Saturday, June 21, 2014

Sugar Rush!

So wow there's the huge Level Up event going on with a Racing theme to it! I had a lot of stuff to go over and ended up building a little racing area and getting some help since I can't drive three cars at once. XD When I was doing this all that came to mind was Sugar Rush from Wreck it Ralph, I wish people made Veneloppe cosplay so I could've gone all out for it.. but alas... Also next coming week is the BareRose event. Next Friday is a Sailor Outfit Summery Event, the outfit I'm wearing will be free to attendees. It's at 8pm SLT. ^ ^ Hope you like the looks!

On Serenity
Car - yumyums - Racing Calories Grape (Level Up Event)
Outfit - BareRose - Sailor Bikini Red (Event Gift)
Goggles - Cubic Cherry Kre-ations - Roo~ red aviator hat (Level Up Event)
Hair - Rosy Mood - Honey Dipper
Anime Head - Mokyu - Anime Head_HINA_Ver1.0 (Modded)

On Suguto
Car - yumyums - Racing Calories Strawberry (Level Up Event)
Outfit/Socks/Shoes - 109prims - Sailor Uniform
Ears - Zero Style - Nekomimi ears
Hair - Zero Style - Ichika Hair
Tail - Jerboa - Tail
Anime Head - Utilizator - M3 Head

On Hina
Car - Fuubutsu Dou - LBP-Mesh Racer-Cardboard (Level Up Event)
Bikini - Utilizator - Bikini for 2.0
Hair - LCKY - Alex Hair
Sarong - R3 - Kate Sarong
Shirt - Airflow - Tied shirt mesh
Anime Head - Utilizator - M3 Head

Cherry Racers - Cubic Cherry Kre-ations - Cherry Race~ (Gacha) (Level Up Event)
Banner - Fuubutsu Dou - Start Banner (Gacha) (Level Up Event)
Fence - Fuubutsu Dou - MESH Popsicle Fence (Gacha) (Level Up Event)
Gumdrops - Fuubutsu Dou - GumDrop Big (Gacha) (Level Up Event)
Gumdrops2 - Fuubutsu Dou - GumDrop Small (Gacha) (Level Up Event)
Ramp - Fuubutsu Dou - Mesh Wood Block Ramp (Gacha) (Level Up Event)
Trees - Fuubutsu Dou - Mesh Tree (Gacha) (Level Up Event)
Bubbles - Fuubutsu Dou - Sculpt Bubbles (Gacha) (Level Up Event)
Wands/Hoops - Fuubutsu Dou - Blue BubbleWand (Gacha) (Level Up Event)
Wands/Hoops - Fuubutsu Dou - Pink BubbleWand (Gacha) (Level Up Event)
Popcorn Tunnel - Fuubutsu Dou - MESH Popcorn Box RARE (Gacha) (Level Up Event)

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