic Cherry::. - 12{Youkai} necklace red (Gami Gacha)
Shikigami - .::Cubic Cherry::. - 00{Youkai} shikigami paper EXCLUSIVE (Gami Gacha)
Necklace - BareRose - Blown A Wish Necklace

Friday, June 10, 2016

Witch of Sweet Mountain

So this is my final post for the PonPon event, but it carries onto near the end of the month so you have time to check it out before it's over! Most of the look is carried by Les sucreries de Fairy who made all the witchy accessories and where I took the pic at. The hair is from Ayashi at the Tropical Summer Fair and I'm wearing an older BareRose outfit but still like taking a break from skirts at times~ Hope you like the look!

Outfit/Gloves/Pants - BareRose - Black Majo
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Hiroko hair (Tropical Summer Fair)
Broom - Les sucreries de Fairy - *Red Precious Skully Broom* add me (PonPon)
Hand Skull - Les sucreries de Fairy - *Red Precious Skully Broom* Hands (PonPon)
Shoulder Skull - Les sucreries de Fairy - *Red Precious Skully Broom* Shoulder (PonPon)
Head Skull - Les sucreries de Fairy - *Red Precious Skully Broom* Head (PonPon)
Boots - *GField* - Short Western Boots -halloween-
Necklace - {Violet Voltaire} - Lollipop Guild Necklace Halloween
Location - Les sucreries de Fairy Shop

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Super Senshi Murasakino

Starting to wrap up more of the PonPon event into another magical girl look, I liked to use one of the newer releases from BareRose that seems to combine a superhero costume with a magical girl outfit - there's other colors available too! The hair I'm wearing for this is from Ayashi available at We Heart RP. While the other items are at the PonPon event - the sword and some poses from Shorty, Chibi Wings from Sweet Buns, Plush Mascot from Liminality, and unicorn related items from Le Coq D'or in gacha. Hope you like the look!

Outfit/Boots - BareRose - SuperMahoGirl C2
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Albedo hair (We Heart RP)
Sword & Some Poses - ]SHORTY[ - *Mystical.Powers.Sword (PonPon)
Wings - {Sweet Buns} - Chibi Wings White (PonPon)
Mascot - Liminality - Amethyst Gemling Plush Standing (PonPon)
Back Wand - Le Coq D'or - Space Unicorn wand {3} (PonPon Gacha)
Extra Ears - Le Coq D'or - Space Unicorn ears {3} (PonPon Gacha)
Horn - Le Coq D'or - Space Unicorn horn {3} (PonPon Gacha)

Monday, June 6, 2016

Use All Da Magics!

Sorry about the delayed amount of posts, my internet has been awful lately and out for hours at a time. T^T So will be posting probably more than normal this week - at least I'm hoping! I got Saori visiting me and wedding fitting stuff going on so le hectic week. Today I went a little overboard with my magical attachments since I have so many to cover, and who says magical girls are limited to one thing?! It's be kinda cool to come up with interlocking magical devices, but that's just a personal thought. ^ ^ The dress is from Nocciola as one of their new releases but very magical girl. The hair is from Ayashi, found at SaNaRae's latest round. AsteroidBox's wand and Brush's magic mirror are both found at PonPon event. Hope you like the look!

Outfit - Nocciola  - Magic*Senshi-Blue-
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Sango hair(SaNaRae)
Wand - AsteroidBox. - Sweet Wand // Hold Anim (PonPon)
Mirror - =BRUSH= - TheLegendaryHandMirror (PonPon)
Boots - BareRose - White Apron Dolly Regular Boots

Friday, June 3, 2016

FF0 Cater Fantasy

So some may not recognize this cosplay at first, because - let's face it - Final Fantasy Type 0 was a bit of a cult classic when it came to FF series. It took forever to release outside of Japan, and when it did - the few interested probably already ported it from Japan. Regardless! I was thrilled, because Final Fantasy + School Uniforms = Love! Cater wasn't one of my fave characters but is still adorbs all the same. When I noticed Essence did an awesome cosplay available at PonPon, I was so happy. There's a full set and it's fit mesh so things can be changed with sliders to fit your shape well. Also wanted to show the playful side of her with Tic Tac Tots gacha for snoozing pillows, they make snoring sounds too so it's a fun little item. XD Anyway hope you like the look!

Top - :ESSENCE: - The Suzaku magic academy Cater TOP' FITTMESH (PonPon)
Skirt - :ESSENCE: - The Suzaku magic academy Cater skirt' FITTMESH (PonPon)
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Karin hair
Bag - :ESSENCE: - CATER BAG (PonPon)
Gun - :ESSENCE: - CATER GUN (PonPon)
Pillow - TicTacTot - Snoozin' Pillow Shapes (Color Me Cute Gacha)
Zzs - TicTacTot  - Snoozin' Zzzz (Color Me Cute Gacha)
Necklace - BareRose - Mechanic Girl Necklace
Body - Maitreya Lara

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Beach Blanket Bingo

Arcade, PonPon, and other great events opened today! Going to kick off the June posts with LostJunction's latest gacha release set available at Arcade. Had so much fun setting this up and even ended up decorating the sand castle with some of the food extras, it just all came together. A lot of the other bits and ends are just what we all decided to toss on. Really love when I can get my friends together for a fun nom pic. Hope you like the look!

Hair - TRUTH HAIR - Louisa
Top - Vinyl - Roe Top
Skirt - Blueberry - Distressed Skirts

Hair - Ayashi - Junko
Shorts - Utilizator - Avatar 2.0 Shorts
Shoes - Okaie - Flipflops
Hanging Bra - Gumi's Bad Box - Hung Bra
Beer - Poche - beer

Hair -[LCKY] - Sugar // Pastel Pack
Hair Deco - ALTAIR* - bell ribbon .dark pink.
Bikini - _CandyDoll_ - The Sailor Top Maitreya Chibi
Spork - [LostJunction] - Surfy Snacks Extra Spork (Arcade Gacha)

Rolled up Sailor Top - Utilizator - School Top Avatar 2.0 big
Hair - [DUE] - Xiaoyu Pastel 4 (Kawaii Project Gacha)
Bikini Top - Utilizator - Bikini Top Big
Skirt - Utilizator - Short Skirt
Flip Flops - *FLP* - Beach Sandal -Blue-
Kabob - [LostJunction] - Surfy Snacks Extra Hawaiian Kebab (Arcade Gacha)

Food Set - Lost Junction - 
[LJ] Surfy Snacks - Potato Chips & Dip (Arcade Gacha)
[LJ] Surfy Snacks - Corn Chips & Queso (Arcade Gacha)
[LJ] Surfy Snacks - Berry American Cake (Arcade Gacha)
[LJ] Surfy Snacks - Hawaiian Kebabs Tray (Arcade Gacha)
[LJ] Surfy Snacks - Lemon Starfish Cookies Tray (Arcade Gacha)
[LJ] Surfy Snacks - King Prawns Tray (Arcade Gacha)
[LJ] Surfy Snacks - Donut Skewers Tray (Arcade Gacha)
[LJ] Surfy Snacks - Chocolate Cookies Tray (Arcade Gacha)
[LJ] Surfy Snacks - Watermelon Platter (Arcade Gacha)
[LJ] Surfy Snacks - Surfcakes Platter (Arcade Gacha)
[LJ] Surfy Snacks - Guacostadas Platter (Arcade Gacha)
[LJ] Surfy Snacks - Whale Sized Cookies Platter (Arcade Gacha)
[LJ] Surfy Snacks - Plates and Things Platter (Arcade Gacha)
[LJ] Surfy Snacks - Bonus - Sno-Cone Syrups (black) (Arcade Gacha 50 Play)
[LJ] Surfy Snacks - Bonus - Sno-Cone Machine (black) (Arcade Gacha 50 Play)
Pinapple Princess - TicTacTot - Pineapple Princess (Group Gift/Free)
Sandcastle - Lunar Seasonal Designs - Menu Driven Build a SandCastle (Extra Food Not Included)
Umbrella - GachaYa - beach_parasol_1 TRICOLOUR OPEN (Gacha Retired)
Umbrella2 - GachaYa - beach_parasol_1 TRICOLOUR CLOSE (Gacha Retired)
Beach Blanket - (Sway's) - Beach Towel Fish / Aqua
Beach Ball - (-Atypical-) - Beach ball rez
Beach Set - (-Atypical-) - Endless Summer Beach Towel
Beach Chair - REAL - Exta Gift: REALfurniture Beach chair design IslandsTikiWo 02
Lifesaver - Unknown - SS Minnow Life Preserver@ (Free)
Beach House - -SoulEffects- - Little Beach House