Sunday, February 13, 2011

Order Up Kitty!

Also (probably will be blogging a lot today cause of all the sales and such) but Icing is having a two day sale! Now if you know Icing usually their stuff is pretty pricey, so this sale was a good excuse to pick up something that I normally wouldn't. This is the Carhop Cutie outfit in pink. I love how it's all mod so in case the shoes were too small (they were, I resized them some) I could fix them to look better for my av. They also have a animation override (but it's on the lowest setting so becareful if you wear your AO while wearing it) and also the tray has a cute carry animation and gives out milkshakes on click! Overall a worthy buy especially when on sale. ^^

Complete Outfit - Carhop Cutie Pink - Icing - L$197 (On Sale, normally L$395)

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