Sunday, March 27, 2011

Alchemist Kitty

So back on the charity blogging! Got held up these past days by RL work and Vindictus XD So this is BareRose's Blue Alchemist outfit for the Japanese Relief Fundraiser event going on. You can get the outfit at their main store or at the charity event location. This is a special edition of the Alchemist outfit available at the store and won't be sold again - really nice for roleplaying or just a fantasy look. ^^ ALSO! I got an amazing kitty anime head!!! I can't tell you how overjoyed I am because I have wanted one since they were made in SL. But finding a kinda furry/cat themed one and in white? Almost impossible! But Esuga is taking custom work so I was all over it. ^^ I totally hope more people check this out because it's not very expensive at all and just lovely work.

Outfit - Blue Alchemist ~ JRF - BareRose - L$165

Head - Custom Serenity Anime Head - Esuga - L$299

Hair - Kase 2 White (tinted) - Truth - L$250

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