Thursday, August 27, 2015

BareRose 10 Year Anniversary! (And my 10th Year on SL!)

So happy 10th Anniversary to BareRose and my 10th year on SL. June really gave me a beacon to aspire to in Second Life. So, little backstory time about me since I feel I never write enough with a lot of meaning. ^ ^; I originally just started out like a lot of people back in '05 where it was just hanging out, some fashion, partying with crappy stuffs but having a good time because of people. Then I noticed June's shop and was so thrilled there were Japanese creators and making fashion stuff I was into! Eventually her shop grew and I followed as a fan, but eventually got a chance to be a model for her. If you wanted to see my first ever modeling picture. XD; It's horrid I know but the fashion is still there! But yes I got to model a few times, then eventually was hired on as staff and advanced through the ranks and many many things from there. Eventually this aspired me to keep modeling (since I can't do it for BareRose all the time) and started my own blog; but I never forgot what June/BareRose has done for me and helped shape me as a person. I know not everyone has a deep connection to SL or certain stores like I do, but sometimes things like this just happen or you can find your way to them if  you believe and keep trying. ^ ^

So all in all. TONS of BareRose events starting tomorrow - there's concerts, hunts, multiple parties, fashion shows, etc. I urge you to stop by the main store and check out the info for each event. Every event has a gift for showing or attending (even the fashion shows) so you'll definitely want to go. In my picture I used the poster for the fashion shows, which I'm DJing and being in one of models for the USTime show and on Friday we'll be doing an EGL party too (with the outfit I'm modeling as the gift). I hope to see you all there and thank you so much June/BareRose for all you've done for us and continue to give us throughout the years. Hope you like the look everyone!

Dress - BareRose - Bear Pompom Orange Dress (EGL Event Gift Free)
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Neya hair (Shiny Shabby)
Boots - KZC - Aria Boots

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