Monday, May 10, 2010

Survival Horror Kitty

So I was checking out the Siden sim since me and Caraway have been babbling about Silent Hill (the original PS game, not the new lame crap or movie). So thus I decided to put together a survival horror type outfit to wear while her, Hina, and myself explored Siden.

The pics will be dark due to setting the windlight/enviroment settings to Blizzard. I thought it gave it an interesting dark kinda feel to the sim.

So here's some random pics. I highly suggest if you're into dark themed places to check out Siden (link below). Also during the exploration you can find some really neat weapons for free hidden around the sim. ^^

Avatar -

Curious Inc. - Felis Avatar *Modded*

Outfit -

Shirt -

BareRose - Damaged Shirts Lady Bloody Shirt

Pants -

BareRose - Bloody Amaryllis Pants

Underwear -

BareRose - Damaged Low Rise Underwear

Socks -

BareRose Bloody Amaryllis Socks

Accessories -

Fairlight - First Aid Pack -

Knife -

BareRose - Bloody Amaryllis Outfit Accessory

Medical Patchs on Arms -

BareRose - Medical Patch Bloody

Medical Eyepatch -

BareRose - Medical Eyepatch SE

Necklace -

BareRose - Open my Black Heart

Hairstyle -

TRUTH - Michelle - White Tinted to Lavender

Poses/AO -

Endless Dreams - Neko Boy AO

Location -

Siden Dark RPG

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