Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Super Senshi Murasakino

Starting to wrap up more of the PonPon event into another magical girl look, I liked to use one of the newer releases from BareRose that seems to combine a superhero costume with a magical girl outfit - there's other colors available too! The hair I'm wearing for this is from Ayashi available at We Heart RP. While the other items are at the PonPon event - the sword and some poses from Shorty, Chibi Wings from Sweet Buns, Plush Mascot from Liminality, and unicorn related items from Le Coq D'or in gacha. Hope you like the look!

Outfit/Boots - BareRose - SuperMahoGirl C2
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Albedo hair (We Heart RP)
Sword & Some Poses - ]SHORTY[ - *Mystical.Powers.Sword (PonPon)
Wings - {Sweet Buns} - Chibi Wings White (PonPon)
Mascot - Liminality - Amethyst Gemling Plush Standing (PonPon)
Back Wand - Le Coq D'or - Space Unicorn wand {3} (PonPon Gacha)
Extra Ears - Le Coq D'or - Space Unicorn ears {3} (PonPon Gacha)
Horn - Le Coq D'or - Space Unicorn horn {3} (PonPon Gacha)

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