Monday, August 10, 2015

Beach Kitty Bum

Lots of events going on once more, and yay more gacha! ^ ^ Been finally starting to cool down here so it's been way better on me RL, though I do miss the beach and stuff. ;A; Luckily going on a vacation to one later this year but should still be good! I don't have a lot to say once again. orz I should provide more random tid bits! But hopefully some upcoming posts should be interesting since there's the Bare Rose 10th Anniversary/Fashion Show/Events coming up! Hope you like the look!

Top - ALTAIR* - crop shirts .cotton candy pink. (On9 Event)
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Mizuko hair (Shiny Shabby)
Hairbow - ALTAIR* - mahou shoujo bow (Group Gift Freebie)
Necklace - {Nerdology} - Suggestive Sweets Necklace - Eat Me Cupcake (Gacha)
Skirt - BareRose - Friend Mini Denim Skirt (Old Raffle Item Freebie)
Bandage - NEO** - Knee tattoo band2 Mujigae (Gacha)
Shoes - *GField* - Wood Wedge Sandal white
House - [Toiz] - blue white small house (Garden Gacha)
Paintings - [Toiz] - blue hawaii canvas (Garden Gacha)
Sign - [Toiz] - beach sign (Garden Gacha)
Bottle - [Toiz] - sand bottle (Garden Gacha)
Surfboards - [Toiz] - surfboards (Garden Gacha)
Radio 1 - [Toiz] - ocean hawaii radio (Garden Gacha)
Radio 2 - [Toiz] - banana hawaii radio (Garden Gacha)
Radio 3 - [Toiz] - strawberry hawaii radio (Garden Gacha)
Beach Towel 1 - [Toiz] - suntan bed 3 (Garden Gacha)
Beach Towel 2 - [Toiz] - suntan bed 2 (Garden Gacha)
Beach Towel 3 - [Toiz] - suntan bed 1 (Garden Gacha)
Sofa - [KUE!] - Just Be Friends Sofa (Discontinued)

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