Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sweet Breakfast with my Honey

So this is my last post, I think, for the Extend a Helping Hand Charity event. Remember it ends on Feb. 8th and is so worth getting a lot of the items offered. Lots of effort and money have been put towards this event to help those suffering the flooding in Queensland. Big THANK YOU to all who have been supporting this, it means a lot to me and my friend, Sanu. This piece is from Sweet Bites, who I am knew to learning about but they're stuff is really detailed and cute. This is their Breakfast set which even comes with a skybox! Let alone the really cutesy breakfast set. I have Hinamori in this post with me and hope to have him featuring some guy looks later on in the blog. ^^

Skybox/Breakfast Setting - BREAKFAST (EAHH Charity Version) - Sweet Bites
- L$500

On SerenityOutfit - School Girl - Indigo+Red - Sweetest Goodbye - L$350
Hair - Rashelle Whites (Tinted) - fri. - L$250

On HinamoriOutfit - School Boy - Indigo+Red - Sweetest Goodbye - NFS (Store
Hair - Calm Gangster[Neo Black] - Find Ash - L$260

Check out the Event at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Adien/28/65/1026 L$1,288,729/US$4,928.53 at L$252/US$1 as of 6:21pm 25th Jan 2011 SLT. Read more at http://katjohnston.com/ or EAHH Flickr http://www.flickr.com/groups/eahh/

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