Monday, February 24, 2014

Ribbon Chan BareRose Event Gift

So another EGL event is coming up at BareRose (think of it as a dressing fancy and trying to stay in theme, though you don't have to.) It's themed for Sweet Valentines. You can attend this event on Feb. 28th at 8pm SLT at the BareRose Ballroom . And if you attend you get this outfit I'm wearing for free, otherwise it will be for sale at a later date for those who can't make it. ^ ^ I really felt this outfit was similar to the last one a bit so had a tough time taking a pic for it. @ @ Though, I'm very happy I got to actually make some video game trivia for it! Hope to see you there~

Outfit - Ribbon Chan (Free at the Event)
Everything Else Not Included

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