Thursday, February 11, 2016

Can't Recognize a Real Unicorn....

So the next upcoming Enchantment event is Last Unicorn themed and I am SO HYPED! So this is a very hard to get reference if you haven't seen the movie, so I'll explain it anyway. At one point when the last unicorn is captured, normal people cannot see her besides a white horse - so they put on a fake unicorn horn so people will believe it; even if it's true. With that and the red bull on her mind it was a difficult trial for her to overcome. So most of the items from here are from Naminoke's releases for Enchantment but you can also find some adorbs unicorn hair from Ayashi at the current We Heart RP. I also included the upcoming release from Pixel Geek at the Hentai Fair, some pastel-ish cuffs and anklets. ^ ^ Hope you like the look!

Outfit/Chains - BareRose - Arkhai Lady
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Lana hair (We Heart RP)
Cuffs - Pixel Geek - Bow wrist cuff (Hentai Fair)
Anklets - Pixel Geek - Bow anklet cuffs (Hentai Fair)
Bracelets - *Naminoke* - Moon Bracelets Hunt item (Enchantment Hunt Prize)
Necklace - *Naminoke* - UNICORN NECKLACE (Enchantment)
Headdress - *Naminoke* - UNICORN HEAD DRESS (Enchantment)
Unicorn Horn - *Naminoke* - UNICORN Forehead ornament HORN (Enchantment)
Red Bull Horns - *Naminoke* - RedBull's Horns (Enchantment)
Red Bull Head - Curious Inc. - Chinchilla Head Modded

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