Sunday, July 31, 2011


Sooooo today I decided to try a human look. XD And since most of you know my love of horror themed things I of course took it in that direction. I really love this look and it was really helped inspired by some of the great items I had hidden in inventory and available at the Miniascape Horror Night (make sure to check it out!). This will probably rarely ever happen, me being human, but it's fun to dress up once in awhile. ;3

Skin - ONRYOU skin Female - Dimbula Rose - L$77 (Miniscape Horror Night Exclusive)
Eyes - Horror Night Eyes1 - Dimbula Rose - L$1 (Miniscape Horror Night Exclusive)
Hair - Freebie Hair Black - Kin - L$0
Outfit - Yuki Onna - BareRose - L$120
Jaw - Gore Missing Jaw - FallnAngel - L$425 (Old Hunt Prize)
Sleeves - Sleeves Shadow - BareRose - L$0
Animations - Custom Oichi Animations - Endless Dreams - NFS

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Check out my Honeycomb!

So I found out that Saturnine Dreams had a really cool special going on for Taste of SL. It was this awesome looking hive house which works great with my Queen Bee look (I'll blog it soon, promise XD). Also the wallpaper on the inside has multiple choices, but I liked the honeycomb the best. It's 50% off this weekend only so make sure you're not too much of a busy bee to miss out on this!

Hive House - The Hive - Saturnine Dreams - L$100 (This weekend only)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Demon Kitty!

So today I thought I'd try something pretty reverse of my usual self. Plus I really like the latest things that Pixels has been putting out. So I combined it with some other stuff to make a really neat outfit. Hope you enjoy a darker kitty look. XD

Jacket Set/Mask - GhostKat Jacket v2 - Pixels - L$115
Gloves/Claws - DemonBaby Gloves - Pixels - L$100 (or LuckyBoard)
Pants - Lowrise Heavy Cargo (Tinted) - BareRose - L$150
Typing Overide - Cursin' Typer - Grendel's Children - L$1
Wings - GL Peti Devil Maid - BareRose - L$135
Animations/Poses - Kakkoii AO - Endless Dreams - L$300

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Beachy Keen Kitty

So recently Flapper had some new releases that I just loved to pieces for a kinda simple yet casual beachwear look. What was great was the prices were very reasonable and also just made a really complete look. Hope you enjoy and check out this cute shop. ^^

Swimsuit - *FLP* Suimsuit "Flow" -Blue set- - Flapper - L$55
Parka - *FLP* Fluffy Parka -Blue- - Flapper - L$75
Sandals - *FLP* Beach Sandal -Blue- (Modded) - Flapper - L$10
Necklace - Silver Necklace - BareRose - L$0 (Freebie Section)
Poses - Cosmopolitan Glass Prize - Reel Expression by Luth - L$0 (Old Hunt Prize)
Hair - Rena I (tinted) ~ PCF - kik - L$300/NFS

Friday, July 15, 2011

Fashionable Pony!

So I saw this for sale awhile ago and wanted to pick it up cause I was all like EEEEEE PONY FASHION. XD So I finally got it fitted to my av and wanted to share it with everyone. :3

Dress/Outfit - Twilight's Gala Dress - Ponywerks & Filly Fashion - L$100
Pony Avatar - Pony Avatar Beta 4 - Galactic Toast - L$0
Mane - Old Freebie from Bronies Group, Modded - N/A
Tail - Fluttershy Mane/Tail - Kimai's Shop - L$150
Horn - Old Freebie from Bronies Group, Modded - N/A
Wings - Pony Wings - Freebie at Bronyville Sim - L$0

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hidden Forest Kitty

So I got a really cool sneak preview of an upcoming hunt prize from Gilded, it was a really unique hat. :O I was pretty amazed by the design because it was just so different. So took some thought in what would match it, decided to go an almost elven woodish look and paired it up with something from BareRose. I really liked the look, kinda a hidden foresty theme. :3 Hope you enjoy it and make sure to check out this awesome hat that's coming up.

Hat - Rustic Fair One's Hat - Gilded - L$0 (FTLO Hunt Item, Hunt Starts 25th)
Outfit - Wood Elf Archer Lady - BareRose - L$170
Hair - Mary - Zero Style - L$300

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tanabata Cheshire

So I splurged some more and got another Derp LE av for myself. >.>; Got the purple cheshire and this limited edition (I think) kimono from Rokumeikan for Tanabata, this is the female one though there is a male one which looks pretty cool too. Put them together and it made a really cute look. ^^

Av - LE Cheshire Purple - Derp - L$900
Kimono - LE Koi-Suru-Kingyo - Rokumeikan - L$300
Hair - Liv (Tinted & Modded) - Kin - L$100

Monday, July 4, 2011


So Derp has their limited edition avatars back out again for a limited time. So this time around I could actually get one. XDDDD I picked up the Cheshire in Cyan first but might go back and get some others since they look so good. My friends decided to pick up some too so I snagged them to do some quick shots. Make sure to check these out before they're gone!!

On Sereni -
Avatar - LE Cheshire Cyan - Derp - L$900

On Saori -
Avatar - LE Cheshire Pink - Derp - L$900

On Hinamori -
Avatar - LE Unihusky Blue - Derp - L$900
Outfit - Kirin Outfit - Jana's Shop - L$250

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Well an early post and normally I don't do holidays but I had a goofy party of awesomesauce the night before and put together a cute outfit to celebrate. Hope you all have a good and safe holiday. ^^

Bathing Suit - J4 Free Swimwear - BareRose - L$0 (Party Giveaway)
Necklace - Moon and Star - BareRose - L$95
Glasses - Patriotic II - Role Optic - L$0 (Marketplace)
Sand Bucket - BeachBuket Scrab Solid Blue - Cute Bytes - L$40 (Gacha)
Hair - Fiona (Modified & Tinted) - Friday - L$250
Poses - Bishoujo AO - Endless Dreams - L$300
Tattoo - Falling Stars Hip Tattoo - EmJay - L$0(Old Holiday Hunt)