Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Stranger SL Things

So firstly, I have to admit - I haven't watched the Stranger Things series butttt~ for all the fans of the series Junk Food has a interesting set of accessories and decor available at Gacha Garden. Meanwhile the other items are mostly from other things I had laying around in my inventory. Hope you like the look!

Outfit/Socks/Shoes - BareRose - Unifodoll C2
Hair - Utilizator - Hood Hair tintable
Head Piece - Junk Food - Demogorgon Head S.O.I. (Gacha Garden)
Pillow -RC Cluster- Pillow Boyfriend - Brad (Gacha Garden)
Walkie Talkie - Junk Food - Mike's Walkie Talkie (Gacha Garden)
Board Game - Junk Food - Dungeon Board Game (Gacha Garden)
Figurine - Junk Food - Eleven Figure rez RARE (Gacha Garden)
Cans - Junk Food - Dustin's Stash (Gacha Garden)
Waffles - Junk Food - Eleven's Waffles (Gacha Garden)
Phone1 - Junk Food -  Joyce's Phone Clean (Gacha Garden)
Phone2 - Junk Food - Joyce's Burned Phone (Gacha Garden)
Poster1 - Junk Food - Dustin Poster (Gacha Garden)
Poster2 - Junk Food - Eleven Poster(Gacha Garden)
Table/Benches - [Toiz] 5. table set (Gacha)
TV - Yadni's - Old Television (Free/Gift)

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