Friday, November 18, 2011

Let It Rainbow on Me!

So this look was inspired by a present I got from my friend Gothique. ^^ I was all excited about the pastel colored rainbow socks that Schadenfreude put out and I got them as a gift. Was so happy. XD But then I realized I have almost nothing to really match it with. So I was digging and digging through inventory trying to piece together an outfit and this is what I came up with. A lot of it was stuff I was meaning to wear but never found a good theme or chance to. It can be really fun digging through inventory sometimes. Unfortunately it also made me realized how many stores just POOF and vanish. Also a reminder that later tonight is the EGL Party, you can find the info from my previous post. ^^

Socks - Opaque Pastel Rainbow Amortentia Stockings - Schadenfreude - L$60
Scarf - Kawaii Scarf - .{PSYCHO:Byts}. - L$50
Clouds - Mood Clouds - Pink Fuel - L$75
Hair - Kyary Purple - Love Soul - Lucky Chair Prize
Outfit - RainbowCat Bikini White - Kana-Na - Free (Can't find store anymore)
Hose - Garden Hose Aqua - N3F - Free (Can't find store anymore)
Rainbow Trail - I be poopin' rainbows fum mah butt - ni.ju - NFS (1st Anni Gift)

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