Tuesday, July 28, 2009

FluttahBot 002

Mark 002 Fluttah Bot Complete and fresh off the assembly line! So I was messing around with an old freebie from Primal Groove which was a dollarbie cyber eye set for a limited time or something? It may even still be there and their stuff was fairly priced. So after messing around with that and made an eye that fit into my head pretty well.

Then I was like, yanno I dun think I've tried a cool cyberish av. So I started rummaging through my inventory and most of what I had and most of my cyber related outfits were naturally BareRose. So I ended up combing their Cy-Tennyo, Simple Cyber Arm, and AlmiGirl outfits. The main outfit is the Cy-Tennyo, the arm and leg pieces at Simple Cyber Arm, and wings are from the AlmiGirl outfit. Overall cost is 315L$, which is kinda expensive but yer getting 3 outfits outta that technically which isn't bad. ^^ Time to kiss the Cyber Kitty Butt byes for now!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Groups do the Math (Sorry Group Rant)

Okay so that didn't make much sense, it was a take on 'you do the math'. Pretty much my little ramble about how crazy groups have been!

Currently I work 3 jobs in SL about, that takes up more room than I'd like but I'm not complaining about my jobs because I'm really lucky. But let's do some math shall we? 5 BareRose groups + 3 for Edelweiss + 1 for Eolande's. That's 9 right there.

Now we have the groups that either A. cost L$ to join (and who would leave a group you paid to get into just to try and join and pay again. That's just silly) or B. closed enrollment due to one reason or another. After I add that up, it adds up to 10. (5 that cost to join and 5 that are closed enrollment)

So where does that leave us now..oh yes, the groups I own. I own 2 (LKC and Winged Furries) now if I could convince myself into it, I could delete Winged Furries but never LKC because it's my personal hobby and friends I love. :3

So after we do all the math that adds up to 21 groups. Therefore leaving me with 4 groups I may be able to juggle. Now I know a lot of people close enrollment to groups because of group gifts, etc., etc....but...

Seriously if you're a store owner and can afford to have a suscribe-o-matic, hippos, etc. things that don't take up group room then why the heck aren't you doing it? Most groups for stores do not require you to be in their group to rez things (BareRose VIP is an exception because they offer their customers a group leased sandbox!), I really hope people wisen up soon because I love supporting a lot of stores. I'm interested in your new releases and I love getting a gift from your store after supporting it.

Will anyone read this or give a damn? Most likely not but I just hope some people wake up and realize going psycho over group gifts or that only the 'real' customers have room for your group is bull. Thanks for dealin with the rant. XD Next post will be about CSR. ^^