Monday, April 11, 2011

Posin' No Threat Kitties!

So really cute coupley poses new release at HelaMiyo. ^^ I got to nab Hina to model this one out with me and probably should do more stuff like this since it's so fun. XD Also I have to apologize since the really cute hair I'm wearing here isn't available since PCF is over; hopefully kik will have them for sale later at their store. ^^ Also a heads up that HelpJapan is having a second round of charity items released. So make sure to check out all these great finds when ya can.

Poses Poses - Poses Against a Wall - HelaMiyo - L$400 On Serenity Outfit - Kawaii Seifuku - BareRose - L$160 Hair - Rena I (tinted) ~ PCF - kik - L$300/NFS On Hinamori Outfit - Kakkoii Seifuku - BareRose - L$150 Hair - Calm Gangster[Neo Black] - Find Ash - L$260

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