Sunday, January 9, 2011

Peas for the Chef!

So my good friend, Sanura Sakai is hosting the Extend a Helping Hand event (EAHH for short). The purpose of EAHH is to help raise funds towards Premier's Disaster Relief Appeal, which helps those who have suffered from the massive flooding in Queensland. The event officially opens on the 11th of this month but some of the vendors have their items out early. ^^

This will be my first post on some of the charity items, as I'm signed up as a blogger for the event and will try my best to share these great items with you! First up is Sanu's Cutie Peas (event version), you can find it now available on one of the walls at the event skybox. The event will open in a couple days. Sanu's Cutie Peas (event version) comes with 3 sets of peas: one for the mouth and 2 huggable ones (one with words and one plain).

Peas Set - Cutie Peas - Sanu - L$175 (EaHH Event Charity Version)
Outfit - Patissiere - BareRose - L$140

Check out the Event at
Currently Earned is L$26,382/US$100.91 at L$252/US$1as of 1:30pm 9th Jan 2011 SLT.
Read more at or EAHH Flickr

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