Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Candy Addict

So sorry about the delay in posts, trying to do as best I can before all the goodies are up! I'm also officially a married kitty/woman. XD Wheee, I'll have to do a post on that when I have the time! So, what do we have here?! My outfit is one of multiple colors available from Sallie. Candy Fair is still in full swing and I have a lot from here - Ayashi hair again, Cubic Cherry's bunny ears and sweets furniture gacha, TicTotToe donut glasses gacha, Junk Food Egger bags and throwable egg gacha, Junk Food Cupcake backpack gacha pieces and other candy giving backpacks, Junk food balloon lollipops! Lots lots lots! Toiz has a new gacha with cute backdrops available at Kawaii Project. To cover the rest of things, we basically have a lot of different creators having items and freebies available at the Trunk or Treat event - larnia, BOX, silent sparrow, RC Cluster, Buglets, and Free Bird. Sorry it's just so much to go over, I hope you make time to check out everything! Hope you like the look!

Lingerie - {sallie} - Trick or Treat Bra Maitreya Beta Gray
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Lisara hair (Candy Fair)
Bunny Ears - .::Cubic Cherry:.. - {Candy Bunneh} ears ~ sugar (Candy Fair)
Mask - [LostJunction] - Funny Nose Beastie (Trunk or Treat Gift)
Glasses - TicTotToe - Donut Glasses Sprinkles RARE (Candy Fair Gacha)
Tattoo - [La Baguette] - Kanza Full Body Tattoo ~ Indie 2
Choker - Curious Kitties - Chocolate Necklace (Gift/Free)
Necklace - [ Love Soul ] - Necklace*Custard Pudding*
Bracelets - [NoRe!] - Donut Bracelets (Unavailable)
Shoes - MOoH! - Tip toe High tops Maitreya (Designer Circle)

Backdrop - Toiz. - (5) pink shop (Kawaii Project Gacha)
Building - Toiz. - (8) white mini studio rare (Kawaii Project Gacha)
Couch - .::Cubic Cherry::. - 01{Sweety} couch RARE (Candy Fair Gacha)
Lamp1 - .::Cubic Cherry::. - 02{Sweety} lollipop lamp pink (Candy Fair Gacha)
Lamp2 - .::Cubic Cherry::. - 05{Sweety} lollipop lamp white (Candy Fair Gacha)
Sign1 - .::Cubic Cherry::. - 08{Sweety} candy sign pink (Candy Fair Gacha)
Sign2 - .::Cubic Cherry::. - 11{Sweety} candy sign white (Candy Fair Gacha)
Egg Bag - Junk Food - Pumpkin Mischief Bag Rare (Candy Fair Gacha)
Throw Egg - Junk Food - Egg Splat (Candy Fair Gacha)
Cupcake Bag - Junk Food - Cupcake Pack Kawaii RARE (Candy Fair Gacha)
Cupcake Bag2 - Junk Food - Cupcake Pack Rainbow RARE (Candy Fair Gacha)
Candy Backpack - Junk Food - Candy Pack Blue (Candy Fair)
Lollipop1 - Junk Food - Balloon Lollipop Sky (Candy Fair)
Lollipop2 - Junk Food - Balloon Lollipop Green (Candy Fair)
Lollipop3 - Junk Food - Balloon Lollipop Yellow (Candy Fair)
Lollipop4 - Junk Food - Balloon Lollipop Blue (Candy Fair)
Lollipop5 - Junk Food - Balloon Lollipop Red (Candy Fair)
Lollipop6 - Junk Food - Balloon Lollipop Purple (Candy Fair)
Squares Plate - ~*larnia*~ - monster krispy squares plate (Trunk or Treat)
Vampire Lollipop - ~*larnia*~ - vampire pop (Trunk or Treat Gift)
Candy Light - [BOX] - Spooky Candy Flashlight (Trunk or Treat)
Pizza? - ~silentsparrow~  - Almost Pizza? Eyeball Hat (Trunk or Treat)
Floor Candy -RC Cluster- Candy Sort & Trade!Trunk or Treat 2016 (Trunk or Treat Gift)
Bat Toast - ~*Buglets*~ - Batty Toast Pillow [Blush] (Trunk or Treat Gift)
Cookie Plate - [ free bird ] - Halloween Cookie Plate (Trunk or Treat Gift)

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