Thursday, December 16, 2010

Love Soul but Parallel Love!?

So apparently I found out Parrallel Love is closing up their shop in SL. T~T So that outfit I've been putting off getting, totally rushed out for it once I heard the news. This item isn't on sale because it's a collaberation between Parallel Love and Love Soul but it is an adorable uniform; and only for sale at the Love Soul food store.

I picked up the blue version, but there is a pink and green version (green version also has a guy one for sale as opposed to the other colors). The visor and wristband are sold seperate but still awesome along with the great food items for sale.

Make sure to check out Parallel Love before it's gone on the 20th!

Outfit - Parallel Love Store Uniform Blue - Parallel Love - L$175
Visor & Wristband - Store Uniform Sun Visor & Cap - L$120
Location - Love Soul Food Store -

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