Friday, March 14, 2008

Message from School

Well it's almost Spring Break time for this kitty and I'm really looking forward to two posts about some fave stores of mine coming up. The Lucky Kitty Crew ( is gaining a blog that I may be able to put impact on but not much really. It's been nuts with freebs and hunts, sometimes a bit overwhelming on my end. @.@

Plus it doesn't help that my shopping partner in crime Loli ( is MIA due to irl stuffs. :< So it's been tough on this little kitty. Hopefully after this weekend...okay after March 17th (If you don't know it's St. Patty's Day that day and madness will be sure to occur)!

Also today is White Day! It's a japanese holiday that me and my hunny celebrate, it's a cute lil tradition that doesn't really apply to where I live but I love it all the same. So happy shopping and freebing and most of all Happy White Day!


Loli Nori said...

Happy White Day, Sereni! *hug* Hope you have a fun day with your sweetie :) Can't wait to talk to you!!

Anonymous said...

Great work.