Thursday, July 2, 2015

Close Encounters of the Candy Kind

Ugh, been feeling so uninspired lately cause of RL has been wearing me out. @ @ But none the less the blogging will continue. ^ ^ Thank you for the support and continuing to fave and what not. So the Oneword has a new round going on, as does the Ai Gacha event. Tomorrow Candy Fair starts up - so excited for it too! I kinda ended up using Dear Deer's alien gacha goodies to help make a cute background and they're just a fun deco. Lots of other candy goods and fun stuff in this pic too. Hope you like the look. ^ ^

Dress - ALTAIR* - candy princess dress .candy violet. (Candy Fair)
Tail - +Fawn's Demise+ - Tail Love .CandyFair. (Candy Fair)
Halo - .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. - {Nai} silver halo w (Oneword Event)
Garters - Dear Deer - Winged Garter Sky (Oneword Event)
Bracelet - SF* - Athena Pearl Leather Bracelet with Charms (Ai Gacha Gacha)
Mouth Candy - {Fawn's Demise} - Ooo Candy .Blueberry. (Candy Fair)
Pose Hand Candy - +Fawn's Demise+ - Ooo Candy .Pose+Prop. (Candy Fair)
Hair Candy - +Fawn's Demise+ - Ooo Candy .Hairclip. (Candy Fair)
Alien 1 - Dear Deer - 6 Planet Lollipop (Candy Fair Gacha)
Alien 2 - Dear Deer - 4 Alien 5.0 (Candy Fair Gacha)
Alien 3 - Dear Deer - 3 Intergalactic Yummy Cookie (Candy Fair Gacha)
Alien 4 - Dear Deer - Bye bye earthlings! RARE (Candy Fair Gacha)
Alien 5 - Dear Deer - 5 Chocolate from a whole other world (Candy Fair Gacha)
Alien 6 - Dear Deer - 1 Keep Calm and Relax on a Donut (Candy Fair Gacha)
Hair - Rosy mood - MESH hair / Swirly (Modded)
Scrunchie - *Edelweiss* - Chouchou Pastel pink (Gacha)
Necklace - Sweet Thing. - Sleepychi Charmed Necklace (Donuts) (Gacha)
Shoes - Sweet Thing. - Layer Boots - Quilt Cutie

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