Thursday, February 28, 2019

Boss Kitty

I think I get too influenced by the things I watch. XD; Been watching a japanese romance movie and the boss is supppppppperrrrr tough to deal with! So that's something that inspired this look. It helped with the classy outfit release from Kyoko Couture, available now at SaNaRae! Then with the kinda looming dominance of one of the many backgrounds from The Bearded Guy that can be won from their gacha at the Man Jail event. Hope you like the look~!

Outfit - KyokoCouture*M No.54[Chaton] (SaNaRae)
Hair - Rosy mood MESH hair / Daylily  (custard)
Glasses - Bare Rose - Glasses Black
Wristlets - Bare Rose - Maid T5Mt
Background - The Bearded Guy - Hoovela - Anything More Backdrops (Men Jail Gacha)

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