Monday, February 7, 2011

Sweetheart Kitty!

Soooo I was uber excited today! A couple days ago, for those that follow Love Soul, they released a valentines hair for their lucky chair - woo? It's a lovely style but not all the colors were for sale so I asked and she said she would be releasing them in colors in the next couple days. So ta da! The purple one was released today and I bought it without blinking. XD Took awhile to mod since the hair is resize only but I love it! I think it couples purrrrfectly with the Sweets Princess dress, new group gift, and the sale item Manna has. I haven't been to Manna before today so it was nice to see the lovely creations they have their - unfortunately they're on the pricey side but the sale item is well worth it. I tried to capture the detail in the pic but I can only get so far. Hope to all enjoy this one. ^^ Oh and if you like the dress, it's for sale in different colors - just not red.

Phone - Mobile*VD2011 Copain Limited Edition*Mail - Love Soul - Group Gift
Necklace - Passion Necklace - MANNA - L$69 (For a limited time)
Cookie - Mouth Cookie - Love Soul - NFS (Old Lucky Chair Prize)
Outfit - Sweets Princess Dress Set Red - Love Soul - NFS (Old Hunt Prize)
Hair - I LOVE YOU Purple - Love Soul - L$300


Emerald Wynn said...

I want that dress. Hell, I probably have it. What does NSF stand for?

Jennifer said...

All ur recent posts are making me want to nom on dunkin or something. Yummy. I remember that outfit from last year when you wore it. I love that you refreshed it with that fabulous new hair. And \o/ for mod!! ~Jennifer