Thursday, April 7, 2011

Kawaii Pinku Kitty!

So was trying to figure out what to wear to compliment the cuteness and pink themed items from Sanu's RFL Fantasy Faire charity items; and it just struck me like lightning. Next thing I knew I was all over this theme. XD I also picked up a new hair I saw at Cute Bytes which is addictively cute; yet no mod but I made it work regardless (so happy they carry some hair in purple). Also I cannot stress how happy I am that Sanu makes mod earrings so I can attach them to my ears; yay! Make sure to check out Sanu's stop at RFL Fantasy Faire; she also has a dollarbie there and tons of neat stuffs. ^^

Heart Pet - Chibi Heart Faire ~ RFL - Sanu - L$100 Earrings - Silly Star Earrings ~ RFL - Sanu - L$25 Outfit - Nekomata Musume - BareRose - L$140 Hair - Juky Hairs Purple - Cute Bytes - L$150

1 comment:

Bit McMillan said...

This amazing hairs are no mod, but them are customizable touching them!!! You can also change the fringe colors! *.*