Wednesday, December 29, 2010

ChocoNoms KittyFace!

So thanks to my friend Jenny (you can see her blog - What About Meh? on the side links), since she blogged about the lovely 3rd Anniversary at Grim Bros - which ish Luv! So I decided to pop out a nom related outfit, hope you all enjoy. I had a fun time working out her mod shoes (LOVE YOU MOD SHOES!) and my kitty feets. ^^

Outfit - Very Berry - BareRose - L$165
Hat - Choco Wearable Buffet Pink Logo - L$0 - Limited Freebie
(Free at their 3rd Year Anniversary in the Middle of the Display)
Shoes - AntiDepressant Heels Choco Brownie - L$0 - Lucky Present
(You can also buy them for L$250 in the store)

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