Friday, January 21, 2011

GanKed yet Fashionable!

So Ganked is having a sale until Saturday! Everything is marked down to L$25 which is an utter bargain. I really like the new clothes with jewelry that she's been doing so I made sure to pick up two pieces I would kick myself if I missed getting. Also they have hair, jewelry, clothes, and other goods for sale - and it is really worthwhile getting on their suscribe-o machine since they send out a lot of gifties too. ^^

Outfit & Jewelry - Ashes - Ganked - L$25 (On sale)
Hair - Nyanotech Hair Inknot - Curious Kitties - L$100

Outfit & Headpiece - Flora Dress&Jewelry Blue&White Ganked - L$25(On Sale)
Necklace - Power Lapiz - BareRose - L$100
Hair - Season 2 - White (Tinted) - elikatira - NFS One Eleven Event

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