Monday, February 28, 2011

Birthday Kitty!

So on March 2nd it ish my birthday. ^^ Kinda a happy froofy outfit for today! Want to say thanks to everyone for the support and wonderful friends I have that make this life worth living, best wishes to all. :3

Top - grape-soda girly border tank - Honey Kitty - L$0 (Group Gift)
Skirt - lavender little star dress - Honey Kitty - L$300
Hat - Birthday Serenity Shortcake Accessory - Little Glass Wish - L$0 (Group/SoM Gift)
Hair - Hair*074*Purple - Love Soul - L$150

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Steel Maiden Kitty

So I found out Lux was having a sale and on the possibility of closing. Nothing at this sale is more than L$50 but unfortunately you can notice a lot of the stuff is kinda outdated. I managed to pick up one that I don't regret which was the Steel Maiden Zenobia. Unfortunately the box doesn't list the options it has with the weapons or that when you fly with the shoes attached it has a kinda jetpack effect. XDDD Kinda neat but still kinda outdated a bit too, overall I cannot argue with the price I paid. I advise people to check out these sales cause you never know when a store may disappear. ^^

Outfit - Steel Maiden Zenobia - Lux - L$50 (On sale currently)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Warning Wide Load Kitty!

So this coming Friday is another EGL event, it's going to be the EGL Midsummer Night Dream ball event at BareRose. The theme is kinda wintery ballgownish, but the event item that BareRose made for the attendee's is just stunning. I think I put this on and was like. O_O 'OMG did my gown just eat someone?' It is a hugggeeee skirt but just wow on the details and prettyness. I really can't imagine how the final product is going to look when she puts it out for sale. Either way hard to turn down a nice free dress for just showing up to a party. Once again I'll be DJing some jpop tunes. Hope to see you there. ^^

Outfit - Ireen for EGL event - L$0 (Free for Attendees)
BareRose Ballroom - February 25th - 8pm SLT
Event Location -

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Order Up Kitty!

Also (probably will be blogging a lot today cause of all the sales and such) but Icing is having a two day sale! Now if you know Icing usually their stuff is pretty pricey, so this sale was a good excuse to pick up something that I normally wouldn't. This is the Carhop Cutie outfit in pink. I love how it's all mod so in case the shoes were too small (they were, I resized them some) I could fix them to look better for my av. They also have a animation override (but it's on the lowest setting so becareful if you wear your AO while wearing it) and also the tray has a cute carry animation and gives out milkshakes on click! Overall a worthy buy especially when on sale. ^^

Complete Outfit - Carhop Cutie Pink - Icing - L$197 (On Sale, normally L$395)

SugarCoatted Kitty!

So SugarCoat has a new lucky board for a neat antique looking top. It's a group only one but it's free to join. I'll be blogging it on shortly but I thought I'd give you all a heads up first. ^^ The matching skirt is not free but costs L$50 which is pretty good for a price if you include it all together. I'm not usually into antique but this one just caught my fancy enough to purchase beyond the freeb. XD

Top - BeigeTops - SugarCoat - L$0 (Group Lucky Board)
Skirt - BeigeSkirt02 - SugarCoat - L$50

Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentines Queen!

So unfortunately I've come down with a cold RL, wheee lots of work and now sick. XD It has not been a good month! Anyway there's a nice group gift deal going on at Alienbear that I couldn't pass up and it matches okayish with this lovely dress from BareRose. ^^

Crown - Queen Posesiva crown Vday11 specials - AlienBear - L$100
*Need to join the group and purchase it at the group location for the discount, otherwise it's L$900*
Outfit - Heidenroslen - BareRose - L$140

Monday, February 7, 2011

Sweetheart Kitty!

Soooo I was uber excited today! A couple days ago, for those that follow Love Soul, they released a valentines hair for their lucky chair - woo? It's a lovely style but not all the colors were for sale so I asked and she said she would be releasing them in colors in the next couple days. So ta da! The purple one was released today and I bought it without blinking. XD Took awhile to mod since the hair is resize only but I love it! I think it couples purrrrfectly with the Sweets Princess dress, new group gift, and the sale item Manna has. I haven't been to Manna before today so it was nice to see the lovely creations they have their - unfortunately they're on the pricey side but the sale item is well worth it. I tried to capture the detail in the pic but I can only get so far. Hope to all enjoy this one. ^^ Oh and if you like the dress, it's for sale in different colors - just not red.

Phone - Mobile*VD2011 Copain Limited Edition*Mail - Love Soul - Group Gift
Necklace - Passion Necklace - MANNA - L$69 (For a limited time)
Cookie - Mouth Cookie - Love Soul - NFS (Old Lucky Chair Prize)
Outfit - Sweets Princess Dress Set Red - Love Soul - NFS (Old Hunt Prize)
Hair - I LOVE YOU Purple - Love Soul - L$300

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sweet Blue Cake Kitty!

So this was another outfit I picked up recently that is just too cute not to share. It comes with a couple options and is pretty unique to wear. Not much else to say, still be RL busy. XD

Outfit - maso hysterias blueberry CAKE dress SET - Nonko Romankin - L$400
Hair - Rashelle Whites (Tinted) - fri. - L$250

Friday, February 4, 2011

Valentine Sweetheart Kitty

So there's some cute things starting to circulate the grid because Valentines is coming up. ^^ Soooo looking forward to it, it's one of those holidays that I enjoy - single or not because it's luvluv and sweet noms! Also the Disco Deals item that Riddle put out ish awesomeeeee, normally each piece that this outfit comes with is L$100 each (So figure about L$300) but it's only L$100 in this special set this weekend. Also I finally decided to get the new nom giver and cute attachment that's been released at Silvery K. Other goodies or for sale but I have them already. XD Hehe, sorry for being away but going to try to blog more but RL work has kept me busy.

Outfit - Disco Deals Riddle - Riddle - L$100 (Special for this Weekend Only!)
Bag of Noms - Valentines Day Shopping Bag - Silvery K - L$100
Hair - Season 2 - White (Tinted) - elikatira - NFS One Eleven Event