Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tokushi Cat Av Review

So yesterday I picked up the white Tokushi cat avatar from their shop. I was really looking foreward to this probably more than I should of. XD Just warning this won't be the best review since it's mostly just coming from my opinions.

So first off, out of the box kinda look at things. The options that this av offers is AMAZING, lots of different things to do with - with the HUD and other things. That alone made me want to buy the av. It came with a kinda default hair which I definitely thought it left more to be desired there; and wasen't too crazy about their prim work for fluff. It kinda looked more feathery than furry. The HUD was a lil difficult to understand at first but ya really need to read through some of the notecards, even then it may be kinda confusing.

The options of all the different tails were really nice; wasen't too crazy about the prim one provided but you had options for position and such with it. You could notice a lot of detail provided in some of the prim pieces such as the ears (can see veins and such like you would on a real cat) and the face was very detailed. Yet the skin (PG is only included, which I wish more would provide a mature version too) was amazingly under-detailed. You can notice a specific cut off after the belly button which looks just odd, and some areas of the skin have more detail work done than others.

The feet were also pretty nice but there's inconsistantsy with size of the paw pads type thing which was odd and could easily be fixed by modding. I think a lot of the problems I found could probably be fixed by modding.

The head was neat to work with because it was very realistic for the most part. It comes with a longer or shorter muzzle to work with, I liked the shorter version. The eyes have 33 colors to pick from which is nice, but probably would've liked to just go in there and tint/color them myself. I loved all the mouth smiles and open and tongue things it provided too. Also multiple ear options to have normal, scottish fold, or american curl type ears.

Last part is just a kinda mess around with compatability and such. Popped on my fave hairstyle but it was really tough to get a hair that worked well with it, maybe in the future I can find something a lil more helpful. The talking override in the av was nice to have, I implemented something similar in my own now. I tried combining some Uchi Felis pieces with the av and sometimes it works but for the most part the coloring is too different.

So all in all while it's a wonderful piece of work and I would reccomend people checking it out. It didn't end up being something I could easily change to. So you'll still see me in my Felis av for now but maybe in the future I may upgrade to this. Hope you enjoyed this review, there probably won't be many. ^^;

Avatar - White Feline - Tokushi Avatars - L$900

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