Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Caged Up for Charity

So next up on our Extend a Helping Hand charity specials, we have Creative Insanity's Bird Cage. It's pretty interesting how they made this because it's a rezzable but once you sit it hovers a bit and such, almost making it seem like it's a floaty. It also comes with the seperate poses in the box in case you have something else you would like to use them with. This item makes me think of how I somewhat feel caged up and can't help my friends in Australia, more than I am. If you've been following the past posts you should know that we've already raised a lot but unfortunately the flood continues on it's path. Best wishes to those in Queensland. :c

Bird Cage - Bird Cage (EaHH Event Charity Version) - Creative Insanity - L$300
Top - Angela - BareRose - L$130
Pants - Furry Winter Pants - BareRose - NFS(Event Gift)
Hair - Mary Silver (Tinted) - Zero Style - L$300

Check out the Event at L$265,064/US$1009.70 at L$253/US$1 as of 5:58pm 11th Jan 2011 SLT.
Read more at or EAHH Flickr

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