Sunday, December 6, 2015

White Deco Christmas

So today has more Arcade and holiday goodies, and some fun other goodies too like group gifts and cheapies. Make sure to check out the fun events going on so as not to miss out on this stuff to have your holiday looking adorbs! I also have finally broke down and got a mesh body which seems to be working out ok so far, I hope to show it off more later on. Hope you like the look. ^ ^

Outfit - *katat0nik* - (average) V.3 Snow Doll Outfit (Group Gift)
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Kiwi hair (We Heart RP & Cheapie Hunt Color Available too!)
Headband - ALTAIR*  - crystal kitten headband (Winter Trend)
Boots - *Epic LE* - Frankly.Sweet Snow Boots! {White} (Winter Trend)
Scarf - Sweet Thing. - Shooting Star Scarf
Body - Utilizator - Avatar 2.0

Building - [RazzberryInc] - Quiet Hideaway RARE (Arcade Gacha)
Hanging Pearls - [RazzberryInc] - Orbit o' Pearls (Silver) (Arcade Gacha)
Mirrors - [RazzberryInc] - Mirror (Silver) (Arcade Gacha)
Fireplace - [RazzberryInc] - Coal Fireplace (Arcade Gacha)
Candlestick1 - [RazzberryInc] - Candlestick (Pink) (Arcade Gacha)
Candlestick2 - [RazzberryInc] - Candlestick (Mint) (Arcade Gacha)
Pitcher - [RazzberryInc] - Lighted Branches (Silver) (Arcade Gacha)
Rug - [RazzberryInc] - Fancy Rug (Arcade Gacha)
Ottoman - [RazzberryInc] - Ottoman (Arcade Gacha)
Chair - [RazzberryInc] - Sitting Chair (Arcade Gacha)
Notebook - [RazzberryInc] - "Paris is Always in my Heart" Journal & Pencil (Arcade Gacha)
Tree - [RazzberryInc] - Rainbow Tree (Older Arcade Gacha)

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