Monday, December 19, 2022

Christmas Sweets & Snugs


Art&Ko - Christmas for two Set - Pullover & Stockings (Ebody)

Event Location - Tres Chic Event -

Main Store -

.Tardfish. Candy Cane Bear - Polar

Event Location - Level -

Main Store -

Junk Food - Popcorn Tin Open (Frost) wear

Main Store - 

Hair - Rosy mood MESH hair / Honey Dipper (custard)

Monday, November 28, 2022

Ready for Holidays


Outfit Set - -Art&KO.Sorumin- Lady Christmas SET

Main store -

Teddy Helper - .Tardfish. Prezzie Bear - Brown

Event Location - Tannenbaum -

Main Store -

Hair - .Olive. the Beth Hair {Bewbs} 

Decor - 

+Half-Deer+ Christmas Garland II - Traditional - Curved w/ Tail

+Half-Deer+ Christmas Tree II - Traditional - Tree (Low LOD)

+Half-Deer+ Christmas Garland II - Traditional - Wreath

BackBone Cozy Fireplace (no decor)

4 [MB] Poinsettia -Red-

Monday, November 14, 2022

Code Escape

 I've been on a random sci-fi kick and just in time for some neat items from Art&Ko and Tardfish! It all came together a little late but the Newcomer set from Art&Ko released last month at Necrotize and should be at the main store, with multiple color options and a helmet (that is not shown here). While the mecha cat from Tardfish is available at TMD. Hope you like the look!

Outfit - Art&Ko - Newcomer Set

Main store -

Cyber Cat - .Tardfish. Mecha Cat - Alloy

Event Location - TMD

Main Store -

Hair - .Olive. - the Cybernetic Hair

Visor - [SCF] - Cyber-Goggles

Location - Tokyo Zero -

Saturday, November 5, 2022

My Day

 So this is just a casual post of how I feel like I spend my RL days. Chilling with my cute lil phone, eating food I shouldn't, and in comfy wear. Most of these are older releases except the glorious sandwich from Junk Food that you can get discounted on this weekend's Saturday Sale at their main store. The phone is a past release from Tardfish as is the sweater from Art&Ko. Hope you like the look!

Sweet Sandwich - Junk Food - Giant Sandwich (Held) Left

Main Store - 

Sweater - Art&Ko - Sweater with gothic print Set - Sweater(Maitreya)

Main Store -

Phone - .Tardfish. Phone Chibi

Main Store -

Hair - .Olive. the Val Hair

Monday, October 31, 2022

Happy Halloween 2022

 Happy Halloween from all of us to all of you!

Thursday, October 27, 2022

Cultist Delight

 We have some new releases from both Art&Ko and Tardfish. Art&Ko has a Witch Lilith set available in multiple colors at the Warehouse Sale. While you can check out the latest Tardfish animesh creation available at The Guild event. Hope you like the look!

Outfit & Accessories - Art&Ko - Witch Lilith Set

Event Location - The Warehouse Sale

Main store -

Nightmare Skeleton - .Tardfish. Nightmare - Red (Standing)

Event Location - The Guild

Main Store -

Necklace - Cae :: Bleed :: Necklace

Hair - Tameless Indigo - Bloodsoaked

Location - Spookzilla Sim -

Thursday, October 13, 2022

Ghost Seeker

 Keeping in the spooky month theme! We revisit the older release from Art&Ko, which can be found at their main store. While Tardfish has some amazing stuff out at many events! This cutie kitty ghost is available at the Okinawa Pumpkin Panic event. Hope you like the look!

Outfit & Accessories - Art&Ko - Researcher Set

Main store -

Ghost Cat - .Tardfish. Ghost Cat - White (glow)

Event Location - Okinawa Pumpkin Panic

Main Store -

Choker - ::FF:: Choker Tiffany Black

Hair - /Wasabi Pills/ Sachiko Mesh Hair - Iceberg

Location - Haunted Acres Manor

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Pumpkin Prowl

 It's the spooky month! Time to revisit the old and break out the new items! We revisit an older release of a witchy outfit from Art&Ko available at their main store. Meanwhile this Tardfish has the cutest creepiest little animesh compansion available at Melody Sour event. Hope you like the look!

Outfit & Accessories (not necklace) - Art&Ko - Witches Sabbath Set 

Main store -

.Tardfish. Monster Mage - Brown Tardfish @Melody [Sour]

Melody Sour Event -

Main Store -

Hair - Magika [Hair L] Forget Rainbow

Face Charms - Cake Inc.: Stickerish Halloween

Location - Halloweenland

Saturday, September 24, 2022

Clockwork Experiment

 So we got a new release from Art&Ko for the Engine Room in all it's steampunk-y glory, a full outfit set! Then we revisit an older release from Tardfish of a nifty little hypnotizing watch. Hope you like the look!

Outfit Set - Art&Ko - Steampunk Adventure Set 

Engine Room Event - 

Main store -

Hypno Watch - .Tardfish. Hypno Watch - Gold (hold high)

Main Store -

Hair - Doe: Spaceballs

Choker - kotte - melloween - choker 

Location - Steamed & Hammered -

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Witchy Magic

 Revisiting some older items from both Art&Ko and Tardfish since I'm really feeling the halloween itch! Hope you like the look!

Outfit Set - Art&Ko - Sexy Witch Set

Main store -

.Tardfish. Swamp Mage - Chill

Main Store -

Hair - Doe: Cole /boobs/ 

Pose - Juicy - Dancer5

Location - Everwinter -

Monday, September 5, 2022

Cyber City

 So we got some fun releases from Tardfish and Art&Ko! Art&Ko put out some cyber themed legs and robot arms with multiple color options available at Planet 29. While Tardfish has this fun Bear bodyguard animesh buddy at the Warehouse Sale. Hope you like the look!

Arms & Legs - Art&Ko - Cyberpunk Set

Event Location - Planet 29

Main store -

Panda Guard - .Tardfish. Bouncer Bear - Panda

Event Location - Warehouse Sale

Main Store -

Background - Paparazzi - BACKDROP - Metropollis Bridge

Belts - Luas Acid Belts Black

Bodysuit - Luas Acid Body Pink & White  

Headphones - Luas Acid Headphones Pink & White 

Hair 1 - *Alice Project* Lola Bangs

Hair 2 - :::Sn@tch Lacey Hair (PASTELS-L):::

Thursday, August 25, 2022

Farmer's Market

 So coming up, tomorrow or so? Depends what day you're on when this comes out! Is the Farmer's Market is coming out soon and many stores are participating at their main stores with lovely farmtastic goodness. Make sure to check out Art&Ko and Junk Food who are apart of it; and even though TardFish is not they sure made an adorable harvest set with juggling fruit! Hope you like the look!

Outfit - Art&Ko - Farmer Set (Hat, Shoes, Shorts, and Top)

Part of the Farmer's Market Event @ Main Store -

Apples & Basket - .Tardfish. Fruits Basket & .Tardfish. Juggling Apples

Main Store -

Stall - Junk Food - Market Stall 7li

Part of the Farmer's Market Event @ Main Store - 

Hair - Doe - Shelby+

Necklace - :::Sn@tch Diamond Heart Necklace:::

Location - Fauna -

Thursday, August 18, 2022

Twisted Pinocchio

 So I dunno what inspires me really, I see something and ideas flow - I just wish they turned out normal for the pics! XD Regardless Tardfish has a cool killer puppet available at the Enchantment event and this outfit is a past release available from Art&Ko. Hope you like the look!

Killer Puppet - .Tardfish. Pistacio Puppet - Chipped and Peeling

Event Location -

Main Store -

Outfit - Art&Ko - Villainess Set - Dress (Maitreya)

Main Store -

Fairy Wings - Bare Rose - Lilly Fairy B-Wings Blue Wings

Necklace - Canimal - Blue Moon Necklace

Hair - Doe: Tang 

Location - Enchantment Event -

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

S'More Camping

 So it's still summery enough to swing a cute camping pic and luckily Tardfish put out a new release at the Okinawa Summer Festival that fits the mood great! I also revisited an older release from Art&Ko that I feel was great for hiking too. Hope you like the look!

Outfit - Art&Ko - Kind Warrior Set

Main Store -

Food Accessories - 

.Tardfish. Foodies - Smore (no hold)

.Tardfish. Foodies - Camp Marshmellows (hold)

Event Location - Okinawa Summer Festival -

Main Store -

Hair - .EscalateD. Leilani / Duo ~busty

Location - Camp Starlight

Monday, August 8, 2022

Sereni Through the Years

 Wanted to do a pic that shows my av changing through the years and what not. I wanted to post it for my 17th birthday in SL. ^ ^;

Thursday, August 4, 2022

Occult Hunter

 Sorry guys just got back from a hiatus/vacation and injured my wrist, so kinda trying out some new stuff while I recover. Also I got a lovely new sponsor, a store near and dear to my heart - Tardfish! Hope you like the look!

Mask Rope - .Tardfish. Possessed Masks Rope - Black (animesh)

Main Store Location -

Art&Ko - Girl and Skull Set

Location - Midnight Order -

Main Store Location -

Hair - .EscalateD. Reece / Duo

Location - Dark Sanctuary

Saturday, June 25, 2022

Goth Cake Delivery

 So little known fact about me is I was very goth during my teen years, and I decided to do something fun and make myself some goth makeup too. XD; I decided to work with some of the neat boots, that fit great, from Art&Ko which is at their main store. Revisited some  older releases from Junk Food and Bare Rose. Hope you like the look!

Boots - Art&Ko - Boots Set - Shoes

Main Store Location -

Junk Food - Junk Food - Hate Cake (Suck It!) Vanilla 3li

Main Store - 

Outfit - Bare Rose - ::: B@R ::: Kimono Metal-L

BareRose Main Store -

Bangs - *Alice Project* Lola Bangs - Infinity

Hair - .Olive. the Zodiac Collection - Aries Hair

Stockings - Insomnia Angel . witchy brew / curse stockings+garter

Pose - PoseShopUnDeux - Kungfu07R

Skybox - anxiety local v2

Thursday, June 16, 2022

Takeout Party of One!

 Sorry been a bit on a delay because I had some trouble working on stuff, RL things and SL complications. Today I'm reflecting on one of those relaxing days where you just wanna binge eat some delicious takeout foods. And omggggg I couldn't tell you how hungry I got working on this piece! It all looked so good. Hope you like the look!

Art&Ko - Sport Set - Hoody

Art&Ko - Sport Set - Pants

Main Store Location -

Junk Food - Chopsticks wear

Junk Food - Carton (Orange Chicken) wear

Junk Food - Carton (Beef & Broccoli) 5li

Junk Food - Carton (General Tso) 4li

Junk Food - Carton (Lo Mein) 5li

Junk Food - Carton (Sweet & Sour Chicken) 5li

Junk Food - Carton (Fried Rice) 4li

Junk Food - Fortune Cookie 1li

Junk Food - Fortune Cookie 1 REZ

Junk Food - Chinese Donuts 3li

Junk Food - Soy Sauce Packet 1li

Junk Food - Egg Rolls 2li

Junk Food - Chinese Takeout Bag 8li

Main Store - 

Hair - Doe: Bubbles

Pose - *OTA*m-sit003

Couch - LISP - Mesh - Odette Sofa White

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Holy Vampire Hunter

 So sadly I've been sick almost this whole month (not a typical flu illness type thing something complicated) so I may be hitting a hiatus soonish. Until then! We're revisiting and older release from Art&Ko and I dunno why I just took it to hunt vampires instead of be one like her ad kinda implies? I dunno... but I did learn what a pain it is to find a semi decent looking graveyard in SL is! Hope you like the look!

Outfit & Shoes - Art&Ko - Halloween Nun Set 

Main Store Location -

Hair - Doe: Lovely

Bible - lock&tuft / the bible

Stake - lock&tuft / the stake

Pose - Posiden - Elf Warrior

Location - Six Feet Under

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Ode to Softpaw Sommer

 So I realized when I was out at one of the events that I really love a lot of the people I follow, I'm even fans of theirs and they don't know it! Thus if I can, I'd like to do some appreciation of their works when I blog. ^ ^ This one goes out to Softpaw Sommer, one of my fave furry bloggers. She's pretty much always stuck to her beautiful looks and one of the people I definitely aspire to keep posting like. Make sure to check out her flickr too! This blogged look helps with the Fairy Queen set released awhile back by Art&Ko that you can find at their main store. Hope you like the look!

Art&Ko - Fairy Queen Set - Dress & Wings

Main Store Location -

Hair - Doe: La V2

Butterflies - Jinx : Fluttering butterflies

Necklace - Sweet Thing. Rose Princess Neckpiece

Earrings - [MINDS] Sakura Earring Pink&Gold

Hairpin - {Limerence} Butterfly hairpin-Silver

Softpaw Sommer's Flickr

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Isekai Shokudou

 So one of my fave animes lately is Isekai Shokudou aka Restaurant from Another World, basically fantasy characters from one world go visit a cafe and have delicious food from the current world. Everything is just so adorable so check it out if you want. The outfit is an older fantasy release from Art&Ko and the banana split is a release from Junk Food. Hope you like the look!

Art&Ko - Enchantress Set - Black@Brown Blazer (Maitreya)

Main Store Location -

Junk Food - Banana Split (Glass) 8li & Held Spoon

Main Store - 

Hair - Doe: Junko Pigtails

Particles - *::.who what.::* -CottonCandyParticle- (Free Gift)

Location - Cafe Poulard

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Potion Pitstop

 Revisiting one of the older Art&Ko outfits and just being in a fantasy world with a healer theme. Hope you like the look!

Outfit - Art&Ko -  Healer Set

Main Store Location -

Potion - Junk Food - Felix Felicis (Held)

Hair - /Wasabi Pills/ Brigitte Mesh Hair 

Location - Crosswinds

Friday, April 15, 2022

Punky Easter

I really was not wanting to do something too Easter typical, even though I totes love the pastels/eggs/bunny/so much about the holiday. So I went with an older Bare Rose release and did a more punky Easter Bunny look! Hope everyone has a good holiday and hope you like the look!

Outfit - ::: Bare Rose ::: Check Bunny Girl

BareRose Main Store -

Eggs - *LGW* Easter Mini Juggle
Hair - :::Sn@tch Lacey Hair:::

Friday, April 8, 2022

Quick Ramen Run

 I dunno where I got the inspiration of going for ramen during a jog outing, but it sounded right in my head and didn't turn out too bad. So we revisit an older release from Art&Ko that is available at their main store or MP. Then we have a new release from Kwaii that is available at the Sakura Matsuri event, comes with decor or wearables and male and female options too. Hope you like the look!

Cap/Top/Shorts - Art&Ko - Bad Girl Set

Main Store Location -

Kwaii Noms - 

*KW*- Hard clams RAMEN-Female(wear)


Sakura Matsuri Event -

Main Store -

Other Items

:::Sn@tch Lacey Hair (PASTELS-L):::

::AMBIX:: Soul Container Necklace [Ciel]

[DH] - Candy choker - rainbow heart

[DH] Sad kid bracelets

friday - Cutie Ring Set

Location - Su-Shi City

Friday, April 1, 2022

Hostess Club

 So recently Kwaii had a cute release for Uber but it came out kind of late so tis a bit late on the post but they do put it out at their store quickly so if Uber is over then pop over to their main store! Also revisited a lovely older Bare Rose piece because, it's beautiful and it's kind of hard to find the kind of hostess outfit I was looking for. ^ ^; Hope you like the look!

*KW*-Champagne-Hold(Wear F)

*KW*-Champagne Cooler

*KW*cheezu-set-B -sakura

Was released at Uber event but will be at main location

Uber -

Main Store -

Outfit & Accessories - ::: B@R ::: Musa-L

BareRose Main Store -

Rings - *yc* ring set on both hands

Hair - :::Sn@tch Siren Hair :::

Location - The Empire Room -

Monday, March 28, 2022

Under the Sea

 So I've been doing a couple blog posts based on stuff that I have or limited time locations while I wait for either A. sponsors to put out product or B. sign up with new ones. I'm very hesitant to sign up with new ones since I don't fit the 'norm' that people look for. And since I finally got a Nemissa tail when they had a sale, I could put to use some of the items I have from Misteria. I love picking up Misteria's stuff from either their weekend sales, lucky boards (like this one), or hunts. Sadly this lucky board's location is unknown to me at the moment. I reached out to the creator since it was ONLY at one of their branches in the lucky board but I haven't heard back from them on what's going on with it, if it'll be for sale or the branch will be back up soon, or it'll be available at their main store. I'll update the location on the blogpost if I hear back from them. But yes, if you haven't already, make sure to hit up The Guild's march setup while it's there for some pretty underwater pics and their hunt. Goes away at the end of the month so hurry! Hope you like the look!

Outfit - caverna obscura - Rusalka ~TROPICAL WATER~

Tail - Nemissa 

Tail Skin - Misteria -  Konami tail Base (Lucky Board Prize/Free)

 Hair - Magika [Hair L] Forget 

Location - The Guild Atlantis -

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Memories Replayed

 Decided to revisit an older Art&Ko release, which happens to be another fun cosplay. I had to reuse a lot of older things to make it work because... yeah, the sad truth is there is such a huge lack of current cosplay items in SL. Hope you like the look!

Outfit/Accessories - Art&Ko - Fighting Girl Set

Main Store Location -

Flower - Loki - Poison Flowers GACHA - Lavender Flower w/ hold pose (Not Gacha Anymore)

Hair - rezology - Beat Rush (Store Discontinued)

Location - Midgar RP Sim -

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Top of the Morning!

 So an early day St. Patty's Day post, hope everyone has a fun holiday! I've still been on a kick of wearing the older Bare Rose outfits that work as BOM and have been super enjoyable for me to wear. ^ ^ You can always check out their stuff available behind the mesh section. Also a good chance to check out the fun St. Patty's Day goodies at Junk Food just available normally! Hope you like the look!

Outfit w/Accessories&Shoes - Bare Rose - Leprechaun Lady

Main Store -

Beer - Junk Food - Beer Tray (Green Beer)

Main Store - 

Hair - Rosy mood MESH hair / Soothe (Discontinued)

Gold/Rainbow - [P3] - Pot o' Gold - Animated Rainbow


Thursday, March 10, 2022

Sereni Madrigal

So I've been bit by the Encanto bug like so many others lately, especially since RL kiddo is into it and Mom gets dragged into too~ But wow! What a hard time trying to find somethings that would fit in, and locations and what not to finish this up... so this was a bit of a challenge. I went back to an older BareRose outfit that works as BOM - so make sure to check out their older releases! Then I just wandered and pondered forever trying to find even something slightly south american, and luckily Evhah had a neat layout that I just used. X3; Made my own self had a water ability of some sort to go with for this. I hope this inspires others to do some fun cosplay too. Hope you like the look!

Outfit -  ::: B@R ::: Bailadora de Folklore

Main Store -

Hair - [e] Season 2 (Discontinued)

Water Effect - *FN* Water Willer 4 Element Piece

Particle Effects - **CC** - Heavenly Ranger (Blue)

Location & Decor - Evhah Main Store 

Saturday, February 26, 2022


 Sometimes I just get hit with the most random stuff, and this is probably one of them. XD; But! We got neat items from Art&Ko at the latest Warehouse Sale and I revisited and old item from The Kitty Corner from one of their past hunts. Their store is still under construction so hopefully it'll be available soon. I even had fun revisiting some older Bare Rose pieces and used them as BOM to enhance things. Hope you like the look!

Outfit - Art&Ko - Extreme Girl Set 

Warehouse Sale -

Main Store Location -

Mouth Mouse - [TKC] Kitties pray ~ mouthpeice ~ add me

TKC Main Store Location -

BOM Bandages - ::: B@R ::: Bandage (Discontinued)

BOM Body Dirt - ::: B@R ::: Doctress of Shattered City Additional Dirt Tattoo

Eyepatch - K_gs RT-Eyepatch/L

Hair - Rosy mood MESH hair - Neaten Up

Location - Deathlands Post Nuke Apocalyptic World

Sunday, February 20, 2022

Homemade Lunch

 So I was feeling like reflecting on home life a little bit and what it feels like setting up a lunch for a smol one. I even wore an older Bare Rose release, from the lesser known Maternity/Baby section of Bare Rose, that works great as BOM clothes! But the real star of this is some of the fun releases from Junk Food, make sure to check them out at their main store. Hope you like the look!


Outfit - Bare Rose - Maternity Tunic Set

Hair -  [elikatira] Season 2 (Discontinued)

Holding - Junk Food - PB&J Sandwich (Female)

Bare Rose - Main Store

Bare Rose Maternity/Baby Store

Junk Food Main Store


Junk Food - Lunchies (Pizza) Peeled 3li

Junk Food - Lunchies (Pizza) Closed 3li

Junk Food - Lunchies (Closed) 3li

Junk Food - Fluffernutter Platter (Click to Serve)

Junk Food - Fluffernutter Plate (Click to make)

Junk Food - Puff Marshmallow Jar Rez 2li

Junk Food - Gif Peanut Butter Jar

[ free bird ] lunchbox - yellow tugboat

Maya's - Island - Olivia Kitchen

Maya's - Olivia Fridge

Deer Kitchen Set

Sunday, February 13, 2022

Lilac & Gooseberries

 So this is my semi romantic-y valentines pic, not my typical but been on a Witcher kick again and I like revisiting the pretty stuff Art&Ko has! Wishing you all the best lovey time this Monday! Hope you like the look!

Art&Ko - Charming  Sorceress Set 

Main Store Location -

Hair - Magika [Hair L] Forget 

Pose - EndlessDreams - Kunoichi v2 Sit

Background - - Yennefers room Backdrop

Chandelier - Bare Rose - Simple Chandelier M Short Size

Towel - Meli Imako - Mesh_Towel wrapped around Male XL

Hair - Sintiklia - Hair Nora Rigged NON windy ponytail

Thursday, February 10, 2022

Garden Assassin

 So we have a new outfit that will be available tomorrow from Art&Ko at the Tokyo Zero event. I dunno where I was going with this but here it is XD; Hope you like the look!

Outfit - Art&Ko - Deadly Blades Set

Event - Tokyo Zero -

Main Store Location -

Hair - *AiceProject* Megumi

Friday, February 4, 2022

Treats for my Sweet

 So we're covering some pretty noms and starting to feel the valentine-sy vibe. We have a new Taiyaki set and Zen feast set from KWaii at the Ryukyu onsen event so you can go check them out until the 17th. Hope you like the look!

Food & Decor - 


F-standard-H-an (On Hina)

F-standard-an (On Hina)

*KW*-zen-set(fire-no mod)


All items available at the Ryukyu event!

Event Location -


Outfit - ::: B@R ::: Alice Kimono-L

Hair - *AP* Thanako [L] Glitter/Rainbow Streaks - Indigo 

Face Charms - Cake Inc.: Candy Hearts & Candy Pills

Backdrop - [MG]Backdrop JP3 (Old Gacha)


Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] Urumi hair

Outfit - *PSS* Frilled Mini Kimono Sakura

Shoes - *PSS* Knee High Okobo 

Choker - **RE** NOX Blasphemy Choker - Female

Sunday, January 30, 2022

Player Select

 So I wanted to cover this older release because I am a huge supporter of cosplay stuffs in SL and also TKC does their own fun spins on things too! This was an older gacha release that is now a fatpack only, unless you see singles for sale on marketplace. Hope you like the look!

[TKC] Marionette gacha Fatpack

TKC Main Store Location -

[TKC] Marionette gacha ~ Flower princess outfit

[TKC] Marionette gacha ~ socks

[TKC] Marionette gacha ~ flower Princess crown

[e] Season 2

[TKC] Marionette gacha ~ Rosette Rare

[e] Thrive 

*Alice Project* Lola Bangs - Infinity

[TKC] Marionette gacha ~ Dino hat

[TKC] Marionette gacha ~Dino outfit

Rosy mood MESH hair / Daylily

[TKC] Marionette gacha ~ Bowsette rare

Rosy mood MESH hair / Swirly 

[TKC] Marionette gacha ~ mushroom outfit ~ pink

[TKC] Marionette gacha  ~ mushroom hat pink

Friday, January 21, 2022


 So while I was working on this I kinda made myself miss keeping up with One Piece; soooo went a little Zoro inspired in my look. XD; He was totes my fave and still is! But the whole outfit set and weapons are part of one of the latest releases from Art&Ko at the Chronicles & Legends event; there's a male and female version so make sure to check it out before next month. Hope you like the look!

Art&KO - Rogues of the Sea Set - Top 

Art&KO - Rogues of the Sea Set - Pants

Art&KO - Rogues of the Sea Set - Shoes

Art&KO - Rogues of the Sea Set - Hat

Art&KO - Rogues of the Sea Set - Saber

Location - Chronicles & Legends Event

RJ - Necklaces <Asiya>,color: dark blue, pink,gold

Magika [Hair L] Forget w/Added Bangs

Location - Black Spot Ghost Ship

Monday, January 17, 2022

Beautiful Night?

 Sorry been a bit delayed, been feeling sick RL lately soooo a bit behind. Covering the released Spaghetti and Pudding set from Kwaii at the Food Court event. Me and Hina tried to do a  silly lady & the tramp kinda thing except with me not really on board. XD; Haha. Hope you like the look!

*KW*-Retro pudding with rich eggs



*KW*-Water Glass

*KW*-Wood Coaster(Water)

*KW*-Xmas Place mat-WhiteRed(Display)

Event Location - The Food Court

Serenity Semple

*katat0nik* (bloomers1 / Maitreya) Gothical Gacha

*katat0nik* (collar1 / Maitreya) Gothical Gacha RARE

*katat0nik* (top1 / Maitreya) Gothical Gacha

Rosy mood MESH hair / Soothe

Question Mark 

{what next} Madison Fireplace

{moss&mink} Suede Dining Chair

{moss&mink} Silk Draped Table

Hinamori Burleigh 

::GB:: Pocket Saruel F

::GB::Cami Tank (Maitreya) White

JAD3 Jacket M03 

[^.^Ayashi^.^] Miwa hair

Sunday, January 9, 2022

Point Blank

 Covering the latest release from Art&Ko available at the Fantasy Room event, it's a lovely fantasy elf set that comes with a bow, outfit, and boots with different color choices. I know this all probably would've looked cooler with an elf av but it's so hard to change yourself sometimes. XD; Hope you like the look!

Art&Ko - Fantasy Elf Set

Event Location - Fantasy Room - 

Main Store Location -

Hair - .Olive. the Pearl Hair & *Alice Project* Lola Bangs

Pose & Arrow - *!R.O!* Huntress BENTO Pose & Arrow

Necklace - Canimal - Blue Moon Necklace

Location - Forest of Mystical Dreams

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

New Years Treats

 So got some new years goodies - KWAII at the Okinawa New Years Festival event it's a very pretty osechi set with multiple options of things to eat from it. I went with a cozy casual School Time top from Art&Ko's older release but still so pretty~ Then because I NEEDS ME COCOA I used the Junk Food Hot Cocoa tray that's at their main store. Hope you like the look!

Outfit - Art&Ko - School Time Set

Main Store Location -

Chopsticks/Main Food - *KW*osechi-set

Location - Okinawa New Years Festival -

Event goes until Jan. 12th! Then to main store!

Junk Food - Hot Cocoa Tray (Red)

Main Store Location -

Hair - Magika [Hair L] Forget

Cabinet - Maya's - Cornello Buffet Cabinet

Kotatsu - taikou / cozy kotatsu (w/ pillows)

Plant - {what next} House Plant - Rubber Tree

Entertainment Center - Maya's - Credo Entertainment Center