Sunday, February 20, 2022

Homemade Lunch

 So I was feeling like reflecting on home life a little bit and what it feels like setting up a lunch for a smol one. I even wore an older Bare Rose release, from the lesser known Maternity/Baby section of Bare Rose, that works great as BOM clothes! But the real star of this is some of the fun releases from Junk Food, make sure to check them out at their main store. Hope you like the look!


Outfit - Bare Rose - Maternity Tunic Set

Hair -  [elikatira] Season 2 (Discontinued)

Holding - Junk Food - PB&J Sandwich (Female)

Bare Rose - Main Store

Bare Rose Maternity/Baby Store

Junk Food Main Store


Junk Food - Lunchies (Pizza) Peeled 3li

Junk Food - Lunchies (Pizza) Closed 3li

Junk Food - Lunchies (Closed) 3li

Junk Food - Fluffernutter Platter (Click to Serve)

Junk Food - Fluffernutter Plate (Click to make)

Junk Food - Puff Marshmallow Jar Rez 2li

Junk Food - Gif Peanut Butter Jar

[ free bird ] lunchbox - yellow tugboat

Maya's - Island - Olivia Kitchen

Maya's - Olivia Fridge

Deer Kitchen Set

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