Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pacific Crisis Fundraiser Post 4

So as many know the PCF event has begun and it is so busy, which is great! Lots of money has been generated and I'm sure it'll just keep getting better; best wishes to all of Japan. This time I'm showing the Miamai kitties which are all over the place and great little low prim avs to wear. There's also a lovely huggable one as well as more. Make sure to check it out at their main store or the PCF event area.

Av - NekoNeko Blue Tiny ~ PCF - Miamai - L$200
Plush - NekoNeko Pink Plush ~ PCF - Miamai - L$300
Shirt - Pray for Japan Shirt - Ribbon - L$5
Pants - Colored Lowrise - BareRose - L$135
Hair - Nana White (Tinted) - Kin - L$100

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