Sunday, June 26, 2016

Zelda & Hilda Bedroom

So I got to do another fun cosplay picture with my friends - wheee! I'm a big fan of Hilda from Link Between Worlds and obviously Saori is a huge Zelda fan, and Hina is our lovely peeking in Link. XDDDD With the latest release from AsteroidBox for the Geektopia event, I finally got a chance to do this piece. One of the best places for Zelda cosplay hair is the Ayashi's Taura hair, I've yet to find any better on the grid either. Me and Saori were also super hyped for the Zelda dresses put out by ShiroTsuki that you can find in multiple colors at their main store, which comes with so much for a relatively low price - also the most updated zelda outfit on the grid too! Now for the decor, I covered the pastel/ethereal gacha set that they will have available at The Crystal Heart; combining the Zelda/Hilda theme I went with the lilac and pink laterns from Cubic Cherry that are available at SaNaRae. Some of the other things were just filler but I love doing pics like this, always makes me so happy to cosplay - even if it's just my av wearing it and not trying to be exact. Hope you like the look!

Gloves/Shoes/Dress - .ShiroTsuki. - Twilight Princess of Legend Gown
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Taura hair-Cupcakes Anonymous (Old Hunt Prize)
Candle - TicTacTot - RFL Candle Adult (Free)
Choker - AsteroidBox. - Princess Collection Z // Collar (Geektopia)
Necklace - AsteroidBox. - Princess Collection Z // Necklace (Geektopia)
Crown - AsteroidBox. - Princess Collection Z // Crown (Geektopia)

Dress/Gloves/Shoes - .ShiroTsuki. - Time Princess of Legend
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Taura hair-Blond set
Tiara - AsteroidBox. - Princess Collection Z // Crown (Geektopia)

Outfit - Bare@Rose - Link Raffle Trade(Unavailable)
Hair - Kin - Ren (Modded)
Ears - Bare@Rose - Elf Ears

Purple Lanterns - .::Cubic Cherry::. - {Paper lanterns} Cloud lilac (SaNaRae)
Pink Lanterns - .::Cubic Cherry::. - {Paper lanterns} Cloud pink (SaNaRae)
Bed - [Toiz] - 1. lavender shiny bed (The Crystal Heart Gacha)
Table - [Toiz] - 2. lavender shiny table (The Crystal Heart Gacha)
Rug - [Toiz] - 3. star rug (The Crystal Heart Gacha)
Light Orbs - [Toiz] - 4. lavender shiny light (The Crystal Heart Gacha)
Music Box - [Toiz] - 5. moon music box (The Crystal Heart Gacha)
Heart Mobile - [Toiz] - 6. heart mobile (The Crystal Heart Gacha)
Windows - [Toiz] - 7. shiny window deco (The Crystal Heart Gacha)
House/Building - [Toiz] - 8. Moon cube house rare (The Crystal Heart Gacha)
Triforce - Unknown - Triforce No WindLight Glow (Unavailable)

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