Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pacific Crisis Fundraiser Post 1

So if anyone knows me, even a little bit, I've loved Japan and japanese culture for a long time. While I have not lived in Japan I indulge it in everyday in some way or another; be it through friends or my actions. While my phsyical self is not there, my heart always is. So therefore I will be blogging any and all Pacific Crisis Fundraiser items that I can try to get or have sent to me; this is a cause I'm really behind. I just hope you all can please check out the creators, support the cause, and even if you can't afford then just pray.

Kies enough of the sad stuff, gotta keep it together! This first piece is great for St. Pattys Day in case you'd rather hold a stylish bag than a beer. XD I found it goes best with green outfits but you could wear it if you wanted to do a casual fashion look or a more Boho kinda style as well. The multiple attachments make it easy to work with and can attach to forearm, hand, or shoulder with each including a different pose.

Bag - Blanca Green ~ Exclusive PCF Item - BareRose - L$120
Outfit - Green Mist - BareRose - L$130
Hair - Nana White (Tinted) - Kin - L$100

So for the next one I snagged Hina for his help in wearing this because when I put it on, I just didn't think it looked as great - though I snuck a pic of me wearing it in there too. This is definitely for a more regal type date; it comes with multiple color ties and trims and shoes even! This is the special edition of a previous release June did in a unique recolor for the charity. Hina looks so yum. :9

On Both
Outfit - Earl Midnight Red ~ Exclusive PCF Item - BareRose - L$160
On Hina
Hair - Calm Gangster[Neo Black] - Find Ash - L$260
On Serenity
Hair - Haku Hair (White)(String); Modded & Tinted - Sadistic Hacker - L$200

Lastly this one is my faveeeee. This is the special recolor of Shocola outfit that was released before. This is a special brown and red version that comes with it for the charity only. It includes shoes, and all the dressings here. I so love this outfit. ^^ I think it is a definite must have especially for White Day (japanese holiday, wiki if you don't know it. ^^) coming up; and for a good cause - win win!

Outfit - Shocola SE ~ Exclusive PCF Item - BareRose - L$170
Blush - Uchi Cat Blush Effect - Marketplace - L$150
Hair - Kase 2 White (tinted) - Truth - L$250

PCF Stall for BareRose can be found Here

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Emerald Wynn said...

I too am a lover of all things Japanese. Sometimes I think I must have been Japanese in a past life.

That bag kicks some serious kitty tail. Must have!