Saturday, January 15, 2011

Butterflies, Sparkles, and Charity Pink!

So this is one of my last things, I think, that I'll be blogging for the Extend a Helping Hand Charity event. ^^ Hard to say when lots of support is being added each day and so many people have donated and participated - it's just amazing. This piece is one of the later added ones from Miamai which offers a couple of things like the butterfly attachments and sparkles. You can wear it as a fantasy or really classy dress, plus I like the combination of pink and black here. Remember this charity event is going towards those who are suffering from the flood occuring/occured in Queensland - lots of stores are being added and things updated so it's good to check back often. ^^ Also as a side note, I'll be doing a couple other posts today but taking a little break for a bit.

Outfit - [BlackLabel]_RavenSparklefairy (EAHH Event Charity Version) - Miamai L$600
Hair - Nana White (Tinted) - Kin - L$100

Check out the Event at
L$948,802/US$3,628.54 at L$252/US$1 as of 10:13pm 14th Jan 2011 SLT.
Read more at or EAHH Flickr

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