Monday, April 13, 2015

Another Flower Girl

So  yeah I don't think many will get my reference so I'll just come out and say it here, it's another take on Aerith from FFVII. While being sick I've been on a kick playing Final Fantasy Record Keeper on my phone, since I can play it from bed and such, so it's put me in a FF mood. Unfortunately it's pretty subtle here so I don't think many will get the theme I was going with. ^ ^;; But basically a flower girl in a village area checking on her plants in the middle of a rainstorm and pretty relieved that they're ok. Most of the items are from the Sweet Cupcake Fair and The Seasons Story, but this new hair from Ayashi can be found at the new event 100 Block Fashion Fair. Which is a really cool event, might I add! Because this hairstyle is 50% off at the event location, so make sure to pick it up - I can never resist when stuff is on sale since sales seem rare and far between. ^ ^; Speaking of sales and since I'm wearing stuff from Altair*, they're having a 50% off sale at their mainstore so make sure to check it out too! Hope you like the look.

Dress - Eyelure - Bralet & Hi Waisted Skirt VioletCupcake (Sweet Cupcake Fair)
Jacket - BareRose - MioPin Regular Jacket
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Umeko hair (100 Block Fashion Fair)
Shoes - ALTAIR* - starry heels rose (The Seasons Story)
Umbrella & Some Poses - BellePoses  - Cute Umbrella (Sweet Cupcake Fair)
Plant1 - [Toiz] - water boots pot rare (The Seasons Story Gacha)
Plant2 - [Toiz] - bucket pot white (The Seasons Story Gacha)
Plant3 - [Toiz] - dirt boots pot rare (The Seasons Story Gacha)
Plant4 - [Toiz] - bucket pot mint (The Seasons Story Gacha)
Plant5 - [Toiz] - bucket pot red (The Seasons Story Gacha)
Necklace - Alienbear Jewelry - Amor Necklace pink
Location - The Rainy Cottage

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