Sunday, June 26, 2011

Monster Hunter Kitty

Soooo I got lucky the other day and found a really awesome Kirin themed outfit from the Monster Hunter game (if you play it, heart you!). Anyway I feel this post is pretty important since in September I will be heading off RL to Japan to go see the Monster Hunter event in Universal Studios Japan. :D Soooo excited. Anyway enjoy the outfit! And any cosplay shops to check out are always appreciated, love to dress up in anime or gaming cosplay.

Outfit - Kirin Outfit - Jana's Shop - L$250
Hair - Rena I (tinted) ~ PCF - kik - L$300/NFS
Meat - Unknown, something I dug up in inventory XD

Friday, June 24, 2011

My Little Pony!

Myahaha. XD It was envitable that this post would occur. So I've been on a MLP kick for awhile now for most that know me. I've even made stuff to sell in my store, you can check it out on marketplace or my picks. But this is a free av, really easy to mod and just so fun to play with. Watch the MLP:FIM series if you haven't yet, it's a blast. XD

Pony Avatar - Pony Avatar Beta 4 - Galactic Toast - L$0
Mane - Old Freebie from Bronies Group, Modded - N/A
Tail - Fluttershy Mane/Tail - Kimai's Shop - L$150
Collar - Old Freebie from Bronies Group, Modded - N/A
Ribbons - Simple Pony Mane/Tail Ribbons - Little Glass Wish - L$10
Floaty Cloud - Cloudy Rainbow Pony Float - Little Glass Wish - L$20
Horn - Old Freebie from Bronies Group, Modded - N/A
Wings - Pony Wings - Freebie at Bronyville Sim - L$0

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

KuroMio Kitty

I noticed I haven't been blogging enough BareRose stuff so I thought today would be a quick lil coverage on the new release KuroMio. ^^

Outfit - KuroMio - BareRose - L$170
Hair - Aisha 4-Hair Type-B (Tinted) - Uncle Web - L$190
Poses - High Fashion Set - HelaMiyo - N/A (CAH Hunt is Over)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Battle Japan Alice Kitty

So I've been playing Alice: Madness Returns which is the awesome sequel to American's McGee's Alice. It's been tons of fun and one of the levels involves Alice in a japanese twisted place in a kimono type garb. So I thought; wow I really should get that one from Sleeping Girl. XD But the original LM I had, the store was gone! Luckily I found it at a new location but it's not able to be searched. :s None the less got the pretty kimono and combined it up in a look. Cooler thing about the outfit is that it's a collaberation between the stores Occello and Sleeping Girl, which you don't see too often in SL. Also make sure to check out the store for other neat goods. ^^v

Outfit - *OS*ALICE IN KIMONO - OCELLO & SleepingGirl - L$180
Bloody Knife - Bloody Knife - Marketplace - L$50
Hair - Fiona (Modified & Tinted) - Friday - L$250
Knife Pose - Knife Stand - Endless Dreams - L$50
Other Poses - 16 Poses - E.Ink - L$0

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Origami Kimono Kitty

So lots of things are going on in the grid right now! Sales! Hunts! All that sorta good stuffs. :3 So I thought I'd share a combined outfit of some of the things going on right now. One thing I rushed to is the 3rd Anniversary sale of Yumeji kimonos, some of the prettiest yet simple designs out there. Also there's a neat hunt going on at Sn@tch's Prom location where I got this really pretty hair on discount, cause of the hunt, from Gauze. So many others goods to check out there too. Also to top it off, I snagged the cute origami crane from the Origami outfit from BareRose. :3 Hope you enjoy!

Outfit - yukata orizuru blue - Yumeji - L$150 (50% off normal price)
Head Origami - Origami - BareRose - L$100
Hair - Komelia (White but Tinted) - Gauze - L$100 (From the Sn@tch Prom Hunt)
Poses - Endless Dreams - Bishoujo AO - L$300

Friday, June 10, 2011

Shinning Kitty Knight

So, big apology on being so slow with blogging and stuff. Things keep coming up and also recently went on a vacation the past week. ^^ So this week is a pricey item but a lot of the times I'll splurge on a piece especially if I'm warey of the store's exsistance in SL. Alot of japanese stores go under the radar normally and usually when they close, you don't find out about it until it's too late!

For awhile I've eyed stuff from Silhouette Warfare but this Queen's Knight armor was really tugging at my tail. While some of the shops items are available on marketplace, this one is not. It has a lifetime of updates but updates are not common to happen and this store is ghost like. One minute it's there, next it's gone and you're left wondering if it'll show back up or not. The quality and sculpt work on this is amazing - completely custom and just perfect. The fabrics with this outfit come in either Blue, Black, Gold, or Red - but I like the blue best. Also all the poses from the Sword AO from ED work really well with this and make a great match. ^^ Hope you enjoy it and hope I can share more with you soon!

Outfit/Armor - Queen's Knight - Silhouette Warfare - L$2500
AO/Poses - Endless Dreams - Sword AO - L$300
Hair - Mary - Zero Style - L$300