Monday, October 25, 2021

Sweet Halloween!

 So this is a personal post really, and kinda a reminder to those who play SL (though most don't read what I write). But my message is treasure the stuff you have, don't always wait for a sale if you really love something and go for it. There's rarely a month that goes by that I don't miss the store Love Soul. They helped fuel my lucky chair love, they put out adorable japanese creations, and I would never delete something from my inventory that was made by them. So this is a bit of an homage to their creations and how I still to this day - meshes, updated, whatevers aside - I appreciate the content that many people put out regardless of age. I also put in a couple freebies to check out that I think are cute too, but mostly a lot of discontinued things. Love Soul, you'll never be forgotten. Hope you like the look!

 Stage - If For Yeah! - halloween stage (16m x 19.5m x 0.5m 21Li)

Pose - micamee - Gi (Free)

Sky/EEP/Lighting - Halloween Purple Sky =L.F= (Free @ Yumix Halloween)

Stockings - FunnyHoney - Fu's Stocking Halloween black (Free on Marketplace)

Outfit - [ Love Soul ] *Halloween-Purple* (Discontinued)

Hair - [elikatira] Season 2 - White 05 Modded (Discontinued)

Shoes - [ Love Soul ] Halloween pumps-Black (Discontinued)

Hairbow - [ Love Soul ] Ribbon*Halloween-Purple*(Click to resize) (Discontinued)

Necklace - [ Love Soul ] Necklace*Halloween SP*(click to resize) (Discontinued)

Mouth Lollipop - [ Love Soul ] Lolipop candy*Pumpkin*Orange (wear me !) (Discontinued)

Big Lollipops - [ Love Soul ] Flying Big Candy (Pose-A) Wear me ! (Discontinued)

Big Candy - [ Love Soul ] Happy Halloween Candy (wear me !) (Discontinued)

Big Pudding - [ Love Soul ] Pumpkin pudding (Wear me !) (Discontinued)

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