Thursday, December 30, 2010

Kinda Casual Kitty

Not really much today, saw a really cute skirt while at the Vive9 sale but unfortunately it's a November group only gift - which was L$150 to join. XD Soo I decided to go for it cause it was just really cute. Through working with it I found it somewhat difficult to fit because of the sculpted ripples but I think I managed to work it out okay. But then it didn't come with a top so it took a lot of browsing and trying to figure out what might work, unfortunately the best top I could come up with didn't match exactly with color so I needed to tint it - I totally love how it came out in the end though. ^^

Necklace & Shirt - Kasuri Patchwork - BareRose - L$140
Skirt - London Frill Skirt Nordic - Vive9 - L$0 (Costs L$150 to join the Group)
Bunny - Susu Kousagi White - BareRose - Not For Sale
(You can win the Pink version from the Raffle Ball at their store)

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