Friday, May 7, 2010

Under da Sea!

So yesterday I was informed that there was a sale at Pacific Sunrise while I was watching the lucky chair. [ You can read more about it here ] And I saw this lovely Octo-Mer set and even though it was a little pricey, I splurged anyway. Hehe but the cool thing about it is the scripted version I'm wearing has 3 forms of tentacles. They go flexi when you move, when you spin they change, and when you're not moving they have a form too. ^^

I also like how I have a better excuse to wear these now too. ;9

And lastly since I get onto my friend, Alex, so much. I actually fashioned together an outfit I can wear with this! (SEE ALEX YOU CAN WEAR CLOTHES!) XDDDD Ah well fun times! ^^

Avatar -
Upper Half - Curious Inc. - Felis Avatar *Modded*

Lower Half - Pacific Sunrise - Cecaelia-Albino

Outfit -
BareRose - Mermaid Beach *Modded*

Hairstyle -
TRUTH - Michelle - White Tinted to Lavender

Condoms -
Little Glass Wish - Squid Condoms

AO -
Endless Dreams - Succubus AO (works really well with this Octo-Mer Set!)

Location -
Pacific Sunrise Store

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