Wednesday, November 9, 2011

She May Be Cake!

So I kinda rushed this post, sorry. > < But I just found out Rendervisions Island is closing down in a couple days! Unfortunately this is the home to Curio Obscura, one of the most creative stores in all of SL. Many stores are shutting down once this place goes and I don't know if this is one of them - so I splurged and went for the cake hair. Still kinda tempted to get some other goods just in case. But make sure to check out the sim because it is lovely. I really adore their beehive teleport system and wish more places in SL would be as unique as this sim is/was. While the hair is expensive and there's no demos, but there are tons of pics all over flickr and stuff which should help give you a good idea, it was really worth buying. People can click your cake and pieces come off and they can eat it, and you can change the cake to various flavors. ^^ Make sure to check out this place, you never know how long it may be around for. :c

Hair - Let them eat cake off your head - Curio Obscura - L$450
Outfit - Be With You - BareRose - L$170
Mouth Donut - CFH Hunt Donut - N/A
(Had to ask for it from the Cream Filled Hunt Owner, it's so cute XD)
Tail - White Donut Kitty :3 - NoRei! - L$250

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