Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sea Kitty!

So since there was a neat tattoo I picked up from L$60 Sunday, I decided to go kinda mer-ish to match. Worn out from RL work so not much description today. XD

Tattoo - Maori Stingray Tattoo - Juice - L$60 (L$60 Sunday Special)
MerSet - Manta Ray Mermaid - Pacific Sunrise - ? (Can't find it for sale)
AO - mermaid AO2-Dramatic Sea - KamiHitoe - L$500
Hair - Nana White (Tinted) - Kin - L$100

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cyber Popstar Kitties!

So this Friday is the EGL Cyber Diva/Vocaloid event and there's going to be two giveaway outfits for attendees - a guy and girl version. Though Hina complained the whole time I thought everything came out pretty good. XD I will be DJing and there will also be a contest, hope to see you there. Also a heads up that if you can't make it that these will be for sale in a pack in a week or so. ^^

On Serenity
Outfit & Shoes - Otome Virko for EGL - BareRose - L$0 (EGL Event Gift)
Hair - Nana White (Tinted) - Kin - L$100
Headset - Speakers - ? - L$0 (Old Full Perm Freebie)

On Hinamori
Outfit & Shoes - Otome Viro (Mens) for EGL - BareRose - L$0 (EGL Event Gift)
Hair - Calm Gangster[Neo Black] - Find Ash - L$260
Headset - Speakers - ? - L$0 (Old Full Perm Freebie)
Area for Pictures - Blue Galaxy Store

Cyber Diva/Vocaloid Event is at Club BlackBone, 8pm SLT on 01/28/11 - Remember you get the outfit for free if you attend. ^^

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tasty Malt for Charity

Another lovely item has popped up for Extend a Helping Hand Charities' event. Remember you only got till the 8th to come by and pick these up and support the charity towards the Queensland flooding. Many events are going on for this as well so make sure to check out the posters and such at the charity location. ^^ These vests were really cute, I liked the colors offered and the detail on the prim work was just great. While they seem tricky to match with things, wearing these with some casual pants seems to be the best way to go. Lastly, would like to thank the stores that helped me blog by sending such great items. I wish them the best, wish the charity the best, and hope that you got some great deals while supporting a good cause at the same time. ^^

Vests - Lorelei Vest - ALL COLORS - Malt - L$800
*Single Colors are Available for L$285 each - Being Blue, Just Green, and Pink Twist*

Pants & Thong - Colored Lowrise - BareRose - L$135
Hair - Betty*Whites - Zero Style - L$300

Check out the Event at
L$1,412,265/US$5,400.97 at L$252/US$1 as of 4:35am 26th Jan 2011 PST (SLT). Read more at or EAHH Flickr

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sweet Breakfast with my Honey

So this is my last post, I think, for the Extend a Helping Hand Charity event. Remember it ends on Feb. 8th and is so worth getting a lot of the items offered. Lots of effort and money have been put towards this event to help those suffering the flooding in Queensland. Big THANK YOU to all who have been supporting this, it means a lot to me and my friend, Sanu. This piece is from Sweet Bites, who I am knew to learning about but they're stuff is really detailed and cute. This is their Breakfast set which even comes with a skybox! Let alone the really cutesy breakfast set. I have Hinamori in this post with me and hope to have him featuring some guy looks later on in the blog. ^^

Skybox/Breakfast Setting - BREAKFAST (EAHH Charity Version) - Sweet Bites
- L$500

On SerenityOutfit - School Girl - Indigo+Red - Sweetest Goodbye - L$350
Hair - Rashelle Whites (Tinted) - fri. - L$250

On HinamoriOutfit - School Boy - Indigo+Red - Sweetest Goodbye - NFS (Store
Hair - Calm Gangster[Neo Black] - Find Ash - L$260

Check out the Event at L$1,288,729/US$4,928.53 at L$252/US$1 as of 6:21pm 25th Jan 2011 SLT. Read more at or EAHH Flickr

Monday, January 24, 2011

Onigiri Kitty

This one was something I've been putting off for awhile but managed to sneak it in today. XD This is another food couture post because noms are teh awesome! I really loved all the options this one came with from normal, to kinda formal, to japanese-like with the obi; and the additional onigir mouth nom. ^^

Outfit - Onigiri Rice Ball Dress Set - LurveBite - L$299
Hair - Season 2 - White (Tinted) - elikatira - NFS One Eleven Event

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Special!

So Frost Pavillion is having their usually Sunday Special item. This time it was something I really wanted but hasen't been offered at this low price. It's a really nice chinese dress and even comes with animated fan (not seen here). It's a lovely little store if you haven't checked it out before. ^^

Outfit - RuoYing (Powder Blue) - Frost Pavillion - L$60 (This price today only)
Hair - Ellie Snow (Tinted) - Deviant Kitties - NFS
Collar - Cat Collar - Tokushi - L$900 (comes with the av)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tokushi Cat Av Review

So yesterday I picked up the white Tokushi cat avatar from their shop. I was really looking foreward to this probably more than I should of. XD Just warning this won't be the best review since it's mostly just coming from my opinions.

So first off, out of the box kinda look at things. The options that this av offers is AMAZING, lots of different things to do with - with the HUD and other things. That alone made me want to buy the av. It came with a kinda default hair which I definitely thought it left more to be desired there; and wasen't too crazy about their prim work for fluff. It kinda looked more feathery than furry. The HUD was a lil difficult to understand at first but ya really need to read through some of the notecards, even then it may be kinda confusing.

The options of all the different tails were really nice; wasen't too crazy about the prim one provided but you had options for position and such with it. You could notice a lot of detail provided in some of the prim pieces such as the ears (can see veins and such like you would on a real cat) and the face was very detailed. Yet the skin (PG is only included, which I wish more would provide a mature version too) was amazingly under-detailed. You can notice a specific cut off after the belly button which looks just odd, and some areas of the skin have more detail work done than others.

The feet were also pretty nice but there's inconsistantsy with size of the paw pads type thing which was odd and could easily be fixed by modding. I think a lot of the problems I found could probably be fixed by modding.

The head was neat to work with because it was very realistic for the most part. It comes with a longer or shorter muzzle to work with, I liked the shorter version. The eyes have 33 colors to pick from which is nice, but probably would've liked to just go in there and tint/color them myself. I loved all the mouth smiles and open and tongue things it provided too. Also multiple ear options to have normal, scottish fold, or american curl type ears.

Last part is just a kinda mess around with compatability and such. Popped on my fave hairstyle but it was really tough to get a hair that worked well with it, maybe in the future I can find something a lil more helpful. The talking override in the av was nice to have, I implemented something similar in my own now. I tried combining some Uchi Felis pieces with the av and sometimes it works but for the most part the coloring is too different.

So all in all while it's a wonderful piece of work and I would reccomend people checking it out. It didn't end up being something I could easily change to. So you'll still see me in my Felis av for now but maybe in the future I may upgrade to this. Hope you enjoyed this review, there probably won't be many. ^^;

Avatar - White Feline - Tokushi Avatars - L$900

Friday, January 21, 2011

GanKed yet Fashionable!

So Ganked is having a sale until Saturday! Everything is marked down to L$25 which is an utter bargain. I really like the new clothes with jewelry that she's been doing so I made sure to pick up two pieces I would kick myself if I missed getting. Also they have hair, jewelry, clothes, and other goods for sale - and it is really worthwhile getting on their suscribe-o machine since they send out a lot of gifties too. ^^

Outfit & Jewelry - Ashes - Ganked - L$25 (On sale)
Hair - Nyanotech Hair Inknot - Curious Kitties - L$100

Outfit & Headpiece - Flora Dress&Jewelry Blue&White Ganked - L$25(On Sale)
Necklace - Power Lapiz - BareRose - L$100
Hair - Season 2 - White (Tinted) - elikatira - NFS One Eleven Event

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Falln to Kimonos

So FallnAngel is having a limited time sale on the marketplace for one of their kimonos. I rushed to get it once I heard the news and decided to share it with ya. Also that lil pipe toy in my mouth ish sooo luv! Hard to capture in this pic but the lil ball actually gets blown up and down in the basket. XD So sweet for the price. Just a side note, normally I won't provide slurls to places unless their a pain to try and find on your own. x_x

Outfit - Kimono Fragrant Floral Nights - FallnAngel Creations - L$15
*Limited Time Sale, Ends the 23rd*
Pipe Toy - matroos pipe toy - Accessory Bone - Pipe Toy - L$50
*Slurl provided because it's not found in search*
Hair - Season 2 - White (Tinted) - elikatira - NFS One Eleven Event

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Feelin' Grayish...

Blah starting to feel a lil under the weather yet feeling happy cause of LBP2. XD This was an outfit I definitely struggled to put together, it started by buying the Berries Inc. skirt. I highly suggest if you want it to match with other things check out their main store first because their colors are very percise - so it can be difficult to mix and match with. Eventually I got it to work with a couple other things I had and pretty happy with the look. ^^

Eyepatch - Faoni Eyepatch with Roses - Kuroi Hane - L$180
Top Jacket - Pokemon Trainer Outfit Grey-Black Bonus Edition - UTILIZATOR - L$1250
Undershirt - Beach Boy Grey Tank Undershirt - Zenith - L$0(Group Gift)
Skirt - Amalia skirt grey (tinted in the back to match) - Berries Inc. - L$100
Hair - Abbey White (tinted) - Truth - L$250

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Black Canary is uncaged for Charity

So my last piece (I think XD) for the Extend a Helping Hand Charity event, which is the charity towards the flooding disaster in Queensland. This is really lovely gothic piece that The Black Canary put out, which made me excited to see. This piece is a must have for another EGL fan and is really easy to wear. While the prim pieces are no mod they offer a resize option to make it fit you. ^^ Even straight out of the box the hood fit really well around my head, I really enjoyed wearing this outfit and hope you will remember to check it out soon!

Outfit - Ocello (EaHH Event Charity Version) - The Black Canary - L$400
Hair - Mary Silver (Tinted) - Zero Style - L$300

Check out the Event at
L$1,057,156/US$4,042.92 at L$252/US$1 as of 7:24pm 17th Jan 2011 SLT
Read more at or EAHH Flickr

Monday, January 17, 2011

Charitable Shoes with Many Looks

So mini break over (had a bit of a head cold but it cleared up fast!) Time for a couple charity items for the Extend a Helping Hand event. Todays store I'm featuring items from is Rose River Saloon which is run by a nice friend of mine, Jaxie. ^^ Shoes are interesting because normally I can't wear them and have them look right, but I think I managed to pull out okay enough looks for these. I put together a couple different looks in hopes to compliment the shoes, I really liked how the boots came with resize scripts and for the heels I could tint them white enough to match my fur. XD Remember these will have proceeds going towards EAHH's event, which is assisting those who're enduring the flooding in Queensland. Plus a lil quote that I remember from a manga(Hana Yori Dango) I liked "I like to wear great/beautiful shoes, in hopes that they'll bring me to beautiful places."

Shoes - Urbanite Oceana LE (EaHH Event Charity Version) w/socks version -
Rose River Saloon - L$150
*comes with or without socks options and resize scripts*
Jacket - Denim Short Vest DarkBlue Jacket - BareRose - L$130
Shirt - Hot Army Grey Shirt - L$100*comes with the skirt listed below*
Skirt - Hot Army Purple Skirt - L$100*comes with the shirt listed above*
Hair - Season 2 - White (Tinted) - elikatira - NFS One Eleven Event

Shoes - Urbanite Oceana LE (EaHH Event Charity Version) w/o socks version
- Rose River Saloon - L$150
*comes with or without socks options and resize scripts*
Outfit - Dryer Gungirl Pink - BareRose - L$140
Hair - Mary Silver (Tinted) - Zero Style - L$300

Shoes - Speranza Innocenza LE (EaHH Event Charity Version) - Rose River
Saloon - L$200
Outfit - Baby Dove Blue - BareRose - L$140
Hair - Michelle White (Tinted) - Truth - L$250

Check out the Event at L$1,004,729/US$3,842.42 at L$252/US$1 as of 6:49am 16th Jan 2011 SLT.
Read more at or EAHH Flickr

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Kitties LOVE Ribbons!

So this will be my last post before my break. ^^ I had to blog this one because 1. it's a couple day only sale and 2. I've fallen in love this this look. XD So the outfit is a combination of a skirt from BareRose and the Ribbon Sweater in White which is marked down from The Secret Store at the Euphoria sale. The Euphoria sale has a lot of nice designers with various items for sale, but it occurs this weekend only. So make sure to check it out before it's over! Hope you've been enjoying the posts and see you in a couple days. ^^

Top - Ribbon Sweater White - The Secret Store - L$100(Euphoria Sale for a couple days, normally L$150)

Bottom - Chibi Denim Skirt - BareRose - L$170

Hair - Rashelle Whites (Tinted) - fri. - L$250

Flower Power Kitty!

So I got a heads up from the owner of Felicious Neko that this Sunday, there would be a special one day only dollarbie dress coming out. It was just sooo cute. XD I'm normally not into flowers and such but I just really clicked with this one. Also the poses used for this one are from the new shop of HelaMiyo (two stores who were great before, combined together!); these poses are their new hunt item for the ProPosers hunt which is going on right now. ^^

Outfit - Bloom Dress Blossom - Felicious Neko - L$1 (One Day Only On the

Some Poses - Just Saying Pack - HelaMiyo - L$0 (ProPosers Gridwide Hunt Prize)

Hair - Rashelle Whites (Tinted) - fri. - L$250

Butterflies, Sparkles, and Charity Pink!

So this is one of my last things, I think, that I'll be blogging for the Extend a Helping Hand Charity event. ^^ Hard to say when lots of support is being added each day and so many people have donated and participated - it's just amazing. This piece is one of the later added ones from Miamai which offers a couple of things like the butterfly attachments and sparkles. You can wear it as a fantasy or really classy dress, plus I like the combination of pink and black here. Remember this charity event is going towards those who are suffering from the flood occuring/occured in Queensland - lots of stores are being added and things updated so it's good to check back often. ^^ Also as a side note, I'll be doing a couple other posts today but taking a little break for a bit.

Outfit - [BlackLabel]_RavenSparklefairy (EAHH Event Charity Version) - Miamai L$600
Hair - Nana White (Tinted) - Kin - L$100

Check out the Event at
L$948,802/US$3,628.54 at L$252/US$1 as of 10:13pm 14th Jan 2011 SLT.
Read more at or EAHH Flickr

Friday, January 14, 2011

Enjoying Deviance and Charity

Today is a lovely piece that really had me excited to see, since I'm a big Deviance fan. ^^ It's the Deluxe Fairytale Princess Gown, it's normally for sale at the store but they reduced it by 50% for this charity event. This is for the Extend a Helping Hand Charity to assist those who are suffering from the flooding in Queensland. The textures on this are just done so well and it comes with a gold or silver trimmed dress. If you haven't picked up this piece yet, I highly reccomend it. ^^

Outfits - Deluxe Fairy Tale Princess Gown EAHH - Deviance - L$325

*Normally the set is L$650 but it's 50% off with 100% proceeds going towards the charity*

Hair - Michelle White (Tinted) - Truth - L$250

Check out the Event at L$467,193/US$1,786.71 at L$252/US$1 as of 4:17am 14th Jan 2011 SLT.
Read more at http://katjohnston.comRead more at or EAHH Flickr

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Vocal About Charity

I think I only have a couple more posts covering the charity, for now. It's nice to see more designers joining almost each day. ^^ This is another piece created from the Extend A Helping Hand event going on right now, which is raising funds to help those in Queensland from the ongoing flooding. The event has even been extended to Feburary 8th, and over 1,500USD has been raised! ^^ This outfit today was one I was oogling when I first heard about it, it's called Vocal from Tarnished and comes in multiple colors. Luckily later on they decided to offer a fatpack version if you can't decide on what color you want, or just love them all. ^^

Outfits - Vocal Set (All Colors) (EaHH Event Charity Version) - Tarnished - L$100 each and fatpack is L$450
Hair - Mary Silver (Tinted) - Zero Style - L$300

Check out the Event at L$400,687/US$1,526.31 at L$253/US$1 as of 4:41am 13th Jan 2011 SLT.
Read more at or EAHH Flickr

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ice Ice Kitty!

So RL wise we got about 20 inches of snow where I am, woo! Also Diavolicious has their Wednesday Cheapie out, and it's another icey dress. I figured this will go well with the outfit I bought from them previous weeks ago. It's a today only offer though so make sure to go if you want it. ^^

Outfit - Koori-no Yo-ni Tsumetai - Diavolicious - L$25 (Today Only)
Hair - Season 2 - White (Tinted) - elikatira - NFS One Eleven Event

Caged Up for Charity

So next up on our Extend a Helping Hand charity specials, we have Creative Insanity's Bird Cage. It's pretty interesting how they made this because it's a rezzable but once you sit it hovers a bit and such, almost making it seem like it's a floaty. It also comes with the seperate poses in the box in case you have something else you would like to use them with. This item makes me think of how I somewhat feel caged up and can't help my friends in Australia, more than I am. If you've been following the past posts you should know that we've already raised a lot but unfortunately the flood continues on it's path. Best wishes to those in Queensland. :c

Bird Cage - Bird Cage (EaHH Event Charity Version) - Creative Insanity - L$300
Top - Angela - BareRose - L$130
Pants - Furry Winter Pants - BareRose - NFS(Event Gift)
Hair - Mary Silver (Tinted) - Zero Style - L$300

Check out the Event at L$265,064/US$1009.70 at L$253/US$1 as of 5:58pm 11th Jan 2011 SLT.
Read more at or EAHH Flickr

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hoot the Shades of October for Charity!

I was going to wait to post this tomorrow but we're getting so close to Extend a Helping Hand's charity event to getting almost a thousand USD! This charity is benefitting those suffering the flooding in Queensland, remember to check out the links at the bottom if you need more information. This post will be covering both Hoot's lovely birdy wintery themed goods and the casual class that's the Shades of October's shirts.

Build - Birds of a Feather Wintery Hideaway - Hoot - 300
Rug inside Build - Feather Rug - Hoot 50
Top - Noel Aqua (EaHH Event Charity Version) - Shades of October - L$80
Top2 - Noel Deep Sea (EaHH Event Charity Version) - Shades of October - L$80
Pants & Necklace - Lowrise MPP - BareRose - L$140
Hair - hair84_ilmatar_plum - Little Heaven - L$0(Lucky Chair)

Check out the Event at
L$231,108/US$883.84 at L$252/US$1 as of 1:23pm 11th Jan 2011 SLT.
Read more at or EAHH Flickr

Milli Magic Kitty

The EAHH Event has officially begun and so much has been raised so far, it really cheers me up - even though I still worry for my friends. I know even the little bit of donation can be useful towards the flooding that is occuring, so please keep it up. ^^ As we continue with some of the lovely pieces for the Extend a Helping Hand Charity, we come to the Milli Gown from Evie's Closet. To me this gown displays the darktimes, due to it's color, yet the beauty shows that even through darkness - light/beauty can be found. ^^ Another good thing about this piece was that I didn't have to worry about modding it and it wears well right out of the package.

Outfit - Milli (Fundraiser EaHH) Black - Evie's Closet - L$375
Hair - Season 2 - White (Tinted) - elikatira - NFS One Eleven Event

Check out the Event at
L$161,696/US$618.39 at L$252/US$1 as of 6:58am 11th Jan 2011 SLT.
Read more at or EAHH Flickr

Monday, January 10, 2011


Next up for the Extend a Helping Hand Charity Posts is something I deemed Batterade. It's a combination of two charity items from Sanu's shop - the Allure Monocle in Silver/Aquamarine and Candy Corn Batty-Cuppie EAHH special edition. Both of these can be found at the charity event which begins on the 11th. Please remember most of these items have most of their proceeds going towards those suffering the flooding of Queensland.

Monocle - Allure Monocle Silver/Aquamarine (EaHH Event Charity Version) - Sanu -L$130
Batty Friend - Candy-Corn Batty-Cuppie EaHH Special - Sanu - L$70
Hair - Waverly Silver (Tinted) - KA - NFS
Outfit - Kawaii Seifuku Blue - BareRose - L$160
*Btw Apology on Last Post I was wearing Hair - Abbey Whites (Tinted) Truth - L$250

Check out the Event at
L$53,870/US$206.02 at L$252/US$1as of 7:50pm 9th Jan 2011 SLT.
Read more at or EAHH Flickr

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Peas for the Chef!

So my good friend, Sanura Sakai is hosting the Extend a Helping Hand event (EAHH for short). The purpose of EAHH is to help raise funds towards Premier's Disaster Relief Appeal, which helps those who have suffered from the massive flooding in Queensland. The event officially opens on the 11th of this month but some of the vendors have their items out early. ^^

This will be my first post on some of the charity items, as I'm signed up as a blogger for the event and will try my best to share these great items with you! First up is Sanu's Cutie Peas (event version), you can find it now available on one of the walls at the event skybox. The event will open in a couple days. Sanu's Cutie Peas (event version) comes with 3 sets of peas: one for the mouth and 2 huggable ones (one with words and one plain).

Peas Set - Cutie Peas - Sanu - L$175 (EaHH Event Charity Version)
Outfit - Patissiere - BareRose - L$140

Check out the Event at
Currently Earned is L$26,382/US$100.91 at L$252/US$1as of 1:30pm 9th Jan 2011 SLT.
Read more at or EAHH Flickr

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Blueberries and Snow! Err...Pavlova!

So if you're in the northeast you got some snow whee!! Regardless I've been kinda on panic mode since so many stores in SL have been closing lately. So I rushed to LurveBite to pick up some outfits I've been putting off getting. It's so hard to resist food couture and especially when they come with RL recipies for the food. ^^ Also because I felt this outfit needed a neck something, I took a copy of the skirt and modded it into a choker type thing.

Hair - Season 2 - White (Tinted) - elikatira - NFS One Eleven Event
Outfit - Blueberry Pavlova - Babydoll Dress - LurveBite - L$299

Friday, January 7, 2011

You're so vain!

So I went back to Bijou and got another outfit before they're gone. ;-; This one is called Vain and it's just neat kinda militaryish. You can pick it up in other colors but I liked the black color the best. Also tossed in a mouth bunny from Sanu's because now that I have that awesome kitty hud, keeping my mouth open is way easier so I can wear stuffs like that. ^^

Hair - Nana White (Tinted) - Kin - L$100
Outfit - Vain Black - Bijou - L$170
Mouth Bunny - Tiniest Bunneh Rainstorm - Sanu - L$25

Thursday, January 6, 2011

KBL Bye Bye..

So as my friend Ami pointed out to me KBL (a small japanese cutesy store) is gone. Your last shot at getting cute little kitty avs (which are for sale in calico, gray tiger, white/orange tiger, or black and white) is at Creator's Pavillion's Winter Sale. After it's over, they're gone! These avs also come with a mini version you could wear on your normal av, though they look cute on this one too. Make sure to check out the other goodies at CP, I provided a LM to KBL since there is no other way to find them now. :c

Avatar - Nyantas! Mike Av - KBL - L$150

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Snow Queen Kitty~!

So, as it's winter and RL I'm still hoping for snow and it's just not happening. But luckily today the cheapie from Diavolicious, it's today only too so don't forget, is helping me. It needed a lil more to it so I dugout some things called snowflake in my inventory to help it out. XD Also will start referencing hair more, sorry for not before. x_x Kinda slipped my mind.

Dress & Tiara - Ice Queen - Diavolicious - L$25 (Today Only)
Hair - Snowflake Hair from Absolute Zero LE Set - Katat0nik - NFS
Necklace - Silver Necklace Snowflake - M.R.M Factory - L$0
Face Charm - Snowflake Cheek Jewelry - Sanu - NFS

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


So today was 25LT so I wandered around and was happy to see the new item up for it at Gor Girls. It has a couple options on how to wear it, such as with just the corset, with the undershirt, a couple different skirts as well. It also has other colors for sale but I love the blue. Make sure to check it out today before the low price is gone. ^^

Outfit - Gor Loves Daisies - Gor Girls - L$25

Monday, January 3, 2011

Bijou is well.... Bijou!

So Bijou is unfortunately closing but they're having a 50% off sale, which is good. I splurged on a couple outfits so far but will probably go back for more. XDDDD The really nice thing about most of these outfits, well the more pricey ones, is that they come with multiple skirt options. ^^

Outfit - FarAway IceBlue - Bijou - L$130

Outfit - Lioness White - Bijou - L$350

Outfit - Loop Winter - Bijou - L$310

Random GorBear Kitty

So today's a bit of a random day since I've been stalking chairs and trying to clean house RL. So this is a little number with almost no name that I picked up last week from Gor Girls, I think it's pretty cute and comes with a couple options - usually if you stop by their place on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday they have some good deals. Necklace was just a random unearthed thing from my inventory. XD While the bear I was stalking to win from Love Soul for a couple days. ^^

Outfit - Thrifty Twisted Thursday - Gor Girls - L$50
Necklace - Phantom Crystal Necklace - BareRose - L$10
Floaty Bears - Flying Bears *LC Exclusive* - Love Soul - L$0 (Lucky Chair Prize)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

More Kimonos More Kitty~!

Soooo I'm still on a bit of a kimono kick and didn't get a chance to pick up this really snazzy one from BareRose. I really like how it's semi-weird and classy at the same time. Need to plan out better posts though, I think the new year has made me lazy. XD

Outfit - GL Yukata Type 2 - BareRose - L$150

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy Mew Year!

So it's a new year and let's hope it's a good one! ^^ Trying to go traditional japaneseish today and wear a kimono. Kinda simple outfit wise but I picked up a really neat HUD for the Uchi Felis av that let's you keep your mouth open in different ways, controls how much you smile or don't, and helps manage the eyes a little better. If you love your av like mine, it's definitely a worthy buy - only problem is, it doesn't come up on Marketplace Search under felis so you had to struggle to find it; dun worry I'll link ya. Best New Years Wishes to All!

Outfit - Konayuki - BareRose - L$170
HUD - Uchi Cat Head HUD - Crazy Cats Studios - L$100