Saturday, December 18, 2010

Succukitty not Kittybus!

So was struggling to find something to wear then BAM I remembered Sanu's latest limited edition release I picked up before the holiday madness began. This pack is filled with tons of options, it made my head spin for awhile trying to figure out what to wear. You got options for tail length (long or short), options for noms (fangs, candy canes, ornaments, etc.), most of the items have options for additional candy canes hanging from places. Plus the pack gives you eyes, ears, horns, fangs, noms, hooves/shoes (alpha or invisi), armwarmers, collar, scripted whip, outfit, and more. @ @;

It's also tough to wear this without the proper AO, because what Succubus isn't floating around sucking the holiday spirit from your body-myahaha. Luckily Endless Dreams teamed up with Sanu and has a vendor for an AO nearby. Kinda a pricey day but so worth it especially when the item is Limited Edition and you want something unique that will go away after the holidays.

Outfit & All Accessories - *Sanu Succubus Christmas 2010 - Sanu - L$825
AO & Poses - Succubus AO - Endless Dreams - L$300

1 comment:

Lore said...

IT'S Suckittybus :D
You're SO CUTE.
*resists urge to declaw and pet*